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Comparative analysis of gingival tissue antigen presentation pathways in ageing and periodontitis.

Gonzalez OA, Novak MJ, Kirakodu S, Orraca L, Chen KC, Stromberg A, Gonzalez-Martinez J, Ebersole JL.

J Clin Periodontol. 2014 Apr;41(4):327-39. doi: 10.1111/jcpe.12212. Epub 2014 Jan 7.


Expression of HLA class II antigens in marginal periodontitis of patients with Down's syndrome.

Søhoel DC, Johannessen AC, Kristoffersen T, Nilsen R.

Eur J Oral Sci. 1995 Aug;103(4):207-13.


Differential Gene Expression Profiles Reflecting Macrophage Polarization in Aging and Periodontitis Gingival Tissues.

Gonzalez OA, Novak MJ, Kirakodu S, Stromberg A, Nagarajan R, Huang CB, Chen KC, Orraca L, Martinez-Gonzalez J, Ebersole JL.

Immunol Invest. 2015;44(7):643-64. doi: 10.3109/08820139.2015.1070269. Epub 2015 Sep 23.


Antigen-presenting properties of gingival fibroblasts in chronic adult periodontitis.

Wassenaar A, Snijders A, Abraham-Inpijn L, Kapsenberg ML, Kievits F.

Clin Exp Immunol. 1997 Nov;110(2):277-84.


Lamina propria dendritic cells express activation markers and contact lymphocytes in chronic periodontitis.

Cirrincione C, Pimpinelli N, Orlando L, Romagnoli P.

J Periodontol. 2002 Jan;73(1):45-52.


Asparagine endopeptidase is not essential for class II MHC antigen presentation but is required for processing of cathepsin L in mice.

Maehr R, Hang HC, Mintern JD, Kim YM, Cuvillier A, Nishimura M, Yamada K, Shirahama-Noda K, Hara-Nishimura I, Ploegh HL.

J Immunol. 2005 Jun 1;174(11):7066-74.


Bacterial antigen delivery systems: phagocytic processing of bacterial antigens for MHC-I and MHC-II presentation to T cells.

Svensson M, Pfeifer J, Stockinger B, Wick MJ.

Behring Inst Mitt. 1997 Feb;(98):197-211. Review.


Endogenous HLA class II epitopes that are immunogenic in vivo show distinct behavior toward HLA-DM and its natural inhibitor HLA-DO.

Kremer AN, van der Meijden ED, Honders MW, Goeman JJ, Wiertz EJ, Falkenburg JH, Griffioen M.

Blood. 2012 Oct 18;120(16):3246-55. doi: 10.1182/blood-2011-12-399311. Epub 2012 Aug 13.


Mice completely lacking immunoproteasomes show major changes in antigen presentation.

Kincaid EZ, Che JW, York I, Escobar H, Reyes-Vargas E, Delgado JC, Welsh RM, Karow ML, Murphy AJ, Valenzuela DM, Yancopoulos GD, Rock KL.

Nat Immunol. 2011 Dec 25;13(2):129-35. doi: 10.1038/ni.2203.


Major histocompatibility complex class II+ invariant chain negative breast cancer cells present unique peptides that activate tumor-specific T cells from breast cancer patients.

Chornoguz O, Gapeev A, O'Neill MC, Ostrand-Rosenberg S.

Mol Cell Proteomics. 2012 Nov;11(11):1457-67. doi: 10.1074/mcp.M112.019232. Epub 2012 Aug 31.


Sculpting MHC class II-restricted self and non-self peptidome by the class I Ag-processing machinery and its impact on Th-cell responses.

Spencer CT, Dragovic SM, Conant SB, Gray JJ, Zheng M, Samir P, Niu X, Moutaftsi M, Van Kaer L, Sette A, Link AJ, Joyce S.

Eur J Immunol. 2013 May;43(5):1162-72. doi: 10.1002/eji.201243087. Epub 2013 Mar 5.


Antigen presentation and recognition in bacterial infections.

Kaufmann SH, Schaible UE.

Curr Opin Immunol. 2005 Feb;17(1):79-87. Review.


Phenotypic characterization of mononuclear cells from gingiva associated with periodontitis and peri-implantitis.

Talarico GM, Neiders ME, Comeau RL, Cohen RE.

J Oral Implantol. 1997;23(1-2):5-11.


Antigen presentation and MHC class II expression by human esophageal epithelial cells: role in eosinophilic esophagitis.

Mulder DJ, Pooni A, Mak N, Hurlbut DJ, Basta S, Justinich CJ.

Am J Pathol. 2011 Feb;178(2):744-53. doi: 10.1016/j.ajpath.2010.10.027.


Processing and presentation of HLA class I and II epitopes by dendritic cells after transfection with in vitro-transcribed MUC1 RNA.

Dörfel D, Appel S, Grünebach F, Weck MM, Müller MR, Heine A, Brossart P.

Blood. 2005 Apr 15;105(8):3199-205. Epub 2004 Dec 23.


Gamma-IFN-inducible-lysosomal thiol reductase modulates acidic proteases and HLA class II antigen processing in melanoma.

Goldstein OG, Hajiaghamohseni LM, Amria S, Sundaram K, Reddy SV, Haque A.

Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2008 Oct;57(10):1461-70. doi: 10.1007/s00262-008-0483-8. Epub 2008 Mar 15.

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