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Water Consumption in European Children: Associations with Intake of Fruit Juices, Soft Drinks and Related Parenting Practices.

Mantziki K, Renders CM, Seidell JC.

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2017 May 31;14(6). pii: E583. doi: 10.3390/ijerph14060583.


District Policies and Practices Vary in Their Association With Adolescents' Consumption of Milk and 100% Fruit Juice.

Sliwa SA, Miller GF, Brener ND, Park S, Merlo CL.

J Adolesc Health. 2017 May;60(5):577-583. doi: 10.1016/j.jadohealth.2016.11.021. Epub 2017 Jan 7.


Association between Plain Water and Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Total Energy Intake among Mexican School-Age Children.

Shamah-Levy T, García-Chávez CG, Rodríguez-Ramírez S.

Nutrients. 2016 Dec 18;8(12). pii: E710. doi: 10.3390/nu8120710.


Home visitation programs: an untapped opportunity for the delivery of early childhood obesity prevention.

Salvy SJ, de la Haye K, Galama T, Goran MI.

Obes Rev. 2017 Feb;18(2):149-163. doi: 10.1111/obr.12482. Epub 2016 Dec 2. Review.


Does milk matter: Is children's intake affected by the type or amount of milk served at a meal?

Kling SM, Roe LS, Sanchez CE, Rolls BJ.

Appetite. 2016 Oct 1;105:509-18. doi: 10.1016/j.appet.2016.06.022. Epub 2016 Jun 21.


Low Calorie Beverage Consumption Is Associated with Energy and Nutrient Intakes and Diet Quality in British Adults.

Gibson SA, Horgan GW, Francis LE, Gibson AA, Stephen AM.

Nutrients. 2016 Jan 2;8(1). pii: E9. doi: 10.3390/nu8010009.


Lunchtime School Water Availability and Water Consumption Among California Adolescents.

Bogart LM, Babey SH, Patel AI, Wang P, Schuster MA.

J Adolesc Health. 2016 Jan;58(1):98-103. doi: 10.1016/j.jadohealth.2015.09.007. Epub 2015 Nov 7.


Portion, package or tableware size for changing selection and consumption of food, alcohol and tobacco.

Hollands GJ, Shemilt I, Marteau TM, Jebb SA, Lewis HB, Wei Y, Higgins JP, Ogilvie D.

Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2015 Sep 14;(9):CD011045. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD011045.pub2. Review.


Grab a Cup, Fill It Up! An Intervention to Promote the Convenience of Drinking Water and Increase Student Water Consumption During School Lunch.

Kenney EL, Gortmaker SL, Carter JE, Howe MC, Reiner JF, Cradock AL.

Am J Public Health. 2015 Sep;105(9):1777-83. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2015.302645. Epub 2015 Jul 16.


Intake of water and beverages of children and adolescents in 13 countries.

Guelinckx I, Iglesia I, Bottin JH, De Miguel-Etayo P, González-Gil EM, Salas-Salvadó J, Kavouras SA, Gandy J, Martinez H, Bardosono S, Abdollahi M, Nasseri E, Jarosz A, Ma G, Carmuega E, Thiébaut I, Moreno LA.

Eur J Nutr. 2015 Jun;54 Suppl 2:69-79. doi: 10.1007/s00394-015-0955-5. Epub 2015 Jun 14.


Drinking water in California child care sites before and after 2011-2012 beverage policy.

Ritchie LD, Yoshida S, Sharma S, Patel A, Vitale EH, Hecht K.

Prev Chronic Dis. 2015 Jun 4;12:E89. doi: 10.5888/pcd12.140548.


Improving availability, promotion and purchase of fruit and vegetable and non sugar-sweetened drink products at community sporting clubs: a randomised trial.

Wolfenden L, Kingsland M, Rowland BC, Dodds P, Gillham K, Yoong SL, Sidey M, Wiggers J.

Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act. 2015 Mar 10;12:35. doi: 10.1186/s12966-015-0193-5.


Energy and nutrient intake from pizza in the United States.

Powell LM, Nguyen BT, Dietz WH.

Pediatrics. 2015 Feb;135(2):322-30. doi: 10.1542/peds.2014-1844. Epub 2015 Jan 19.


A water availability intervention in New York City public schools: influence on youths' water and milk behaviors.

Elbel B, Mijanovich T, Abrams C, Cantor J, Dunn L, Nonas C, Cappola K, Onufrak S, Park S.

Am J Public Health. 2015 Feb;105(2):365-72. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2014.302221.


Juice and water intake in infancy and later beverage intake and adiposity: could juice be a gateway drink?

Sonneville KR, Long MW, Rifas-Shiman SL, Kleinman K, Gillman MW, Taveras EM.

Obesity (Silver Spring). 2015 Jan;23(1):170-6. doi: 10.1002/oby.20927. Epub 2014 Oct 18.


A longitudinal analysis of sugar-sweetened beverage intake in infancy and obesity at 6 years.

Pan L, Li R, Park S, Galuska DA, Sherry B, Freedman DS.

Pediatrics. 2014 Sep;134 Suppl 1:S29-35. doi: 10.1542/peds.2014-0646F.


Middle school student attitudes about school drinking fountains and water intake.

Patel AI, Bogart LM, Klein DJ, Burt Cowgill, Uyeda KE, Hawes-Dawson J, Schuster MA.

Acad Pediatr. 2014 Sep-Oct;14(5):471-7. doi: 10.1016/j.acap.2014.05.010.


Beverage consumption in Brazil: results from the first National Dietary Survey.

Pereira RA, Souza AM, Duffey KJ, Sichieri R, Popkin BM.

Public Health Nutr. 2015 May;18(7):1164-72. doi: 10.1017/S1368980014001657. Epub 2014 Aug 27.


Opportunities to reduce children's excessive consumption of calories from beverages.

Rader RK, Mullen KB, Sterkel R, Strunk RC, Garbutt JM.

Clin Pediatr (Phila). 2014 Oct;53(11):1047-54. doi: 10.1177/0009922814540989. Epub 2014 Jul 2.

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