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Regulation of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Apoptotic Pathways in Osteosarcoma Cells Following Oleandrin Treatment.

Ma Y, Zhu B, Yong L, Song C, Liu X, Yu H, Wang P, Liu Z, Liu X.

Int J Mol Sci. 2016 Nov 23;17(11). pii: E1950.


Oleandrin induces DNA damage responses in cancer cells by suppressing the expression of Rad51.

Bao Z, Tian B, Wang X, Feng H, Liang Y, Chen Z, Li W, Shen H, Ying S.

Oncotarget. 2016 Sep 13;7(37):59572-59579. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.10726.


Anti-inflammatory activity of Nerium indicum by inhibition of prostaglandin E2 in murine splenic lymphocytes.

Dey P, Chaudhuri TK.

Indian J Pharmacol. 2015 Jul-Aug;47(4):447-50. doi: 10.4103/0253-7613.161275.


Evaluation of skeletal muscle relaxant activity of aqueous extract of Nerium oleander flowers in Albino rats.

Tirumalasetti J, Patel M, Shaikh U, Harini K, Shankar J.

Indian J Pharmacol. 2015 Jul-Aug;47(4):409-13. doi: 10.4103/0253-7613.161265.


PBI-05204, a supercritical CO₂ extract of Nerium oleander, inhibits growth of human pancreatic cancer via targeting the PI3K/mTOR pathway.

Pan Y, Rhea P, Tan L, Cartwright C, Lee HJ, Ravoori MK, Addington C, Gagea M, Kundra V, Kim SJ, Newman RA, Yang P.

Invest New Drugs. 2015 Apr;33(2):271-9. doi: 10.1007/s10637-014-0190-6. Epub 2014 Dec 6.


Oleandrin: A cardiac glycosides with potent cytotoxicity.

Kumar A, De T, Mishra A, Mishra AK.

Pharmacogn Rev. 2013 Jul;7(14):131-9. doi: 10.4103/0973-7847.120512. Review. Retraction in: Pharmacogn Rev. 2016 Jul-Dec;10 (20):147.


Trial watch: Cardiac glycosides and cancer therapy.

Menger L, Vacchelli E, Kepp O, Eggermont A, Tartour E, Zitvogel L, Kroemer G, Galluzzi L.

Oncoimmunology. 2013 Feb 1;2(2):e23082.


Anvirzel™ in combination with cisplatin in breast, colon, lung, prostate, melanoma and pancreatic cancer cell lines.

Apostolou P, Toloudi M, Chatziioannou M, Ioannou E, Knocke DR, Nester J, Komiotis D, Papasotiriou I.

BMC Pharmacol Toxicol. 2013 Mar 25;14:18. doi: 10.1186/2050-6511-14-18.


Effective killing of leukemia cells by the natural product OSW-1 through disruption of cellular calcium homeostasis.

Garcia-Prieto C, Riaz Ahmed KB, Chen Z, Zhou Y, Hammoudi N, Kang Y, Lou C, Mei Y, Jin Z, Huang P.

J Biol Chem. 2013 Feb 1;288(5):3240-50. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M112.384776. Epub 2012 Dec 17.


Digitoxin and its analogs as novel cancer therapeutics.

Elbaz HA, Stueckle TA, Tse W, Rojanasakul Y, Dinu CZ.

Exp Hematol Oncol. 2012 Apr 5;1(1):4. doi: 10.1186/2162-3619-1-4.


Cellular location and expression of Na+, K+ -ATPase α subunits affect the anti-proliferative activity of oleandrin.

Yang P, Cartwright C, Efuet E, Hamilton SR, Wistuba II, Menter D, Addington C, Shureiqi I, Newman RA.

Mol Carcinog. 2014 Apr;53(4):253-63. doi: 10.1002/mc.21968. Epub 2012 Oct 16.


Antiproliferative and phytochemical analyses of leaf extracts of ten Apocynaceae species.

Wong SK, Lim YY, Abdullah NR, Nordin FJ.

Pharmacognosy Res. 2011 Apr;3(2):100-6. doi: 10.4103/0974-8490.81957.


Assessment of antiproliferative and antiplasmodial activities of five selected Apocynaceae species.

Wong SK, Lim YY, Abdullah NR, Nordin FJ.

BMC Complement Altern Med. 2011 Jan 14;11:3. doi: 10.1186/1472-6882-11-3.

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