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The prevalence, awareness, treatment, and control of dyslipidemia in northeast China: a population-based cross-sectional survey.

Zhang FL, Xing YQ, Wu YH, Liu HY, Luo Y, Sun MS, Guo ZN, Yang Y.

Lipids Health Dis. 2017 Mar 23;16(1):61. doi: 10.1186/s12944-017-0453-2.


Educational intervention to improve effectiveness in treatment and control of patients with high cardiovascular risk in low-resource settings in Argentina: study protocol of a cluster randomised controlled trial.

Gulayin P, Irazola V, Lozada A, Chaparro M, Santero M, Gutierrez L, Poggio R, Beratarrechea A, Rubinstein A.

BMJ Open. 2017 Jan 31;7(1):e014420. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2016-014420.


Laboratory-based and office-based risk scores and charts to predict 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease in 182 countries: a pooled analysis of prospective cohorts and health surveys.

Ueda P, Woodward M, Lu Y, Hajifathalian K, Al-Wotayan R, Aguilar-Salinas CA, Ahmadvand A, Azizi F, Bentham J, Cifkova R, Di Cesare M, Eriksen L, Farzadfar F, Ferguson TS, Ikeda N, Khalili D, Khang YH, Lanska V, León-Muñoz L, Magliano DJ, Margozzini P, Msyamboza KP, Mutungi G, Oh K, Oum S, Rodríguez-Artalejo F, Rojas-Martinez R, Valdivia G, Wilks R, Shaw JE, Stevens GA, Tolstrup JS, Zhou B, Salomon JA, Ezzati M, Danaei G.

Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol. 2017 Mar;5(3):196-213. doi: 10.1016/S2213-8587(17)30015-3. Epub 2017 Jan 24.


Effect of shortened sleep on energy expenditure, core body temperature, and appetite: a human randomised crossover trial.

Hibi M, Kubota C, Mizuno T, Aritake S, Mitsui Y, Katashima M, Uchida S.

Sci Rep. 2017 Jan 10;7:39640. doi: 10.1038/srep39640.


Zebrafish Models for Dyslipidemia and Atherosclerosis Research.

Schlegel A.

Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2016 Dec 16;7:159. doi: 10.3389/fendo.2016.00159. eCollection 2016 Dec 16. Review.


Urban-rural differences in the prevalence of non-communicable diseases risk factors among 25-74 years old citizens in Yangon Region, Myanmar: a cross sectional study.

Htet AS, Bjertness MB, Sherpa LY, Kjøllesdal MK, Oo WM, Meyer HE, Stigum H, Bjertness E.

BMC Public Health. 2016 Dec 5;16(1):1225.


Time Trends in Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Adults.

Finger JD, Busch MA, Du Y, Heidemann C, Knopf H, Kuhnert R, Lampert T, Mensink GB, Neuhauser HK, Rosario AS, Scheidt-Nave C, Schienkiewitz A, Truthmann J, Kurth BM.

Dtsch Arztebl Int. 2016 Oct 21;113(42):712-719. doi: 10.3238/arztebl.2016.0712.


The panorama of familial hypercholesterolemia in Latin America: a systematic review.

Mehta R, Zubirán R, Martagón AJ, Vazquez-Cárdenas A, Segura-Kato Y, Tusié-Luna MT, Aguilar-Salinas CA.

J Lipid Res. 2016 Dec;57(12):2115-2129. Epub 2016 Oct 24. Review.


Impact of Dietary and Metabolic Risk Factors on Cardiovascular and Diabetes Mortality in South Asia: Analysis From the 2010 Global Burden of Disease Study.

Yakoob MY, Micha R, Khatibzadeh S, Singh GM, Shi P, Ahsan H, Balakrishna N, Brahmam GN, Chen Y, Afshin A, Fahimi S, Danaei G, Powles JW, Ezzati M, Mozaffarian D; Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors: Nutrition and Chronic Diseases Expert Group, and Metabolic Risk Factors of Chronic Diseases Collaborating Group..

Am J Public Health. 2016 Dec;106(12):2113-2125. Epub 2016 Oct 13.


Traditional Risk Factors for Stroke in East Asia.

Kim YD, Jung YH, Saposnik G.

J Stroke. 2016 Sep;18(3):273-285. Epub 2016 Sep 30. Review.


Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Ghana during the Rural-to-Urban Transition: A Cross-Sectional Study.

Kodaman N, Aldrich MC, Sobota R, Asselbergs FW, Poku KA, Brown NJ, Moore JH, Williams SM.

PLoS One. 2016 Oct 12;11(10):e0162753. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0162753. eCollection 2016 Oct 12.


Higher prevalence of elevated LDL-C than non-HDL-C and low statin treatment rate in elderly community-dwelling Chinese with high cardiovascular risk.

Kuang Y, Li X, Chen X, Sun H, Tomlinson B, Chan P, Zheng L, Pi J, Peng S, Wu H, Ding X, Qian D, Shen Y, Yu Z, Fan L, Chen M, Fan H, Liu Z, Zhang Y.

Sci Rep. 2016 Sep 30;6:34268. doi: 10.1038/srep34268.


Trends in risk factors for coronary heart disease in the Netherlands.

Koopman C, Vaartjes I, Blokstra A, Verschuren WM, Visser M, Deeg DJ, Bots ML, van Dis I.

BMC Public Health. 2016 Aug 19;16(1):835. doi: 10.1186/s12889-016-3526-7.


Trends in major risk factors and mortality from main non-communicable diseases in Lithuania, 1985-2013.

Tamosiunas A, Klumbiene J, Petkeviciene J, Radisauskas R, Vikhireva O, Luksiene D, Virviciute D.

BMC Public Health. 2016 Aug 4;16:717. doi: 10.1186/s12889-016-3387-0.


To Check or Not to Check? A Qualitative Study on How the Public Decides on Health Checks for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention.

Cheong AT, Khoo EM, Tong SF, Liew SM.

PLoS One. 2016 Jul 14;11(7):e0159438. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0159438. eCollection 2016 Jul 14. Erratum in: PLoS One. 2016;11(8):e0162152.


10-Year Trends in Serum Lipid Levels and Dyslipidemia Among Children and Adolescents From Several Schools in Beijing, China.

Ding W, Cheng H, Yan Y, Zhao X, Chen F, Huang G, Hou D, Mi J.

J Epidemiol. 2016 Dec 5;26(12):637-645. Epub 2016 Jul 9.


Rising trend of cardiovascular risk factors between 1991-1994 and 2010-2012: A repeat cross sectional survey in urban and rural Vellore.

Oommen AM, Abraham VJ, George K, Jose VJ.

Indian Heart J. 2016 May-Jun;68(3):263-9. doi: 10.1016/j.ihj.2015.09.014. Epub 2016 Jan 13.


Cardiovascular screening to reduce the burden from cardiovascular disease: microsimulation study to quantify policy options.

Kypridemos C, Allen K, Hickey GL, Guzman-Castillo M, Bandosz P, Buchan I, Capewell S, O'Flaherty M.

BMJ. 2016 Jun 8;353:i2793. doi: 10.1136/bmj.i2793.


Trends of Prevalence of Uncontrolled Risk Factors for Cerebrocardiovascular Disease: Southern Italy from 1988/9 to 2008/9.

Capuano V, Lamaida N, Capuano E, Capuano R, Capuano E, Mazzotta G.

Cholesterol. 2016;2016:6087981. doi: 10.1155/2016/6087981. Epub 2016 Apr 24.

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