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The magnitude of HIV-1 resistance to the CCR5 antagonist maraviroc may impart a differential alteration in HIV-1 tropism for macrophages and T-cell subsets.

Flynn JK, Paukovics G, Moore MS, Ellett A, Gray LR, Duncan R, Salimi H, Jubb B, Westby M, Purcell DF, Lewin SR, Lee B, Churchill MJ, Gorry PR, Roche M.

Virology. 2013 Jul 20;442(1):51-8. doi: 10.1016/j.virol.2013.03.026. Epub 2013 Apr 17.


HIV-1 escape from the CCR5 antagonist maraviroc associated with an altered and less-efficient mechanism of gp120-CCR5 engagement that attenuates macrophage tropism.

Roche M, Jakobsen MR, Sterjovski J, Ellett A, Posta F, Lee B, Jubb B, Westby M, Lewin SR, Ramsland PA, Churchill MJ, Gorry PR.

J Virol. 2011 May;85(9):4330-42. doi: 10.1128/JVI.00106-11. Epub 2011 Feb 23.


Reduced maximal inhibition in phenotypic susceptibility assays indicates that viral strains resistant to the CCR5 antagonist maraviroc utilize inhibitor-bound receptor for entry.

Westby M, Smith-Burchnell C, Mori J, Lewis M, Mosley M, Stockdale M, Dorr P, Ciaramella G, Perros M.

J Virol. 2007 Mar;81(5):2359-71. Epub 2006 Dec 20.


HIV-1 predisposed to acquiring resistance to maraviroc (MVC) and other CCR5 antagonists in vitro has an inherent, low-level ability to utilize MVC-bound CCR5 for entry.

Roche M, Jakobsen MR, Ellett A, Salimiseyedabad H, Jubb B, Westby M, Lee B, Lewin SR, Churchill MJ, Gorry PR.

Retrovirology. 2011 Nov 7;8:89. doi: 10.1186/1742-4690-8-89.


A common mechanism of clinical HIV-1 resistance to the CCR5 antagonist maraviroc despite divergent resistance levels and lack of common gp120 resistance mutations.

Roche M, Salimi H, Duncan R, Wilkinson BL, Chikere K, Moore MS, Webb NE, Zappi H, Sterjovski J, Flynn JK, Ellett A, Gray LR, Lee B, Jubb B, Westby M, Ramsland PA, Lewin SR, Payne RJ, Churchill MJ, Gorry PR.

Retrovirology. 2013 Apr 20;10:43. doi: 10.1186/1742-4690-10-43.


A maraviroc-resistant HIV-1 with narrow cross-resistance to other CCR5 antagonists depends on both N-terminal and extracellular loop domains of drug-bound CCR5.

Tilton JC, Wilen CB, Didigu CA, Sinha R, Harrison JE, Agrawal-Gamse C, Henning EA, Bushman FD, Martin JN, Deeks SG, Doms RW.

J Virol. 2010 Oct;84(20):10863-76. doi: 10.1128/JVI.01109-10. Epub 2010 Aug 11.


[Mechanisms of resistance and failure of treatment with maraviroc].

Delgado R.

Enferm Infecc Microbiol Clin. 2008 Oct;26 Suppl 11:28-33. Review. Spanish.


Frequency and Env determinants of HIV-1 subtype C strains from antiretroviral therapy-naive subjects that display incomplete inhibition by maraviroc.

Borm K, Jakobsen MR, Cashin K, Flynn JK, Ellenberg P, Ostergaard L, Lee B, Churchill MJ, Roche M, Gorry PR.

Retrovirology. 2016 Nov 3;13(1):74.


HIV-1 resistance to CCR5 antagonists associated with highly efficient use of CCR5 and altered tropism on primary CD4+ T cells.

Pfaff JM, Wilen CB, Harrison JE, Demarest JF, Lee B, Doms RW, Tilton JC.

J Virol. 2010 Jul;84(13):6505-14. doi: 10.1128/JVI.00374-10. Epub 2010 Apr 21.


Transmitted/founder and chronic HIV-1 envelope proteins are distinguished by differential utilization of CCR5.

Parker ZF, Iyer SS, Wilen CB, Parrish NF, Chikere KC, Lee FH, Didigu CA, Berro R, Klasse PJ, Lee B, Moore JP, Shaw GM, Hahn BH, Doms RW.

J Virol. 2013 Mar;87(5):2401-11. doi: 10.1128/JVI.02964-12. Epub 2012 Dec 26.


Primary genotypic resistance of HIV-1 to CCR5 antagonists in CCR5 antagonist treatment-naive patients.

Soulié C, Malet I, Lambert-Niclot S, Tubiana R, Thévenin M, Simon A, Murphy R, Katlama C, Calvez V, Marcelin AG.

AIDS. 2008 Oct 18;22(16):2212-4. doi: 10.1097/QAD.0b013e328313bf9c.


A single-residue change in the HIV-1 V3 loop associated with maraviroc resistance impairs CCR5 binding affinity while increasing replicative capacity.

Garcia-Perez J, Staropoli I, Azoulay S, Heinrich JT, Cascajero A, Colin P, Lortat-Jacob H, Arenzana-Seisdedos F, Alcami J, Kellenberger E, Lagane B.

Retrovirology. 2015 Jun 18;12:50. doi: 10.1186/s12977-015-0177-1.


In vitro effect of anti-human immunodeficiency virus CCR5 antagonist maraviroc on chemotactic activity of monocytes, macrophages and dendritic cells.

Rossi R, Lichtner M, De Rosa A, Sauzullo I, Mengoni F, Massetti AP, Mastroianni CM, Vullo V.

Clin Exp Immunol. 2011 Nov;166(2):184-90. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2249.2011.04409.x.


[Conclusions and perspectives. Maraviroc].

Alcamí J.

Enferm Infecc Microbiol Clin. 2008 Oct;26 Suppl 11:49-54. Review. Spanish.


Macrophage-tropic HIV and SIV envelope proteins induce a signal through the CCR5 chemokine receptor.

Weissman D, Rabin RL, Arthos J, Rubbert A, Dybul M, Swofford R, Venkatesan S, Farber JM, Fauci AS.

Nature. 1997 Oct 30;389(6654):981-5.


Use of G-protein-coupled and -uncoupled CCR5 receptors by CCR5 inhibitor-resistant and -sensitive human immunodeficiency virus type 1 variants.

Berro R, Yasmeen A, Abrol R, Trzaskowski B, Abi-Habib S, Grunbeck A, Lascano D, Goddard WA 3rd, Klasse PJ, Sakmar TP, Moore JP.

J Virol. 2013 Jun;87(12):6569-81. doi: 10.1128/JVI.00099-13. Epub 2013 Mar 6.


T-cell changes after a short-term exposure to maraviroc in HIV-infected patients are related to antiviral activity.

Pulido I, Machmach K, Romero-Sánchez MC, Genebat M, Mendez-Lagares G, Ruiz-Mateos E, Leal M.

J Infect. 2012 Apr;64(4):417-23. doi: 10.1016/j.jinf.2011.12.017. Epub 2011 Dec 29.


Effect of maraviroc on HIV disease progression-related biomarkers.

Romero-Sánchez MC, Machmach K, Gonzalez-Serna A, Genebat M, Pulido I, García-García M, Alvarez-Ríos AI, Ferrando-Martinez S, Ruiz-Mateos E, Leal M.

Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2012 Nov;56(11):5858-64. doi: 10.1128/AAC.01406-12. Epub 2012 Sep 4.


An altered and more efficient mechanism of CCR5 engagement contributes to macrophage tropism of CCR5-using HIV-1 envelopes.

Sterjovski J, Roche M, Churchill MJ, Ellett A, Farrugia W, Gray LR, Cowley D, Poumbourios P, Lee B, Wesselingh SL, Cunningham AL, Ramsland PA, Gorry PR.

Virology. 2010 Sep 1;404(2):269-78. doi: 10.1016/j.virol.2010.05.006. Epub 2010 Jun 8.

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