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Transposable elements: genome innovation, chromosome diversity, and centromere conflict.

Klein SJ, O'Neill RJ.

Chromosome Res. 2018 Mar;26(1-2):5-23. doi: 10.1007/s10577-017-9569-5. Epub 2018 Jan 13. Review.


Human Endogenous Retrovirus-K and TDP-43 Expression Bridges ALS and HIV Neuropathology.

Douville RN, Nath A.

Front Microbiol. 2017 Oct 11;8:1986. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.01986. eCollection 2017.


Making a virtue of necessity: the pleiotropic role of human endogenous retroviruses in cancer.

Kassiotis G, Stoye JP.

Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2017 Oct 19;372(1732). pii: 20160277. doi: 10.1098/rstb.2016.0277. Review.


Endogenous retroviral promoter exaptation in human cancer.

Babaian A, Mager DL.

Mob DNA. 2016 Dec 1;7:24. eCollection 2016. Review.


Integration and Fixation Preferences of Human and Mouse Endogenous Retroviruses Uncovered with Functional Data Analysis.

Campos-Sánchez R, Cremona MA, Pini A, Chiaromonte F, Makova KD.

PLoS Comput Biol. 2016 Jun 16;12(6):e1004956. doi: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1004956. eCollection 2016 Jun.


Phylogenetic Analysis Reveals That ERVs "Die Young" but HERV-H Is Unusually Conserved.

Gemmell P, Hein J, Katzourakis A.

PLoS Comput Biol. 2016 Jun 13;12(6):e1004964. doi: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1004964. eCollection 2016 Jun.


Transposable elements in the mammalian embryo: pioneers surviving through stealth and service.

Gerdes P, Richardson SR, Mager DL, Faulkner GJ.

Genome Biol. 2016 May 9;17:100. doi: 10.1186/s13059-016-0965-5. Review.


Genomic analysis of mouse VL30 retrotransposons.

Markopoulos G, Noutsopoulos D, Mantziou S, Gerogiannis D, Thrasyvoulou S, Vartholomatos G, Kolettas E, Tzavaras T.

Mob DNA. 2016 May 6;7:10. doi: 10.1186/s13100-016-0066-8. eCollection 2016.


Roles for retrotransposon insertions in human disease.

Hancks DC, Kazazian HH Jr.

Mob DNA. 2016 May 6;7:9. doi: 10.1186/s13100-016-0065-9. eCollection 2016. Review.


Discovery of unfixed endogenous retrovirus insertions in diverse human populations.

Wildschutte JH, Williams ZH, Montesion M, Subramanian RP, Kidd JM, Coffin JM.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016 Apr 19;113(16):E2326-34. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1602336113. Epub 2016 Mar 21.


The Influence of LINE-1 and SINE Retrotransposons on Mammalian Genomes.

Richardson SR, Doucet AJ, Kopera HC, Moldovan JB, Garcia-Perez JL, Moran JV.

Microbiol Spectr. 2015 Apr;3(2):MDNA3-0061-2014. doi: 10.1128/microbiolspec.MDNA3-0061-2014. Review.


Temporal and spatial rearrangements of a repetitive element array on C57BL/6J mouse genome.

Lee KH, Yee L, Lim D, Greenhalgh D, Cho K.

Exp Mol Pathol. 2015 Jun;98(3):439-45. doi: 10.1016/j.yexmp.2015.03.037. Epub 2015 Mar 31.


Differential expression of HERV-K (HML-2) proviruses in cells and virions of the teratocarcinoma cell line Tera-1.

Bhardwaj N, Montesion M, Roy F, Coffin JM.

Viruses. 2015 Mar 4;7(3):939-68. doi: 10.3390/v7030939.


The effect of life history on retroviral genome invasions.

Kanda RK, Coulson T.

PLoS One. 2015 Feb 18;10(2):e0117442. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0117442. eCollection 2015.


The decline of human endogenous retroviruses: extinction and survival.

Magiorkinis G, Blanco-Melo D, Belshaw R.

Retrovirology. 2015 Feb 2;12:8. doi: 10.1186/s12977-015-0136-x.


TRIM28 represses transcription of endogenous retroviruses in neural progenitor cells.

Fasching L, Kapopoulou A, Sachdeva R, Petri R, Jönsson ME, Männe C, Turelli P, Jern P, Cammas F, Trono D, Jakobsson J.

Cell Rep. 2015 Jan 6;10(1):20-8. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2014.12.004. Epub 2014 Dec 24.


Implication of human endogenous retrovirus envelope proteins in placental functions.

Lokossou AG, Toudic C, Barbeau B.

Viruses. 2014 Nov 24;6(11):4609-27. doi: 10.3390/v6114609. Review.


The HERV-K human endogenous retrovirus envelope protein antagonizes Tetherin antiviral activity.

Lemaître C, Harper F, Pierron G, Heidmann T, Dewannieux M.

J Virol. 2014 Dec;88(23):13626-37. doi: 10.1128/JVI.02234-14. Epub 2014 Sep 10.


Novel Denisovan and Neanderthal retroviruses.

Lee A, Huntley D, Aiewsakun P, Kanda RK, Lynn C, Tristem M.

J Virol. 2014 Nov;88(21):12907-9. doi: 10.1128/JVI.01825-14. Epub 2014 Aug 20.

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