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Comparison of drug and cell-based delivery: engineered adult mesenchymal stem cells expressing soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor II prevent arthritis in mouse and rat animal models.

Liu LN, Wang G, Hendricks K, Lee K, Bohnlein E, Junker U, Mosca JD.

Stem Cells Transl Med. 2013 May;2(5):362-75. doi: 10.5966/sctm.2012-0135. Epub 2013 Apr 16.


Soluble human p55 and p75 tumor necrosis factor receptors reverse spontaneous arthritis in transgenic mice expressing transmembrane tumor necrosis factor alpha.

Edwards CK 3rd, Bendele AM, Reznikov LI, Fantuzzi G, Chlipala ES, Li L, Moldawer LL, Mountz JD, Li YY, Dinarello CA.

Arthritis Rheum. 2006 Sep;54(9):2872-85.


Therapeutic potential of human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Liu Y, Mu R, Wang S, Long L, Liu X, Li R, Sun J, Guo J, Zhang X, Guo J, Yu P, Li C, Liu X, Huang Z, Wang D, Li H, Gu Z, Liu B, Li Z.

Arthritis Res Ther. 2010;12(6):R210. doi: 10.1186/ar3187. Epub 2010 Nov 16.


Protection against cartilage and bone destruction by systemic interleukin-4 treatment in established murine type II collagen-induced arthritis.

Joosten LA, Lubberts E, Helsen MM, Saxne T, Coenen-de Roo CJ, Heinegård D, van den Berg WB.

Arthritis Res. 1999;1(1):81-91. Epub 1999 Oct 26.


RANKL inhibition by osteoprotegerin prevents bone loss without affecting local or systemic inflammation parameters in two rat arthritis models: comparison with anti-TNFalpha or anti-IL-1 therapies.

Stolina M, Schett G, Dwyer D, Vonderfecht S, Middleton S, Duryea D, Pacheco E, Van G, Bolon B, Feige U, Zack D, Kostenuik P.

Arthritis Res Ther. 2009;11(6):R187. doi: 10.1186/ar2879. Epub 2009 Dec 11.


Treatment of Collagen-Induced Arthritis Using Immune Modulatory Properties of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells.

Park KH, Mun CH, Kang MI, Lee SW, Lee SK, Park YB.

Cell Transplant. 2016;25(6):1057-72. doi: 10.3727/096368915X687949. Epub 2015 Apr 7.


Electro-gene therapy of collagen-induced arthritis by using an expression plasmid for the soluble p75 tumor necrosis factor receptor-Fc fusion protein.

Kim JM, Ho SH, Hahn W, Jeong JG, Park EJ, Lee HJ, Yu SS, Lee CS, Lee YW, Kim S.

Gene Ther. 2003 Aug;10(15):1216-24.


Human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells suppress spinal inflammation in mice with contribution of pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP).

Tsumuraya T, Ohtaki H, Song D, Sato A, Watanabe J, Hiraizumi Y, Nakamachi T, Xu Z, Dohi K, Hashimoto H, Atsumi T, Shioda S.

J Neuroinflammation. 2015 Feb 22;12:35. doi: 10.1186/s12974-015-0252-5.


Blockade of the interleukin-21/interleukin-21 receptor pathway ameliorates disease in animal models of rheumatoid arthritis.

Young DA, Hegen M, Ma HL, Whitters MJ, Albert LM, Lowe L, Senices M, Wu PW, Sibley B, Leathurby Y, Brown TP, Nickerson-Nutter C, Keith JC Jr, Collins M.

Arthritis Rheum. 2007 Apr;56(4):1152-63.


Genetically engineered mesenchymal stromal cells producing TNFα have tumour suppressing effect on human melanoma xenograft.

Tyciakova S, Matuskova M, Bohovic R, Polakova K, Toro L, Skolekova S, Kucerova L.

J Gene Med. 2015 Jan-Feb;17(1-2):54-67. doi: 10.1002/jgm.2823.


IL-6-dependent PGE2 secretion by mesenchymal stem cells inhibits local inflammation in experimental arthritis.

Bouffi C, Bony C, Courties G, Jorgensen C, Noël D.

PLoS One. 2010 Dec 7;5(12):e14247. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0014247.


Dual-targeted antitumor effects against brainstem glioma by intravenous delivery of tumor necrosis factor-related, apoptosis-inducing, ligand-engineered human mesenchymal stem cells.

Yang B, Wu X, Mao Y, Bao W, Gao L, Zhou P, Xie R, Zhou L, Zhu J.

Neurosurgery. 2009 Sep;65(3):610-24; discussion 624. doi: 10.1227/01.NEU.0000350227.61132.A7.


Early intervention with gene-modified mesenchymal stem cells overexpressing interleukin-4 enhances anti-inflammatory responses and functional recovery in experimental autoimmune demyelination.

Payne NL, Dantanarayana A, Sun G, Moussa L, Caine S, McDonald C, Herszfeld D, Bernard CC, Siatskas C.

Cell Adh Migr. 2012 May-Jun;6(3):179-89. doi: 10.4161/cam.20341. Epub 2012 May 1.


Human umbilical cord blood-stem cells direct macrophage polarization and block inflammasome activation to alleviate rheumatoid arthritis.

Shin TH, Kim HS, Kang TW, Lee BC, Lee HY, Kim YJ, Shin JH, Seo Y, Won Choi S, Lee S, Shin K, Seo KW, Kang KS.

Cell Death Dis. 2016 Dec 22;7(12):e2524. doi: 10.1038/cddis.2016.442.


Murine analogues of etanercept and of F8-IL10 inhibit the progression of collagen-induced arthritis in the mouse.

Doll F, Schwager K, Hemmerle T, Neri D.

Arthritis Res Ther. 2013 Sep 27;15(5):R138. doi: 10.1186/ar4319.


Noninvasive MRI and multilineage differentiation capability of ferritin-transduced human mesenchymal stem cells.

Kim HS, Woo J, Choi Y, Hwang EH, Choi SK, Cho KW, Moon WK.

NMR Biomed. 2015 Feb;28(2):168-79. doi: 10.1002/nbm.3236. Epub 2014 Dec 1.


Therapeutic effect of TSG-6 engineered iPSC-derived MSCs on experimental periodontitis in rats: a pilot study.

Yang H, Aprecio RM, Zhou X, Wang Q, Zhang W, Ding Y, Li Y.

PLoS One. 2014 Jun 30;9(6):e100285. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0100285. eCollection 2014.


Preventive Effect of a Novel Recombinant sTNFRII on Collagen-Induced Arthritis.

Luo M, Zhao A, Gao H, He L, Guo Y, Tian D, Liu Y, Chen L, Liu P, Hu Z, Gao J.

Immunol Invest. 2015;44(5):470-81. doi: 10.3109/08820139.2015.1030758.


Human multipotent stromal cells attenuate lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury in mice via secretion of tumor necrosis factor-α-induced protein 6.

Danchuk S, Ylostalo JH, Hossain F, Sorge R, Ramsey A, Bonvillain RW, Lasky JA, Bunnell BA, Welsh DA, Prockop DJ, Sullivan DE.

Stem Cell Res Ther. 2011 May 13;2(3):27. doi: 10.1186/scrt68.

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