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ABCB1 genetic variants in leukemias: current insights into treatment outcomes.

Ankathil R.

Pharmgenomics Pers Med. 2017 May 12;10:169-181. doi: 10.2147/PGPM.S105208. eCollection 2017. Review.


Polymorphisms in methotrexate transporters and their relationship to plasma methotrexate levels, toxicity of high-dose methotrexate, and outcome of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Liu SG, Gao C, Zhang RD, Zhao XX, Cui L, Li WJ, Chen ZP, Yue ZX, Zhang YY, Wu MY, Wang JX, Li ZG, Zheng HY.

Oncotarget. 2017 Jun 6;8(23):37761-37772. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.17781.


Non-infectious chemotherapy-associated acute toxicities during childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia therapy.

Schmiegelow K, Müller K, Mogensen SS, Mogensen PR, Wolthers BO, Stoltze UK, Tuckuviene R, Frandsen T.

F1000Res. 2017 Apr 7;6:444. doi: 10.12688/f1000research.10768.1. eCollection 2017. Review.


Association of germline genetic variants in RFC, IL15 and VDR genes with minimal residual disease in pediatric B-cell precursor ALL.

Dawidowska M, Kosmalska M, Sędek Ł, Szczepankiewicz A, Twardoch M, Sonsala A, Szarzyńska-Zawadzka B, Derwich K, Lejman M, Pawelec K, Obitko-Płudowska A, Pawińska-Wąsikowska K, Kwiecińska K, Kołtan A, Dyla A, Grzeszczak W, Kowalczyk JR, Szczepański T, Ziętkiewicz E, Witt M.

Sci Rep. 2016 Jul 18;6:29427. doi: 10.1038/srep29427.


Influence of genetic polymorphisms in the folate pathway on toxicity after high-dose methotrexate treatment in pediatric osteosarcoma.

Park JA, Shin HY.

Blood Res. 2016 Mar;51(1):50-7. doi: 10.5045/br.2016.51.1.50. Epub 2016 Mar 25.


The association between RFC1 G80A polymorphism and cancer susceptibility: Evidence from 33 studies.

Huang X, Gao Y, He J, Cai J, Ta N, Jiang H, Zhu J, Zheng J.

J Cancer. 2016 Jan 1;7(2):144-52. doi: 10.7150/jca.13303. eCollection 2016.


Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: Progress Through Collaboration.

Pui CH, Yang JJ, Hunger SP, Pieters R, Schrappe M, Biondi A, Vora A, Baruchel A, Silverman LB, Schmiegelow K, Escherich G, Horibe K, Benoit YC, Izraeli S, Yeoh AE, Liang DC, Downing JR, Evans WE, Relling MV, Mullighan CG.

J Clin Oncol. 2015 Sep 20;33(27):2938-48. doi: 10.1200/JCO.2014.59.1636. Epub 2015 Aug 24. Review.


Methotrexate resistance in relation to treatment outcome in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Wojtuszkiewicz A, Peters GJ, van Woerden NL, Dubbelman B, Escherich G, Schmiegelow K, Sonneveld E, Pieters R, van de Ven PM, Jansen G, Assaraf YG, Kaspers GJ, Cloos J.

J Hematol Oncol. 2015 May 29;8:61. doi: 10.1186/s13045-015-0158-9.


Polymorphisms in the ABCB1 gene and effect on outcome and toxicity in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Gregers J, Gréen H, Christensen IJ, Dalhoff K, Schroeder H, Carlsen N, Rosthoej S, Lausen B, Schmiegelow K, Peterson C.

Pharmacogenomics J. 2015 Aug;15(4):372-9. doi: 10.1038/tpj.2014.81. Epub 2015 Jan 13.


Genomic profiling of thousands of candidate polymorphisms predicts risk of relapse in 778 Danish and German childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients.

Wesołowska-Andersen A, Borst L, Dalgaard MD, Yadav R, Rasmussen KK, Wehner PS, Rasmussen M, Ørntoft TF, Nordentoft I, Koehler R, Bartram CR, Schrappe M, Sicheritz-Ponten T, Gautier L, Marquart H, Madsen HO, Brunak S, Stanulla M, Gupta R, Schmiegelow K.

Leukemia. 2015 Feb;29(2):297-303. doi: 10.1038/leu.2014.205. Epub 2014 Jul 3.


Mercaptopurine/Methotrexate maintenance therapy of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia: clinical facts and fiction.

Schmiegelow K, Nielsen SN, Frandsen TL, Nersting J.

J Pediatr Hematol Oncol. 2014 Oct;36(7):503-17. doi: 10.1097/MPH.0000000000000206. Review.


Uptake carriers and oncology drug safety.

Sprowl JA, Sparreboom A.

Drug Metab Dispos. 2014 Apr;42(4):611-22. doi: 10.1124/dmd.113.055806. Epub 2013 Dec 30. Review.


The role of reduced intracellular concentrations of active drugs in the lack of response to anticancer chemotherapy.

Marin JJ, Monte MJ, Blazquez AG, Macias RI, Serrano MA, Briz O.

Acta Pharmacol Sin. 2014 Jan;35(1):1-10. doi: 10.1038/aps.2013.131. Epub 2013 Dec 9. Review.


Plasma membrane transporters in modern liver pharmacology.

Marin JJ.

Scientifica (Cairo). 2012;2012:428139. doi: 10.6064/2012/428139. Epub 2012 Oct 14. Review.


The use of mouse models for understanding the biology of down syndrome and aging.

Vacano GN, Duval N, Patterson D.

Curr Gerontol Geriatr Res. 2012;2012:717315. doi: 10.1155/2012/717315. Epub 2012 Feb 23.


Contribution of tumoral and host solute carriers to clinical drug response.

Sprowl JA, Mikkelsen TS, Giovinazzo H, Sparreboom A.

Drug Resist Updat. 2012 Feb-Apr;15(1-2):5-20. doi: 10.1016/j.drup.2012.01.009. Epub 2012 Mar 28. Review.


Challenges in implementing individualized medicine illustrated by antimetabolite therapy of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Nersting J, Borst L, Schmiegelow K.

Clin Proteomics. 2011 Jun 3;8(1):8. doi: 10.1186/1559-0275-8-8.


Germline genetic variation and treatment response on CCG-1891.

Sepe DM, McWilliams T, Chen J, Kershenbaum A, Zhao H, La M, Devidas M, Lange B, Rebbeck TR, Aplenc R.

Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2012 May;58(5):695-700. doi: 10.1002/pbc.23192. Epub 2011 May 25.


PharmGKB summary: methotrexate pathway.

Mikkelsen TS, Thorn CF, Yang JJ, Ulrich CM, French D, Zaza G, Dunnenberger HM, Marsh S, McLeod HL, Giacomini K, Becker ML, Gaedigk R, Leeder JS, Kager L, Relling MV, Evans W, Klein TE, Altman RB.

Pharmacogenet Genomics. 2011 Oct;21(10):679-86. doi: 10.1097/FPC.0b013e328343dd93. No abstract available.


SLC19A1 pharmacogenomics summary.

Yee SW, Gong L, Badagnani I, Giacomini KM, Klein TE, Altman RB.

Pharmacogenet Genomics. 2010 Nov;20(11):708-15. doi: 10.1097/FPC.0b013e32833eca92. No abstract available.

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