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Health-related quality of life variations by sociodemographic factors and chronic conditions in three metropolitan cities of South Asia: the CARRS study.

Singh K, Kondal D, Shivashankar R, Ali MK, Pradeepa R, Ajay VS, Mohan V, Kadir MM, Sullivan MD, Tandon N, Narayan KMV, Prabhakaran D.

BMJ Open. 2017 Oct 15;7(10):e018424. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-018424.


Comorbid Arthritis Is Associated With Lower Health-Related Quality of Life in Older Adults With Other Chronic Conditions, United States, 2013-2014.

Havens E, Slabaugh SL, Helmick CG, Cordier T, Zack M, Gopal V, Prewitt T.

Prev Chronic Dis. 2017 Jul 27;14:E60. doi: 10.5888/pcd14.160495.


Rhythm-centred music making in community living elderly: a randomized pilot study.

Yap AF, Kwan YH, Tan CS, Ibrahim S, Ang SB.

BMC Complement Altern Med. 2017 Jun 14;17(1):311. doi: 10.1186/s12906-017-1825-x.


Type 2 diabetes and quality of life.

Trikkalinou A, Papazafiropoulou AK, Melidonis A.

World J Diabetes. 2017 Apr 15;8(4):120-129. doi: 10.4239/wjd.v8.i4.120. Review.


Self-reported general health, physical distress, mental distress, and activity limitation by US county, 1995-2012.

Dwyer-Lindgren L, Mackenbach JP, van Lenthe FJ, Mokdad AH.

Popul Health Metr. 2017 Apr 26;15(1):16. doi: 10.1186/s12963-017-0133-5.


Assessment of Quality of Life in Migraine.

Taşkapilioğlu Ö, Karli N.

Noro Psikiyatr Ars. 2013 Aug;50(Suppl 1):S60-S64. doi: 10.4274/Npa.y7310. Epub 2013 Aug 1. Review.


Predictive Factors of Rapid Cognitive Decline in Patients with Alzheimer Disease.

Barbe C, Morrone I, Novella JL, Dramé M, Wolak-Thierry A, Aquino JP, Ankri J, Jolly D, Mahmoudi R.

Dement Geriatr Cogn Dis Extra. 2016 Dec 5;6(3):549-558. doi: 10.1159/000450975. eCollection 2016 Sep-Dec.


Hostility and quality of life among Hispanics/Latinos in the HCHS/SOL Sociocultural Ancillary Study.

Moncrieft AE, Llabre MM, Gallo LC, Cai J, Gonzalez F 2nd, Gonzalez P, Ostrovsky NW, Schneiderman N, Penedo FJ.

Psychol Health. 2016 Nov;31(11):1342-58. doi: 10.1080/08870446.2016.1208820. Epub 2016 Jul 25.


Quality of Life and Mortality of Long-Term Colorectal Cancer Survivors in the Seattle Colorectal Cancer Family Registry.

Adams SV, Ceballos R, Newcomb PA.

PLoS One. 2016 Jun 2;11(6):e0156534. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0156534. eCollection 2016.


The Association of Health-Related Quality of Life with Severity of Visual Impairment among People Aged 40-64 Years: Findings from the 2006-2010 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

Crews JE, Chou CF, Zack MM, Zhang X, Bullard KM, Morse AR, Saaddine JB.

Ophthalmic Epidemiol. 2016 Jun;23(3):145-53. doi: 10.3109/09286586.2016.1168851. Epub 2016 May 9.


Trajectory subtypes after injury and patient-centered outcomes.

Zarzaur BL, Bell T.

J Surg Res. 2016 May 1;202(1):103-10. doi: 10.1016/j.jss.2015.12.038. Epub 2015 Dec 30.


Leveraging Health-Related Quality of Life in Population Health Management: The Case for Healthy Days.

Slabaugh SL, Shah M, Zack M, Happe L, Cordier T, Havens E, Davidson E, Miao M, Prewitt T, Jia H.

Popul Health Manag. 2017 Feb;20(1):13-22. doi: 10.1089/pop.2015.0162. Epub 2016 Mar 31.


Health-related quality of life among veterans in addictions treatment: identifying behavioral targets for future intervention.

Oppezzo MA, Michalek AK, Delucchi K, Baiocchi MT, Barnett PG, Prochaska JJ.

Qual Life Res. 2016 Aug;25(8):1949-57. doi: 10.1007/s11136-016-1236-3. Epub 2016 Feb 17.


Perceived Health in Patients with Primary Immune Deficiency.

Seeborg FO, Seay R, Boyle M, Boyle J, Scalchunes C, Orange JS.

J Clin Immunol. 2015 Oct;35(7):638-50. doi: 10.1007/s10875-015-0196-7. Epub 2015 Oct 9.


Effect of a Nurse-Led Psychoeducational Intervention on Healthcare Service Utilization Among Adults With Advanced Cancer.

Martinez KA, Friese C, Kershaw T, Given CW, Fendrick AM, Northouse L.

Oncol Nurs Forum. 2015 Jul;42(4):E310-8. doi: 10.1188/15.ONF.E310-E318.


Cost-effectiveness of the chronic disease self-management program: implications for community-based organizations.

Basu R, Ory MG, Towne SD Jr, Smith ML, Hochhalter AK, Ahn S.

Front Public Health. 2015 Apr 27;3:27. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2015.00027. eCollection 2015.


Benefits gained, benefits lost: comparing baby boomers to other generations in a longitudinal cohort study of self-rated health.

Badley EM, Canizares M, Perruccio AV, Hogg-Johnson S, Gignac MA.

Milbank Q. 2015 Mar;93(1):40-72. doi: 10.1111/1468-0009.12105.


Reference values of the Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy-Spiritual Well-Being: a report from the American Cancer Society's studies of cancer survivors.

Munoz AR, Salsman JM, Stein KD, Cella D.

Cancer. 2015 Jun 1;121(11):1838-44. doi: 10.1002/cncr.29286. Epub 2015 Feb 24.


Neighborhood environment perceptions and the likelihood of smoking and alcohol use.

Jitnarin N, Heinrich KM, Haddock CK, Hughey J, Berkel L, Poston WS.

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2015 Jan 14;12(1):784-99. doi: 10.3390/ijerph120100784.

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