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Adult Neurogenesis in Sheep: Characterization and Contribution to Reproduction and Behavior.

Lévy F, Batailler M, Meurisse M, Migaud M.

Front Neurosci. 2017 Oct 23;11:570. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2017.00570. eCollection 2017. Review.


Amino acid sensing in hypothalamic tanycytes via umami taste receptors.

Lazutkaite G, Soldà A, Lossow K, Meyerhof W, Dale N.

Mol Metab. 2017 Nov;6(11):1480-1492. doi: 10.1016/j.molmet.2017.08.015. Epub 2017 Sep 14.


Inhibiting Production of New Brain Cells during Puberty or Adulthood Blunts the Hormonally Induced Surge of Luteinizing Hormone in Female Rats.

Mohr MA, DonCarlos LL, Sisk CL.

eNeuro. 2017 Nov 2;4(5). pii: ENEURO.0133-17.2017. doi: 10.1523/ENEURO.0133-17.2017. eCollection 2017 Sep-Oct.


The Progestin Receptor Interactome in the Female Mouse Hypothalamus: Interactions with Synaptic Proteins Are Isoform Specific and Ligand Dependent.

Acharya KD, Nettles SA, Sellers KJ, Im DD, Harling M, Pattanayak C, Vardar-Ulu D, Lichti CF, Huang S, Edwards DP, Srivastava DP, Denner L, Tetel MJ.

eNeuro. 2017 Sep 20;4(5). pii: ENEURO.0272-17.2017. doi: 10.1523/ENEURO.0272-17.2017. eCollection 2017 Sep-Oct.


Targeting Adult Neurogenesis for Poststroke Therapy.

Lu J, Manaenko A, Hu Q.

Stem Cells Int. 2017;2017:5868632. doi: 10.1155/2017/5868632. Epub 2017 Jul 20. Review.


Distinct Features of Doublecortin as a Marker of Neuronal Migration and Its Implications in Cancer Cell Mobility.

Ayanlaja AA, Xiong Y, Gao Y, Ji G, Tang C, Abdikani Abdullah Z, Gao D.

Front Mol Neurosci. 2017 Jun 28;10:199. doi: 10.3389/fnmol.2017.00199. eCollection 2017. Review.


Neural progenitor cell proliferation in the hypothalamus is involved in acquired heat tolerance in long-term heat-acclimated rats.

Matsuzaki K, Katakura M, Sugimoto N, Hara T, Hashimoto M, Shido O.

PLoS One. 2017 Jun 19;12(6):e0178787. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0178787. eCollection 2017.


Acute Lesioning and Rapid Repair of Hypothalamic Neurons outside the Blood-Brain Barrier.

Yulyaningsih E, Rudenko IA, Valdearcos M, Dahlén E, Vagena E, Chan A, Alvarez-Buylla A, Vaisse C, Koliwad SK, Xu AW.

Cell Rep. 2017 Jun 13;19(11):2257-2271. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2017.05.060.


Hypothalamic Neurogenesis as an Adaptive Metabolic Mechanism.

Recabal A, Caprile T, García-Robles MLA.

Front Neurosci. 2017 Apr 5;11:190. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2017.00190. eCollection 2017. Review.


Protective Effect of Antioxidants on Neuronal Dysfunction and Plasticity in Huntington's Disease.

Velusamy T, Panneerselvam AS, Purushottam M, Anusuyadevi M, Pal PK, Jain S, Essa MM, Guillemin GJ, Kandasamy M.

Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2017;2017:3279061. doi: 10.1155/2017/3279061. Epub 2017 Jan 12. Review.


Preclinical models for obesity research.

Barrett P, Mercer JG, Morgan PJ.

Dis Model Mech. 2016 Nov 1;9(11):1245-1255. Review.


Adult Neurogenesis in the Female Mouse Hypothalamus: Estradiol and High-Fat Diet Alter the Generation of Newborn Neurons Expressing Estrogen Receptor α.

Bless EP, Yang J, Acharya KD, Nettles SA, Vassoler FM, Byrnes EM, Tetel MJ.

eNeuro. 2016 Sep 22;3(4). pii: ENEURO.0027-16.2016. eCollection 2016 Jul-Aug.


Persistent neuronal Ube3a expression in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of Angelman syndrome model mice.

Jones KA, Han JE, DeBruyne JP, Philpot BD.

Sci Rep. 2016 Jun 16;6:28238. doi: 10.1038/srep28238.


Control of adult neurogenesis by programmed cell death in the mammalian brain.

Ryu JR, Hong CJ, Kim JY, Kim EK, Sun W, Yu SW.

Mol Brain. 2016 Apr 21;9:43. doi: 10.1186/s13041-016-0224-4. Review.


Wnt3a upregulates brain-derived insulin by increasing NeuroD1 via Wnt/β-catenin signaling in the hypothalamus.

Lee J, Kim K, Yu SW, Kim EK.

Mol Brain. 2016 Mar 8;9:24. doi: 10.1186/s13041-016-0207-5.


Motor Behavior Mediated by Continuously Generated Dopaminergic Neurons in the Zebrafish Hypothalamus Recovers after Cell Ablation.

McPherson AD, Barrios JP, Luks-Morgan SJ, Manfredi JP, Bonkowsky JL, Douglass AD, Dorsky RI.

Curr Biol. 2016 Jan 25;26(2):263-9. doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2015.11.064. Epub 2016 Jan 7.


Mechanisms and Functional Significance of Stroke-Induced Neurogenesis.

Marlier Q, Verteneuil S, Vandenbosch R, Malgrange B.

Front Neurosci. 2015 Dec 8;9:458. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2015.00458. eCollection 2015. Review.


Hypothalamic tanycytes-masters and servants of metabolic, neuroendocrine, and neurogenic functions.

Goodman T, Hajihosseini MK.

Front Neurosci. 2015 Oct 29;9:387. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2015.00387. eCollection 2015. Review.


Leptin-dependent neurotoxicity via induction of apoptosis in adult rat neurogenic cells.

Segura S, Efthimiadi L, Porcher C, Courtes S, Coronas V, Krantic S, Moyse E.

Front Cell Neurosci. 2015 Sep 7;9:350. doi: 10.3389/fncel.2015.00350. eCollection 2015.


Noncanonical Sites of Adult Neurogenesis in the Mammalian Brain.

Feliciano DM, Bordey A, Bonfanti L.

Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol. 2015 Sep 18;7(10):a018846. doi: 10.1101/cshperspect.a018846. Review.

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