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Extract of Rhus verniciflua stokes protects against renal ischemia-reperfusion injury by enhancing Nrf2-mediated induction of antioxidant enzymes.

Choi DR, Jeong JH, Yu KS, Lee NS, Jeong YG, Kim DK, Na CS, Na DS, Hwang WM, Han SY.

Exp Ther Med. 2018 Apr;15(4):3827-3835. doi: 10.3892/etm.2018.5913. Epub 2018 Feb 28.


Epidermal Growth Factor, through Alleviating Oxidative Stress, Protect IPEC-J2 Cells from Lipopolysaccharides-Induced Apoptosis.

Tang X, Liu B, Wang X, Yu Q, Fang R.

Int J Mol Sci. 2018 Mar 14;19(3). pii: E848. doi: 10.3390/ijms19030848.


Lucidone suppresses dengue viral replication through the induction of heme oxygenase-1.

Chen WC, Tseng CK, Lin CK, Wang SN, Wang WH, Hsu SH, Wu YH, Hung LC, Chen YH, Lee JC.

Virulence. 2018 Jan 1;9(1):588-603. doi: 10.1080/21505594.2017.1421893.


A hypermorphic antioxidant response element is associated with increased MS4A6A expression and Alzheimer's disease.

Lacher SE, Alazizi A, Wang X, Bell DA, Pique-Regi R, Luca F, Slattery M.

Redox Biol. 2018 Apr;14:686-693. doi: 10.1016/j.redox.2017.10.018. Epub 2017 Oct 27.


Bioavailable Concentrations of Delphinidin and Its Metabolite, Gallic Acid, Induce Antioxidant Protection Associated with Increased Intracellular Glutathione in Cultured Endothelial Cells.

Goszcz K, Deakin SJ, Duthie GG, Stewart D, Megson IL.

Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2017;2017:9260701. doi: 10.1155/2017/9260701. Epub 2017 Sep 7.


Micheliolide suppresses LPS-induced neuroinflammatory responses.

Sun Z, Li G, Tong T, Chen J.

PLoS One. 2017 Oct 17;12(10):e0186592. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0186592. eCollection 2017.


Roles of sigma-1 receptors on mitochondrial functions relevant to neurodegenerative diseases.

Weng TY, Tsai SA, Su TP.

J Biomed Sci. 2017 Sep 16;24(1):74. doi: 10.1186/s12929-017-0380-6. Review.


The Nrf2/Keap1/ARE Pathway and Oxidative Stress as a Therapeutic Target in Type II Diabetes Mellitus.

David JA, Rifkin WJ, Rabbani PS, Ceradini DJ.

J Diabetes Res. 2017;2017:4826724. doi: 10.1155/2017/4826724. Epub 2017 Aug 20. Review.


Loss of Sigma-1 Receptor Chaperone Promotes Astrocytosis and Enhances the Nrf2 Antioxidant Defense.

Weng TY, Hung DT, Su TP, Tsai SA.

Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2017;2017:4582135. doi: 10.1155/2017/4582135. Epub 2017 Aug 14.


Anti-neuroinflammatory Activity of Elephantopus scaber L. via Activation of Nrf2/HO-1 Signaling and Inhibition of p38 MAPK Pathway in LPS-Induced Microglia BV-2 Cells.

Chan CK, Tan LT, Andy SN, Kamarudin MNA, Goh BH, Kadir HA.

Front Pharmacol. 2017 Jun 21;8:397. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2017.00397. eCollection 2017.


Role of Nuclear Factor Erythroid 2-Related Factor 2 in Diabetic Nephropathy.

Cui W, Min X, Xu X, Du B, Luo P.

J Diabetes Res. 2017;2017:3797802. doi: 10.1155/2017/3797802. Epub 2017 Apr 23. Review.


Emerging Roles of microRNAs in Ischemic Stroke: As Possible Therapeutic Agents.

Khoshnam SE, Winlow W, Farbood Y, Moghaddam HF, Farzaneh M.

J Stroke. 2017 May;19(2):166-187. doi: 10.5853/jos.2016.01368. Epub 2017 May 8. Review.


WDR23 regulates NRF2 independently of KEAP1.

Lo JY, Spatola BN, Curran SP.

PLoS Genet. 2017 Apr 28;13(4):e1006762. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1006762. eCollection 2017 Apr.


Tomatidine enhances lifespan and healthspan in C. elegans through mitophagy induction via the SKN-1/Nrf2 pathway.

Fang EF, Waltz TB, Kassahun H, Lu Q, Kerr JS, Morevati M, Fivenson EM, Wollman BN, Marosi K, Wilson MA, Iser WB, Eckley DM, Zhang Y, Lehrmann E, Goldberg IG, Scheibye-Knudsen M, Mattson MP, Nilsen H, Bohr VA, Becker KG.

Sci Rep. 2017 Apr 11;7:46208. doi: 10.1038/srep46208.


Integrating the UPRmt into the mitochondrial maintenance network.

Fiorese CJ, Haynes CM.

Crit Rev Biochem Mol Biol. 2017 Jun;52(3):304-313. doi: 10.1080/10409238.2017.1291577. Epub 2017 Feb 22. Review.


Gene expression profiles in preterm infants on continuous long‑term oxygen therapy suggest reduced oxidative stress‑dependent signaling during hypoxia.

Kalikstad B, Kultima HG, Andersstuen TK, Klungland A, Isaksson A.

Mol Med Rep. 2017 Apr;15(4):1513-1526. doi: 10.3892/mmr.2017.6185. Epub 2017 Feb 8.


Post-translational Activation of Glutamate Cysteine Ligase with Dimercaprol: A NOVEL MECHANISM OF INHIBITING NEUROINFLAMMATION IN VITRO.

McElroy PB, Sri Hari A, Day BJ, Patel M.

J Biol Chem. 2017 Mar 31;292(13):5532-5545. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M116.723700. Epub 2017 Feb 15.


Bioactive polyphenols and cardiovascular disease: chemical antagonists, pharmacological agents or xenobiotics that drive an adaptive response?

Goszcz K, Duthie GG, Stewart D, Leslie SJ, Megson IL.

Br J Pharmacol. 2017 Jun;174(11):1209-1225. doi: 10.1111/bph.13708. Epub 2017 Feb 2. Review.


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