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Bioactive extracellular matrix fragments in lung health and disease.

Gaggar A, Weathington N.

J Clin Invest. 2016 Sep 1;126(9):3176-84. doi: 10.1172/JCI83147. Epub 2016 Sep 1. Review.


The role of airway macrophages in apoptotic cell clearance following acute and chronic lung inflammation.

Grabiec AM, Hussell T.

Semin Immunopathol. 2016 Jul;38(4):409-23. doi: 10.1007/s00281-016-0555-3. Epub 2016 Mar 8. Review.


Association between HMGB1 and COPD: A Systematic Review.

Gangemi S, Casciaro M, Trapani G, Quartuccio S, Navarra M, Pioggia G, Imbalzano E.

Mediators Inflamm. 2015;2015:164913. doi: 10.1155/2015/164913. Epub 2015 Dec 21. Review.


High mobility group box 1: a novel mediator of Th2-type response-induced airway inflammation of acute allergic asthma.

Ma L, Zeng J, Mo B, Wang C, Huang J, Sun Y, Yu Y, Liu S.

J Thorac Dis. 2015 Oct;7(10):1732-41. doi: 10.3978/j.issn.2072-1439.2015.10.18.


Innate Immunity and Biomaterials at the Nexus: Friends or Foes.

Christo SN, Diener KR, Bachhuka A, Vasilev K, Hayball JD.

Biomed Res Int. 2015;2015:342304. doi: 10.1155/2015/342304. Epub 2015 Jul 12. Review.


Elevated HMGB1-related interleukin-6 is associated with dynamic responses of monocytes in patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis.

Zeng JC, Xiang WY, Lin DZ, Zhang JA, Liu GB, Kong B, Gao YC, Lu YB, Wu XJ, Yi LL, Zhong JX, Xu JF.

Int J Clin Exp Pathol. 2015 Feb 1;8(2):1341-53. eCollection 2015.


A CF patient with progressive proteinuric renal disease: a CF-specific nodular glomerulosclerosis?

O'Connell O, Magee CN, Fitzgerald B, Burke L, Plant WD, Plant BJ.

NDT Plus. 2010 Aug;3(4):354-6. doi: 10.1093/ndtplus/sfq054. Epub 2010 Apr 9.


High mobility group box 1 induced human lung myofibroblasts differentiation and enhanced migration by activation of MMP-9.

Lee CC, Wang CN, Lee YL, Tsai YR, Liu JJ.

PLoS One. 2015 Feb 18;10(2):e0116393. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0116393. eCollection 2015.


Emerging role of HMGB1 in fibrotic diseases.

Li LC, Gao J, Li J.

J Cell Mol Med. 2014 Dec;18(12):2331-9. doi: 10.1111/jcmm.12419. Epub 2014 Oct 6. Review.


Gene expression in whole lung and pulmonary macrophages reflects the dynamic pathology associated with airway surface dehydration.

Saini Y, Dang H, Livraghi-Butrico A, Kelly EJ, Jones LC, O'Neal WK, Boucher RC.

BMC Genomics. 2014 Sep 10;15:726. doi: 10.1186/1471-2164-15-726.


HMGB1 in health and disease.

Kang R, Chen R, Zhang Q, Hou W, Wu S, Cao L, Huang J, Yu Y, Fan XG, Yan Z, Sun X, Wang H, Wang Q, Tsung A, Billiar TR, Zeh HJ 3rd, Lotze MT, Tang D.

Mol Aspects Med. 2014 Dec;40:1-116. doi: 10.1016/j.mam.2014.05.001. Epub 2014 Jul 8. Review.


The α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonist GTS-21 improves bacterial clearance in mice by restoring hyperoxia-compromised macrophage function.

Sitapara RA, Antoine DJ, Sharma L, Patel VS, Ashby CR Jr, Gorasiya S, Yang H, Zur M, Mantell LL.

Mol Med. 2014 Jun 19;20:238-47. doi: 10.2119/molmed.2013.00086.


LPS may enhance expression and release of HMGB1 in human nasal epithelial cells in vitro.

Chen D, Bellussi LM, Passali D, Chen L.

Acta Otorhinolaryngol Ital. 2013 Dec;33(6):398-404.


2-O, 3-O-desulfated heparin inhibits neutrophil elastase-induced HMGB-1 secretion and airway inflammation.

Griffin KL, Fischer BM, Kummarapurugu AB, Zheng S, Kennedy TP, Rao NV, Foster WM, Voynow JA.

Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2014 Apr;50(4):684-9. doi: 10.1165/rcmb.2013-0338RC.


Serum HMGB1 as a prognostic marker for malignant pleural mesothelioma.

Tabata C, Shibata E, Tabata R, Kanemura S, Mikami K, Nogi Y, Masachika E, Nishizaki T, Nakano T.

BMC Cancer. 2013 Apr 24;13:205. doi: 10.1186/1471-2407-13-205.


Collagen degradation and neutrophilic infiltration: a vicious circle in inflammatory bowel disease.

Koelink PJ, Overbeek SA, Braber S, Morgan ME, Henricks PA, Abdul Roda M, Verspaget HW, Wolfkamp SC, te Velde AA, Jones CW, Jackson PL, Blalock JE, Sparidans RW, Kruijtzer JA, Garssen J, Folkerts G, Kraneveld AD.

Gut. 2014 Apr;63(4):578-87. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2012-303252. Epub 2013 Mar 23.


The alarmin HMGB-1 influences healing outcomes in fetal skin wounds.

Dardenne AD, Wulff BC, Wilgus TA.

Wound Repair Regen. 2013 Mar-Apr;21(2):282-91. doi: 10.1111/wrr.12028. Epub 2013 Feb 25.


Loss of Cftr function exacerbates the phenotype of Na(+) hyperabsorption in murine airways.

Livraghi-Butrico A, Kelly EJ, Wilkinson KJ, Rogers TD, Gilmore RC, Harkema JR, Randell SH, Boucher RC, O'Neal WK, Grubb BR.

Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2013 Apr 1;304(7):L469-80. doi: 10.1152/ajplung.00150.2012. Epub 2013 Feb 1.


Sputum biomarkers and the prediction of clinical outcomes in patients with cystic fibrosis.

Liou TG, Adler FR, Keogh RH, Li Y, Jensen JL, Walsh W, Packer K, Clark T, Carveth H, Chen J, Rogers SL, Lane C, Moore J, Sturrock A, Paine R 3rd, Cox DR, Hoidal JR.

PLoS One. 2012;7(8):e42748. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0042748. Epub 2012 Aug 10.

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