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Islet Autoantibody Measurements from Dried Blood Spots on Filter Paper Strongly Correlate to Serum Levels.

Simmons KM, Alkanani AK, McDaniel KA, Goyne C, Miao D, Zhao Z, Yu L, Michels AW.

PLoS One. 2016 Nov 15;11(11):e0166213. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0166213. eCollection 2016.


Neurodegeneration and Neuroinflammation in Diabetic Retinopathy: Potential Approaches to Delay Neuronal Loss.

Kadłubowska J, Malaguarnera L, Wąż P, Zorena K.

Curr Neuropharmacol. 2016;14(8):831-839. Review.


Capillary blood islet autoantibody screening for identifying pre-type 1 diabetes in the general population: design and initial results of the Fr1da study.

Raab J, Haupt F, Scholz M, Matzke C, Warncke K, Lange K, Assfalg R, Weininger K, Wittich S, Löbner S, Beyerlein A, Nennstiel-Ratzel U, Lang M, Laub O, Dunstheimer D, Bonifacio E, Achenbach P, Winkler C, Ziegler AG; Fr1da Study Group..

BMJ Open. 2016 May 18;6(5):e011144. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2016-011144.


Staging presymptomatic type 1 diabetes: a scientific statement of JDRF, the Endocrine Society, and the American Diabetes Association.

Insel RA, Dunne JL, Atkinson MA, Chiang JL, Dabelea D, Gottlieb PA, Greenbaum CJ, Herold KC, Krischer JP, Lernmark Å, Ratner RE, Rewers MJ, Schatz DA, Skyler JS, Sosenko JM, Ziegler AG.

Diabetes Care. 2015 Oct;38(10):1964-74. doi: 10.2337/dc15-1419. Review.


Feasibility of screening for T1D and celiac disease in a pediatric clinic setting.

Gesualdo PD, Bautista KA, Waugh KC, Yu L, Norris JM, Rewers MJ, Baxter J.

Pediatr Diabetes. 2016 Sep;17(6):441-8. doi: 10.1111/pedi.12301. Epub 2015 Aug 6.


Glycosylated haemoglobin is markedly elevated in new and known diabetes patients with hyperglycaemic ketoacidosis.

O Ekpebegh C, Longo-Mbenza B, Blanco-Blanco E.

Afr Health Sci. 2014 Sep;14(3):526-32. doi: 10.4314/ahs.v14i3.5.


Reduced morbidity at diagnosis and improved glycemic control in children previously enrolled in DiPiS follow-up.

Lundgren M, Sahlin Å, Svensson C, Carlsson A, Cedervall E, Jönsson B, Jönsson I, Larsson K, Lernmark Å, Neiderud J, Vigård T, Elding Larsson H; DiPiS study group..

Pediatr Diabetes. 2014 Nov;15(7):494-501. doi: 10.1111/pedi.12151. Epub 2014 May 13.


Children followed in the TEDDY study are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at an early stage of disease.

Elding Larsson H, Vehik K, Gesualdo P, Akolkar B, Hagopian W, Krischer J, Lernmark Å, Rewers M, Simell O, She JX, Ziegler A, Haller MJ; TEDDY Study Group..

Pediatr Diabetes. 2014 Mar;15(2):118-26. doi: 10.1111/pedi.12066. Epub 2013 Aug 27.


Acceleration of the loss of the first-phase insulin response during the progression to type 1 diabetes in diabetes prevention trial-type 1 participants.

Sosenko JM, Skyler JS, Beam CA, Krischer JP, Greenbaum CJ, Mahon J, Rafkin LE, Matheson D, Herold KC, Palmer JP; Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet and Diabetes Prevention Trial–Type 1 Study Groups..

Diabetes. 2013 Dec;62(12):4179-83. doi: 10.2337/db13-0656. Epub 2013 Jul 17.


The metabolic progression to type 1 diabetes as indicated by serial oral glucose tolerance testing in the Diabetes Prevention Trial-type 1.

Sosenko JM, Skyler JS, Herold KC, Palmer JP; Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet and Diabetes Prevention Trial–Type 1 Study Groups..

Diabetes. 2012 Jun;61(6):1331-7. doi: 10.2337/db11-1660. Review. No abstract available.


Reduced prevalence of diabetic ketoacidosis at diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in young children participating in longitudinal follow-up.

Elding Larsson H, Vehik K, Bell R, Dabelea D, Dolan L, Pihoker C, Knip M, Veijola R, Lindblad B, Samuelsson U, Holl R, Haller MJ; TEDDY Study Group.; SEARCH Study Group.; Swediabkids Study Group.; DPV Study Group.; Finnish Diabetes Registry Study Group..

Diabetes Care. 2011 Nov;34(11):2347-52. doi: 10.2337/dc11-1026. Epub 2011 Oct 4.


Prevalence of type 1 diabetes autoantibodies (GADA, IA2, and IAA) in overweight and obese children.

Cambuli VM, Incani M, Cossu E, Congiu T, Scano F, Pilia S, Sentinelli F, Tiberti C, Cavallo MG, Loche S, Baroni MG.

Diabetes Care. 2010 Apr;33(4):820-2. doi: 10.2337/dc09-1573. Epub 2009 Dec 29.


Is it time to take a different approach to screening people at high risk for type 1 diabetes?

Boyko EJ, Palmer JP.

Diabetes Care. 2009 May;32(5):966-7. doi: 10.2337/dc09-0388. No abstract available.

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