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Analysis of PTEN methylation patterns in soft tissue sarcomas by MassARRAY spectrometry.

Yin L, Cai WJ, Liu CX, Chen YZ, Hu JM, Jiang JF, Li HA, Cui XB, Chang XY, Zhang WJ, Sun K, Li F.

PLoS One. 2013 May 17;8(5):e62971. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0062971. Print 2013.


Hypermethylation of potential tumor suppressor miR-34b/c is correlated with late clinical stage in patients with soft tissue sarcomas.

Xie Y, Zong P, Wang W, Liu D, Li B, Wang Y, Hu J, Ren Y, Qi Y, Cui X, Chen Y, Liu C, Li F.

Exp Mol Pathol. 2015 Jun;98(3):446-54. doi: 10.1016/j.yexmp.2015.03.017. Epub 2015 Mar 13.


DNA hypermethylation status of multiple genes in soft tissue sarcomas.

Kawaguchi K, Oda Y, Saito T, Yamamoto H, Takahira T, Kobayashi C, Tamiya S, Tateishi N, Iwamoto Y, Tsuneyoshi M.

Mod Pathol. 2006 Jan;19(1):106-14.


Genetic and epigenetic alterations of the PTEN gene in soft tissue sarcomas.

Kawaguchi K, Oda Y, Saito T, Takahira T, Yamamoto H, Tamiya S, Iwamoto Y, Tsuneyoshi M.

Hum Pathol. 2005 Apr;36(4):357-63.


Mutational analysis of p53 and PTEN in soft tissue sarcoma.

Yin L, Liu CX, Nong WX, Chen YZ, Qi Y, Li HA, Hu WH, Sun K, Li F.

Mol Med Rep. 2012 Feb;5(2):457-61. doi: 10.3892/mmr.2011.660. Epub 2011 Nov 2.


Aberrant CpG island methylation of PTEN is an early event in nasopharyngeal carcinoma and a potential diagnostic biomarker.

Li J, Gong P, Lyu X, Yao K, Li X, Peng H.

Oncol Rep. 2014 May;31(5):2206-12. doi: 10.3892/or.2014.3061. Epub 2014 Mar 5.


Correlations of telomere length, P53 mutation, and chromosomal translocation in soft tissue sarcomas.

Liu C, Li B, Li L, Zhang H, Chen Y, Cui X, Hu J, Jiang J, Qi Y, Li F.

Int J Clin Exp Pathol. 2015 May 1;8(5):5666-73. eCollection 2015.


Altered transcription and expression of PTEN in breast tumors: is it regulated by hypermethylation?

Shetty PJ, Pasupuleti N, Chava S, Nasaruddin K, Hasan Q.

Breast Dis. 2011;33(1):27-33. doi: 10.3233/BD-2010-0312.


Effects of PTEN gene alteration in patients with gallbladder cancer.

Ali A, Mishra PK, Sharma S, Arora A, Saluja SS.

Cancer Genet. 2015 Dec;208(12):587-94. doi: 10.1016/j.cancergen.2015.09.007. Epub 2015 Sep 28.


PTEN/MMAC1 gene mutation is a rare event in soft tissue sarcomas without specific balanced translocations.

Saito T, Oda Y, Kawaguchi K, Takahira T, Yamamoto H, Tamiya S, Tanaka K, Matsuda S, Sakamoto A, Iwamoto Y, Tsuneyoshi M.

Int J Cancer. 2003 Mar 20;104(2):175-8.


PTEN hypermethylation profiles of Chinese Kazakh patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.

Pan QF, Li WT, Dong HC, Chen YZ, Yin L, Liu W, Wang WW, Liu D, Li SG, Gu WY, Chen JZ, Yang L, Zhang WJ, Li F.

Dis Esophagus. 2014 May-Jun;27(4):396-402. doi: 10.1111/dote.12106. Epub 2013 Aug 27.


PTEN expression and methylation status in oral squamous cell carcinoma.

Kurasawa Y, Shiiba M, Nakamura M, Fushimi K, Ishigami T, Bukawa H, Yokoe H, Uzawa K, Tanzawa H.

Oncol Rep. 2008 Jun;19(6):1429-34.


Association of sporadic breast cancer with PTEN/MMAC1/TEP1 promoter hypermethylation.

Sadeq V, Isar N, Manoochehr T.

Med Oncol. 2011 Jun;28(2):420-3. doi: 10.1007/s12032-010-9473-8. Epub 2010 Mar 17.


Integrative DNA methylation and gene expression analysis in high-grade soft tissue sarcomas.

Renner M, Wolf T, Meyer H, Hartmann W, Penzel R, Ulrich A, Lehner B, Hovestadt V, Czwan E, Egerer G, Schmitt T, Alldinger I, Renker EK, Ehemann V, Eils R, Wardelmann E, Büttner R, Lichter P, Brors B, Schirmacher P, Mechtersheimer G.

Genome Biol. 2013 Dec 17;14(12):r137. doi: 10.1186/gb-2013-14-12-r137.


Methylation profile of TP53 regulatory pathway and mtDNA alterations in breast cancer patients lacking TP53 mutations.

Barekati Z, Radpour R, Kohler C, Zhang B, Toniolo P, Lenner P, Lv Q, Zheng H, Zhong XY.

Hum Mol Genet. 2010 Aug 1;19(15):2936-46. doi: 10.1093/hmg/ddq199. Epub 2010 May 12.


CpG hypermethylation contributes to decreased expression of PTEN during acquired resistance to gefitinib in human lung cancer cell lines.

Maeda M, Murakami Y, Watari K, Kuwano M, Izumi H, Ono M.

Lung Cancer. 2015 Mar;87(3):265-71. doi: 10.1016/j.lungcan.2015.01.009. Epub 2015 Jan 20.


Infrequent hypermethylation of the PTEN gene in Korean non-small-cell lung cancers.

Kim DS, Lee SM, Yoon GS, Choi JE, Park JY.

Cancer Sci. 2010 Feb;101(2):568-72. doi: 10.1111/j.1349-7006.2009.01406.x.


SMARCB1 protein and mRNA loss is not caused by promoter and histone hypermethylation in epithelioid sarcoma.

Papp G, Changchien YC, Péterfia B, Pecsenka L, Krausz T, Stricker TP, Khoor A, Donner L, Sápi Z.

Mod Pathol. 2013 Mar;26(3):393-403. doi: 10.1038/modpathol.2012.190. Epub 2012 Nov 23.


Frequent aberrant DNA methylation of ABCB1, FOXC1, PPP2R2B and PTEN in ductal carcinoma in situ and early invasive breast cancer.

Muggerud AA, Rønneberg JA, Wärnberg F, Botling J, Busato F, Jovanovic J, Solvang H, Bukholm I, Børresen-Dale AL, Kristensen VN, Sørlie T, Tost J.

Breast Cancer Res. 2010;12(1):R3. doi: 10.1186/bcr2466. Epub 2010 Jan 7.

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