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Velocity gradients in spatially resolved laser Doppler flowmetry and dynamic light scattering with confocal and coherence gating.

Uribe-Patarroyo N, Bouma BE.

Phys Rev E. 2016 Aug;94(2-1):022604. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevE.94.022604. Epub 2016 Aug 15.


Laser thermal therapy monitoring using complex differential variance in optical coherence tomography.

Lo WC, Uribe-Patarroyo N, Nam AS, Villiger M, Vakoc BJ, Bouma BE.

J Biophotonics. 2017 Jan;10(1):84-91. doi: 10.1002/jbio.201600072. Epub 2016 Sep 14.


Circumferential optical coherence tomography angiography imaging of the swine esophagus using a micromotor balloon catheter.

Lee HC, Ahsen OO, Liang K, Wang Z, Cleveland C, Booth L, Potsaid B, Jayaraman V, Cable AE, Mashimo H, Langer R, Traverso G, Fujimoto JG.

Biomed Opt Express. 2016 Jul 5;7(8):2927-42. doi: 10.1364/BOE.7.002927. eCollection 2016 Aug 1.


Master/slave interferometry - ideal tool for coherence revival swept source optical coherence tomography.

Bradu A, Rivet S, Podoleanu A.

Biomed Opt Express. 2016 Jun 2;7(7):2453-68. doi: 10.1364/BOE.7.002453. eCollection 2016 Jul 1.


Tri-modal microscope for head and neck tissue identification.

De Montigny E, Goulamhoussen N, Madore WJ, Strupler M, Gologan OE, Ayad T, Boudoux C.

Biomed Opt Express. 2016 Feb 2;7(3):732-45. doi: 10.1364/BOE.7.000732. eCollection 2016 Mar 1.


Longitudinal, 3D Imaging of Collagen Remodeling in Murine Hypertrophic Scars In Vivo Using Polarization-Sensitive Optical Frequency Domain Imaging.

Lo WC, Villiger M, Golberg A, Broelsch GF, Khan S, Lian CG, Austen WG Jr, Yarmush M, Bouma BE.

J Invest Dermatol. 2016 Jan;136(1):84-92. doi: 10.1038/JID.2015.399.


Silicon photonic integrated circuit swept-source optical coherence tomography receiver with dual polarization, dual balanced, in-phase and quadrature detection.

Wang Z, Lee HC, Vermeulen D, Chen L, Nielsen T, Park SY, Ghaemi A, Swanson E, Doerr C, Fujimoto J.

Biomed Opt Express. 2015 Jun 17;6(7):2562-74. doi: 10.1364/BOE.6.002562. eCollection 2015 Jul 1.


Ultra-widefield retinal MHz-OCT imaging with up to 100 degrees viewing angle.

Kolb JP, Klein T, Kufner CL, Wieser W, Neubauer AS, Huber R.

Biomed Opt Express. 2015 Apr 2;6(5):1534-52. doi: 10.1364/BOE.6.001534. eCollection 2015 May 1.


Postprocessing algorithms to minimize fixed-pattern artifact and reduce trigger jitter in swept source optical coherence tomography.

Liu G, Tan O, Gao SS, Pechauer AD, Lee B, Lu CD, Fujimoto JG, Huang D.

Opt Express. 2015 Apr 20;23(8):9824-34. doi: 10.1364/OE.23.009824.


Multi-functional angiographic OFDI using frequency-multiplexed dual-beam illumination.

Kim S, Park T, Jang SJ, Nam AS, Vakoc BJ, Oh WY.

Opt Express. 2015 Apr 6;23(7):8939-47. doi: 10.1364/OE.23.008939.


Single input state, single-mode fiber-based polarization-sensitive optical frequency domain imaging by eigenpolarization referencing.

Lippok N, Villiger M, Jun C, Bouma BE.

Opt Lett. 2015 May 1;40(9):2025-8. doi: 10.1364/OL.40.002025.


Laser tissue coagulation and concurrent optical coherence tomography through a double-clad fiber coupler.

Beaudette K, Baac HW, Madore WJ, Villiger M, Godbout N, Bouma BE, Boudoux C.

Biomed Opt Express. 2015 Mar 16;6(4):1293-303. doi: 10.1364/BOE.6.001293. eCollection 2015 Apr 1.


GPU-accelerated framework for intracoronary optical coherence tomography imaging at the push of a button.

Han M, Kim K, Jang SJ, Cho HS, Bouma BE, Oh WY, Ryu S.

PLoS One. 2015 Apr 16;10(4):e0124192. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0124192. eCollection 2015.


Compensation of spectral and RF errors in swept-source OCT for high extinction complex demodulation.

Siddiqui M, Tozburun S, Zhang EZ, Vakoc BJ.

Opt Express. 2015 Mar 9;23(5):5508-20. doi: 10.1364/OE.23.005508.


Complex differential variance algorithm for optical coherence tomography angiography.

Nam AS, Chico-Calero I, Vakoc BJ.

Biomed Opt Express. 2014 Oct 7;5(11):3822-32. doi: 10.1364/BOE.5.003822. eCollection 2014 Nov 1.


All-fiber wavelength swept ring laser based on Fabry-Perot filter for optical frequency domain imaging.

Jun C, Villiger M, Oh WY, Bouma BE.

Opt Express. 2014 Oct 20;22(21):25805-14. doi: 10.1364/OE.22.025805.


Quantitative technique for robust and noise-tolerant speed measurements based on speckle decorrelation in optical coherence tomography.

Uribe-Patarroyo N, Villiger M, Bouma BE.

Opt Express. 2014 Oct 6;22(20):24411-29. doi: 10.1364/OE.22.024411.


High frame-rate intravascular optical frequency-domain imaging in vivo.

Cho HS, Jang SJ, Kim K, Dan-Chin-Yu AV, Shishkov M, Bouma BE, Oh WY.

Biomed Opt Express. 2013 Dec 16;5(1):223-32. doi: 10.1364/BOE.5.000223. eCollection 2013 Dec 16.


Spectral binning for mitigation of polarization mode dispersion artifacts in catheter-based optical frequency domain imaging.

Villiger M, Zhang EZ, Nadkarni SK, Oh WY, Vakoc BJ, Bouma BE.

Opt Express. 2013 Jul 15;21(14):16353-69. doi: 10.1364/OE.21.016353.


Toward the guidance of transbronchial biopsy: identifying pulmonary nodules with optical coherence tomography.

Hariri LP, Mino-Kenudson M, Applegate MB, Mark EJ, Tearney GJ, Lanuti M, Channick CL, Chee A, Suter MJ.

Chest. 2013 Oct;144(4):1261-8. doi: 10.1378/chest.13-0534.

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