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Everolimus affects vasculogenic mimicry in renal carcinoma resistant to sunitinib.

Serova M, Tijeras-Raballand A, Dos Santos C, Martinet M, Neuzillet C, Lopez A, Mitchell DC, Bryan BA, Gapihan G, Janin A, Bousquet G, Riveiro ME, Bieche I, Faivre S, Raymond E, de Gramont A.

Oncotarget. 2016 Jun 21;7(25):38467-86. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.9542.


mTOR Inhibitors Suppress Homologous Recombination Repair and Synergize with PARP Inhibitors via Regulating SUV39H1 in BRCA-Proficient Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.

Mo W, Liu Q, Lin CC, Dai H, Peng Y, Liang Y, Peng G, Meric-Bernstam F, Mills GB, Li K, Lin SY.

Clin Cancer Res. 2016 Apr 1;22(7):1699-712. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-15-1772.


Endothelial Cell mTOR Complex-2 Regulates Sprouting Angiogenesis.

Farhan MA, Carmine-Simmen K, Lewis JD, Moore RB, Murray AG.

PLoS One. 2015 Aug 21;10(8):e0135245. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0135245.


Development and validation of the functional assessment of cancer therapy-antiangiogenesis subscale.

Kaiser K, Beaumont JL, Webster K, Yount SE, Wagner LI, Kuzel TM, Cella D.

Cancer Med. 2015 May;4(5):690-8. doi: 10.1002/cam4.385.


Multikinase inhibitors use in differentiated thyroid carcinoma.

Jasim S, Ozsari L, Habra MA.

Biologics. 2014 Dec 4;8:281-91. doi: 10.2147/BTT.S57619. Review.


Effects of preset sequential administrations of sunitinib and everolimus on tumour differentiation in Caki-1 renal cell carcinoma.

Dos Santos C, Tijeras-Raballand A, Serova M, Sebbagh S, Slimane K, Faivre S, de Gramont A, Raymond E.

Br J Cancer. 2015 Jan 6;112(1):86-94. doi: 10.1038/bjc.2014.578.


Phase I study of capecitabine, oxaliplatin, bevacizumab, and everolimus in advanced solid tumors.

Rangwala F, Bendell JC, Kozloff MF, Arrowood CC, Dellinger A, Meadows J, Tourt-Uhlig S, Murphy J, Meadows KL, Starr A, Broderick S, Brady JC, Cushman SM, Morse MA, Uronis HE, Hsu SD, Zafar SY, Wallace J, Starodub AN, Strickler JH, Pang H, Nixon AB, Hurwitz HI.

Invest New Drugs. 2014 Aug;32(4):700-9. doi: 10.1007/s10637-014-0089-2.


A phase Ib study of combined VEGFR and mTOR inhibition with vatalanib and everolimus in patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma.

Bitting RL, Healy P, Creel PA, Turnbull J, Morris K, Wood SY, Hurwitz HI, Starr MD, Nixon AB, Armstrong AJ, George DJ.

Clin Genitourin Cancer. 2014 Aug;12(4):241-50. doi: 10.1016/j.clgc.2013.11.020.


Tumour T1 changes in vivo are highly predictive of response to chemotherapy and reflect the number of viable tumour cells--a preclinical MR study in mice.

Weidensteiner C, Allegrini PR, Sticker-Jantscheff M, Romanet V, Ferretti S, McSheehy PM.

BMC Cancer. 2014 Feb 14;14:88. doi: 10.1186/1471-2407-14-88.


Targeting of tumor endothelial cells combining 2 Gy/day of X-ray with Everolimus is the effective modality for overcoming clinically relevant radioresistant tumors.

Kuwahara Y, Mori M, Kitahara S, Fukumoto M, Ezaki T, Mori S, Echigo S, Ohkubo Y, Fukumoto M.

Cancer Med. 2014 Apr;3(2):310-21. doi: 10.1002/cam4.185.


Therapeutic potential and adverse events of everolimus for treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma - systematic review and meta-analysis.

Yamanaka K, Petrulionis M, Lin S, Gao C, Galli U, Richter S, Winkler S, Houben P, Schultze D, Hatano E, Schemmer P.

Cancer Med. 2013 Dec;2(6):862-71. doi: 10.1002/cam4.150. Review.


Phase II study of everolimus in children and adults with neurofibromatosis type 2 and progressive vestibular schwannomas.

Karajannis MA, Legault G, Hagiwara M, Giancotti FG, Filatov A, Derman A, Hochman T, Goldberg JD, Vega E, Wisoff JH, Golfinos JG, Merkelson A, Roland JT, Allen JC.

Neuro Oncol. 2014 Jan;16(2):292-7. doi: 10.1093/neuonc/not150.


Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DCE-MRI) in Preclinical Studies of Antivascular Treatments.

Nielsen T, Wittenborn T, Horsman MR.

Pharmaceutics. 2012 Nov 7;4(4):563-89. doi: 10.3390/pharmaceutics4040563.


Anti-lymphangiogenic properties of mTOR inhibitors in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma experimental models.

Ekshyyan O, Moore-Medlin TN, Raley MC, Sonavane K, Rong X, Brodt MA, Abreo F, Alexander JS, Nathan CA.

BMC Cancer. 2013 Jul 1;13:320. doi: 10.1186/1471-2407-13-320.


mTOR Inhibitors in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex.

Curatolo P, Moavero R.

Curr Neuropharmacol. 2012 Dec;10(4):404-15. doi: 10.2174/157015912804143595.


Utilization of quantitative in vivo pharmacology approaches to assess combination effects of everolimus and irinotecan in mouse xenograft models of colorectal cancer.

Bradshaw-Pierce EL, Pitts TM, Kulikowski G, Selby H, Merz AL, Gustafson DL, Serkova NJ, Eckhardt SG, Weekes CD.

PLoS One. 2013;8(3):e58089. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0058089.


Synergistic interactions between sorafenib and everolimus in pancreatic cancer xenografts in mice.

Pawaskar DK, Straubinger RM, Fetterly GJ, Hylander BH, Repasky EA, Ma WW, Jusko WJ.

Cancer Chemother Pharmacol. 2013 May;71(5):1231-40. doi: 10.1007/s00280-013-2117-x.


Everolimus for the treatment of CD20+ diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in a renal allograft recipient.

Kute VB, Patel HV, Vanikar AV, Patel MP, Shah PR, Gumber MR, Trivedi HL.

Indian J Nephrol. 2012 Nov;22(6):486-8. doi: 10.4103/0971-4065.106052. No abstract available.


Longitudinal imaging studies of tumor microenvironment in mice treated with the mTOR inhibitor rapamycin.

Saito K, Matsumoto S, Yasui H, Devasahayam N, Subramanian S, Munasinghe JP, Patel V, Gutkind JS, Mitchell JB, Krishna MC.

PLoS One. 2012;7(11):e49456. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0049456.

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