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Feasibility and Effectiveness of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy with Victims of Domestic Violence: A Pilot Study.

Herschell AD, Scudder AB, Schaffner KF, Slagel LA.

J Child Fam Stud. 2017 Jan;26(1):271-283. doi: 10.1007/s10826-016-0546-y. Epub 2016 Sep 19.


The association between child maltreatment and emotional, cognitive, and physical health functioning in Vietnam.

Tran NK, Van Berkel SR, van IJzendoorn MH, Alink LRA.

BMC Public Health. 2017 Apr 19;17(1):332. doi: 10.1186/s12889-017-4258-z.


Witnessing domestic violence during childhood is associated with psychopathic traits in adult male criminal offenders.

Dargis M, Koenigs M.

Law Hum Behav. 2017 Apr;41(2):173-179. doi: 10.1037/lhb0000226. Epub 2017 Feb 2.


Effects of Cognitive Distortions on the Link Between Dating Violence Exposure and Substance Problems in Clinically Hospitalized Youth.

Miller AB, Williams C, Day C, Esposito-Smythers C.

J Clin Psychol. 2017 Jun;73(6):733-744. doi: 10.1002/jclp.22373. Epub 2016 Aug 23.


Effects of Exposure to Domestic Physical Violence on Children's Behavior: A Chinese Community-based Sample.

Cao Y, Li L, Zhao X, Zhang Y, Guo X, Zhang Y, Luo X.

J Child Adolesc Trauma. 2016 Jun;9(2):127-135. Epub 2016 Apr 18.


Children exposed to intimate partner violence: Identifying differential effects of family environment on children's trauma and psychopathology symptoms through regression mixture models.

McDonald SE, Shin S, Corona R, Maternick A, Graham-Bermann SA, Ascione FR, Herbert Williams J.

Child Abuse Negl. 2016 Aug;58:1-11. doi: 10.1016/j.chiabu.2016.06.010. Epub 2016 Jun 20.


Role of Direct and Indirect Violence Exposure on Externalizing Behavior in Children.

Fleckman JM, Drury SS, Taylor CA, Theall KP.

J Urban Health. 2016 Jun;93(3):479-92. doi: 10.1007/s11524-016-0052-y.


Differential Adjustment Among Rural Adolescents Exposed to Family Violence.

Sianko N, Hedge JM, McDonell JR.

J Interpers Violence. 2016 Apr 22. pii: 0886260516645574. [Epub ahead of print]


Developmental variations in the impact of intimate partner violence exposure during childhood.

Howell KH, Barnes SE, Miller LE, Graham-Bermann SA.

J Inj Violence Res. 2016 Jan;8(1):43-57. doi: 10.5249/jivr.v8i1.663. Review.


Family Functioning and Children's Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms in a Referred Sample Exposed to Interparental Violence.

Telman MD, Overbeek MM, de Schipper JC, Lamers-Winkelman F, Finkenauer C, Schuengel C.

J Fam Violence. 2016;31:127-136. Epub 2015 Aug 2.


The Protective Role of Resilience in Attenuating Emotional Distress and Aggression Associated with Early-life Stress in Young Enlisted Military Service Candidates.

Kim J, Seok JH, Choi K, Jon DI, Hong HJ, Hong N, Lee E.

J Korean Med Sci. 2015 Nov;30(11):1667-74. doi: 10.3346/jkms.2015.30.11.1667. Epub 2015 Oct 16.


Interparental Violence: Similarities and Discrepancies Between Narratives of Mothers and Their Children.

van Rooij FB, van der Schuur WA, Steketee M, Mak J, Pels T.

J Child Fam Stud. 2015;24(11):3350-3362. Epub 2015 Feb 1.


Intimate Partner Violence, Maternal Sensitive Parenting Behaviors, and Children's Executive Functioning.

Gustafsson HC, Coffman JL, Cox MJ.

Psychol Violence. 2015 Jul 1;5(3):266-274.


Not living with both parents is associated with more health- and developmental problems in infants aged 7 to 11 months: a cross sectional study.

Kacenelenbogen N, Dramaix-Wilmet M, Schetgen M, Roland M.

BMC Public Health. 2015 Feb 19;15:159. doi: 10.1186/s12889-015-1505-z.


Harsh Parenting As a Potential Mediator of the Association Between Intimate Partner Violence and Child Disruptive Behavior in Families With Young Children.

Grasso DJ, Henry D, Kestler J, Nieto R, Wakschlag LS, Briggs-Gowan MJ.

J Interpers Violence. 2016 Jul;31(11):2102-26. doi: 10.1177/0886260515572472. Epub 2015 Feb 26.


Risk of behaviors associated with lethal violence and functional outcomes for abused women who do and do not return to the abuser following a community-based intervention.

McFarlane J, Nava A, Gilroy H, Maddoux J.

J Womens Health (Larchmt). 2015 Apr;24(4):272-80. doi: 10.1089/jwh.2014.5064. Epub 2015 Feb 25.


Family Violence and Children's Behavior Problems: Independent Contributions of Intimate Partner and Child-Directed Physical Aggression.

Gustafsson HC, Barnett MA, Towe-Goodman NR, Mills-Koonce WR, Cox MJ; the Family Life Project Key Investigators.

J Fam Violence. 2014 Oct 1;29(7):773-781.


Risk of violence from the man involved in the pregnancy after receiving or being denied an abortion.

Roberts SC, Biggs MA, Chibber KS, Gould H, Rocca CH, Foster DG.

BMC Med. 2014 Sep 29;12:144. doi: 10.1186/s12916-014-0144-z.


Child involvement in interparental conflict and child adjustment problems: a longitudinal study of violent families.

Jouriles EN, Rosenfield D, McDonald R, Mueller V.

J Abnorm Child Psychol. 2014;42(5):693-704. doi: 10.1007/s10802-013-9821-1.

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