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Study of factors affecting the incidence of skin cancer in patients after liver transplant.

Campos GR, Boin IFSF, Campos ID Junior, Cintra ML.

An Bras Dermatol. 2017 Jul-Aug;92(4):492-498. doi: 10.1590/abd1806-4841.20175946.


Hypovitaminosis D in patients undergoing kidney transplant: the importance of sunlight exposure.

Vilarta CF, Unger MD, Dos Reis LM, Dominguez WV, David-Neto E, Moysés RM, Titan S, Custodio MR, Hernandez MJ, Jorgetti V.

Clinics (Sao Paulo). 2017 Jul;72(7):415-421. doi: 10.6061/clinics/2017(07)05.


Comparison of the incidence of skin cancers in patients on dialysis and after kidney transplantation.

Sułowicz J, Wojas-Pelc A, Ignacak E, Krzanowska K, Kuźniewski M, Sułowicz W.

Postepy Dermatol Alergol. 2017 Apr;34(2):138-142. doi: 10.5114/ada.2017.67078. Epub 2017 Apr 13.


dilemma persist in nephrology science: developing none-melanoma skin cancer in renal transplant population.

Taghipour M, Motalebi M, Einollahi B, Moradi MZ, Sarhangi A.

J Nephropharmacol. 2013 Jul 1;2(2):45-46. eCollection 2013. No abstract available.


Clinical and Economic Consequences of Early Cancer After Kidney Transplantation in Contemporary Practice.

Dharnidharka VR, Naik AS, Axelrod D, Schnitzler MA, Xiao H, Brennan DC, Segev DL, Randall H, Chen J, Kasiske B, Lentine KL.

Transplantation. 2017 Apr;101(4):858-866. doi: 10.1097/TP.0000000000001385.


Development of poorly differentiated invasive squamous cell carcinoma in giant Bowen's disease: a case report with dermatoscopy.

Akay BN, Maden A, Kocak O, Bostanci S, Boyvat A, Kocyigit P, Heper AO.

Dermatol Pract Concept. 2016 Apr 30;6(2):5-8. doi: 10.5826/dpc.0602a02. eCollection 2016 Apr.


Licensed and Unlicensed NK Cells: Differential Roles in Cancer and Viral Control.

Tu MM, Mahmoud AB, Makrigiannis AP.

Front Immunol. 2016 May 2;7:166. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2016.00166. eCollection 2016. Review.


Are We Late in the Diagnosis of Malignities Occurring in Solid Organ Transplant Patients? 11 Years' Experience.

Turkeli M, Simsek M, Aldemir MN, Yildirim N, Cankaya E, Erdemci B, Bilici M, Tekin SB, Arslan S, Korkut E.

Eurasian J Med. 2016 Feb;48(1):33-6. doi: 10.5152/eurasianjmed.2015.0087.


Peripheral natural killer cell and allo-stimulated T-cell function in kidney transplant recipients associate with cancer risk and immunosuppression-related complications.

Hope CM, Troelnikov A, Hanf W, Jesudason S, Coates PT, Heeger PS, Carroll RP.

Kidney Int. 2015 Dec;88(6):1374-1382. doi: 10.1038/ki.2015.237. Epub 2015 Aug 12.


Non-melanoma skin cancer in renal transplant recipients: a study in a Brazilian reference center.

Gonçalves CP, Trope BM, Ramos-E-Silva M.

Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol. 2015 Jul 7;8:339-44. doi: 10.2147/CCID.S78456. eCollection 2015.


Malignant and noninvasive skin tumours in renal transplant recipients.

Roche CD, Dobson JS, Williams SK, Quante M, Popoola J, Chow JW.

Dermatol Res Pract. 2014;2014:409058. doi: 10.1155/2014/409058. Epub 2014 Sep 14.


Epidemiological profile of nonmelanoma skin cancer in renal transplant recipients: experience of a referral center.

Ferreira FR, Ogawa MM, Nascimento LF, Tomimori J.

An Bras Dermatol. 2014 Sep-Oct;89(5):745-50.


Systematic review of melanoma incidence and prognosis in solid organ transplant recipients.

Dahlke E, Murray CA, Kitchen J, Chan AW.

Transplant Res. 2014 May 6;3:10. doi: 10.1186/2047-1440-3-10. eCollection 2014. Review.


Decoding melanoma metastasis.

Damsky WE, Rosenbaum LE, Bosenberg M.

Cancers (Basel). 2010 Dec 30;3(1):126-63. doi: 10.3390/cancers3010126.


Interventions for non-metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the skin: systematic review and pooled analysis of observational studies.

Lansbury L, Bath-Hextall F, Perkins W, Stanton W, Leonardi-Bee J.

BMJ. 2013 Nov 4;347:f6153. doi: 10.1136/bmj.f6153. Review.


Human skin carcinoma arising from kidney transplant-derived tumor cells.

Verneuil L, Varna M, Ratajczak P, Leboeuf C, Plassa LF, Elbouchtaoui M, Schneider P, Sandid W, Lebbé C, Peraldi MN, Sigaux F, de Thé H, Janin A.

J Clin Invest. 2013 Sep;123(9):3797-801. doi: 10.1172/JCI66721. Epub 2013 Aug 27.


Donor-associated malignancy in kidney transplant patients.

Cui CB, Gerber DA.

J Clin Invest. 2013 Sep;123(9):3708-9. doi: 10.1172/JCI70438. Epub 2013 Aug 27.


Systemic immune suppression predicts diminished Merkel cell carcinoma-specific survival independent of stage.

Paulson KG, Iyer JG, Blom A, Warton EM, Sokil M, Yelistratova L, Schuman L, Nagase K, Bhatia S, Asgari MM, Nghiem P.

J Invest Dermatol. 2013 Mar;133(3):642-6. doi: 10.1038/jid.2012.388. Epub 2012 Nov 29.


Multiple roles for VEGF in non-melanoma skin cancer: angiogenesis and beyond.

Johnson KE, Wilgus TA.

J Skin Cancer. 2012;2012:483439. doi: 10.1155/2012/483439. Epub 2012 Oct 17.


Melanoma in immunosuppressed patients.

Kubica AW, Brewer JD.

Mayo Clin Proc. 2012 Oct;87(10):991-1003. doi: 10.1016/j.mayocp.2012.04.018. Review.

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