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Myosin Va but Not nNOSα is Significantly Reduced in Jejunal Musculomotor Nerve Terminals in Diabetes Mellitus.

Chaudhury A, De Miranda-Neto MH, Pereira RV, Zanoni JN.

Front Med (Lausanne). 2014 Jun 20;1:17. doi: 10.3389/fmed.2014.00017. eCollection 2014.


Diffuse axonal injury in brain trauma: insights from alterations in neurofilaments.

Siedler DG, Chuah MI, Kirkcaldie MT, Vickers JC, King AE.

Front Cell Neurosci. 2014 Dec 17;8:429. doi: 10.3389/fncel.2014.00429. eCollection 2014. Review.


Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency disrupts endocytosis, neuritogenesis, and mitochondrial protein pathways in the mouse hippocampus.

English JA, Harauma A, Föcking M, Wynne K, Scaife C, Cagney G, Moriguchi T, Cotter DR.

Front Genet. 2013 Oct 28;4:208. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2013.00208. eCollection 2013.


Regulation of zipcode binding protein 1 transport dynamics in axons by myosin Va.

Nalavadi VC, Griffin LE, Picard-Fraser P, Swanson AM, Takumi T, Bassell GJ.

J Neurosci. 2012 Oct 24;32(43):15133-41. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2006-12.2012.


The C-terminal domains of NF-H and NF-M subunits maintain axonal neurofilament content by blocking turnover of the stationary neurofilament network.

Rao MV, Yuan A, Campbell J, Kumar A, Nixon RA.

PLoS One. 2012;7(9):e44320. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0044320. Epub 2012 Sep 21.


Interaction with a kinesin-2 tail propels choline acetyltransferase flow towards synapse.

Sadananda A, Hamid R, Doodhi H, Ghosal D, Girotra M, Jana SC, Ray K.

Traffic. 2012 Jul;13(7):979-91. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0854.2012.01361.x. Epub 2012 Apr 26.


ApoE isoform-specific regulation of regeneration in the peripheral nervous system.

Comley LH, Fuller HR, Wishart TM, Mutsaers CA, Thomson D, Wright AK, Ribchester RR, Morris GE, Parson SH, Horsburgh K, Gillingwater TH.

Hum Mol Genet. 2011 Jun 15;20(12):2406-21. doi: 10.1093/hmg/ddr147. Epub 2011 Apr 8.


The myosin Va head domain binds to the neurofilament-L rod and modulates endoplasmic reticulum (ER) content and distribution within axons.

Rao MV, Mohan PS, Kumar A, Yuan A, Montagna L, Campbell J, Veeranna, Espreafico EM, Julien JP, Nixon RA.

PLoS One. 2011 Feb 16;6(2):e17087. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0017087.


Autonomous right-screw rotation of growth cone filopodia drives neurite turning.

Tamada A, Kawase S, Murakami F, Kamiguchi H.

J Cell Biol. 2010 Feb 8;188(3):429-41. doi: 10.1083/jcb.200906043. Epub 2010 Feb 1.


The dynamic properties of intermediate filaments during organelle transport.

Chang L, Barlan K, Chou YH, Grin B, Lakonishok M, Serpinskaya AS, Shumaker DK, Herrmann H, Gelfand VI, Goldman RD.

J Cell Sci. 2009 Aug 15;122(Pt 16):2914-23. doi: 10.1242/jcs.046789. Epub 2009 Jul 28.


Myosin Va increases the efficiency of neurofilament transport by decreasing the duration of long-term pauses.

Alami NH, Jung P, Brown A.

J Neurosci. 2009 May 20;29(20):6625-34. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3829-08.2009.


Deficiency in ubiquitin ligase TRIM2 causes accumulation of neurofilament light chain and neurodegeneration.

Balastik M, Ferraguti F, Pires-da Silva A, Lee TH, Alvarez-Bolado G, Lu KP, Gruss P.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008 Aug 19;105(33):12016-21. doi: 10.1073/pnas.0802261105. Epub 2008 Aug 7.


Softness, strength and self-repair in intermediate filament networks.

Wagner OI, Rammensee S, Korde N, Wen Q, Leterrier JF, Janmey PA.

Exp Cell Res. 2007 Jun 10;313(10):2228-35. Epub 2007 Apr 27. Review.


Focal adhesions are hotspots for keratin filament precursor formation.

Windoffer R, Kölsch A, Wöll S, Leube RE.

J Cell Biol. 2006 May 8;173(3):341-8.


Loss-of-function mutations in the keratin 5 gene lead to Dowling-Degos disease.

Betz RC, Planko L, Eigelshoven S, Hanneken S, Pasternack SM, Bussow H, Van Den Bogaert K, Wenzel J, Braun-Falco M, Rutten A, Rogers MA, Ruzicka T, Nöthen MM, Magin TM, Kruse R.

Am J Hum Genet. 2006 Mar;78(3):510-9. Epub 2006 Jan 19.


A dynamical system model of neurofilament transport in axons.

Craciun G, Brown A, Friedman A.

J Theor Biol. 2005 Dec 7;237(3):316-22. Epub 2005 Jun 21.


The interaction of neurofilaments with the microtubule motor cytoplasmic dynein.

Wagner OI, Ascaño J, Tokito M, Leterrier JF, Janmey PA, Holzbaur EL.

Mol Biol Cell. 2004 Nov;15(11):5092-100. Epub 2004 Sep 1.


Myosin V and the endoplasmic reticulum: the connection grows.

Wagner W, Hammer JA 3rd.

J Cell Biol. 2003 Dec 22;163(6):1193-6.


Myosin-Va binds to and mechanochemically couples microtubules to actin filaments.

Cao TT, Chang W, Masters SE, Mooseker MS.

Mol Biol Cell. 2004 Jan;15(1):151-61. Epub 2003 Oct 17.

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