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A Wnt-bmp feedback circuit controls intertissue signaling dynamics in tooth organogenesis.

O'Connell DJ, Ho JW, Mammoto T, Turbe-Doan A, O'Connell JT, Haseley PS, Koo S, Kamiya N, Ingber DE, Park PJ, Maas RL.

Sci Signal. 2012 Jan 10;5(206):ra4. doi: 10.1126/scisignal.2002414.


A new function of BMP4: dual role for BMP4 in regulation of Sonic hedgehog expression in the mouse tooth germ.

Zhang Y, Zhang Z, Zhao X, Yu X, Hu Y, Geronimo B, Fromm SH, Chen YP.

Development. 2000 Apr;127(7):1431-43.


TNF signaling via the ligand-receptor pair ectodysplasin and edar controls the function of epithelial signaling centers and is regulated by Wnt and activin during tooth organogenesis.

Laurikkala J, Mikkola M, Mustonen T, Aberg T, Koppinen P, Pispa J, Nieminen P, Galceran J, Grosschedl R, Thesleff I.

Dev Biol. 2001 Jan 15;229(2):443-55.


Msx1 controls inductive signaling in mammalian tooth morphogenesis.

Chen Y, Bei M, Woo I, Satokata I, Maas R.

Development. 1996 Oct;122(10):3035-44.


FGF4, a direct target of LEF1 and Wnt signaling, can rescue the arrest of tooth organogenesis in Lef1(-/-) mice.

Kratochwil K, Galceran J, Tontsch S, Roth W, Grosschedl R.

Genes Dev. 2002 Dec 15;16(24):3173-85.


Lrp4: A novel modulator of extracellular signaling in craniofacial organogenesis.

Ohazama A, Porntaveetus T, Ota MS, Herz J, Sharpe PT.

Am J Med Genet A. 2010 Dec;152A(12):2974-83. doi: 10.1002/ajmg.a.33372. Review.


A network of Wnt, hedgehog and BMP signaling pathways regulates tooth replacement in snakes.

Handrigan GR, Richman JM.

Dev Biol. 2010 Dec 1;348(1):130-41. doi: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2010.09.003. Epub 2010 Sep 16.


The non-canonical BMP and Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathways orchestrate early tooth development.

Yuan G, Yang G, Zheng Y, Zhu X, Chen Z, Zhang Z, Chen Y.

Development. 2015 Jan 1;142(1):128-39. doi: 10.1242/dev.117887. Epub 2014 Nov 26.


Epithelial-mesenchymal interactions are required for msx 1 and msx 2 gene expression in the developing murine molar tooth.

Jowett AK, Vainio S, Ferguson MW, Sharpe PT, Thesleff I.

Development. 1993 Feb;117(2):461-70.


Effects of BMP-7 on mouse tooth mesenchyme and chick mandibular mesenchyme.

Wang YH, Rutherford B, Upholt WB, Mina M.

Dev Dyn. 1999 Dec;216(4-5):320-35.


Induction of ureter branching as a response to Wnt-2b signaling during early kidney organogenesis.

Lin Y, Liu A, Zhang S, Ruusunen T, Kreidberg JA, Peltoketo H, Drummond I, Vainio S.

Dev Dyn. 2001 Sep;222(1):26-39.


Associations of FGF-3 and FGF-10 with signaling networks regulating tooth morphogenesis.

Kettunen P, Laurikkala J, Itäranta P, Vainio S, Itoh N, Thesleff I.

Dev Dyn. 2000 Nov;219(3):322-32.


Tinkering with the inductive mesenchyme: Sostdc1 uncovers the role of dental mesenchyme in limiting tooth induction.

Munne PM, Tummers M, Järvinen E, Thesleff I, Jernvall J.

Development. 2009 Feb;136(3):393-402. doi: 10.1242/dev.025064.


Epiprofin/Sp6 regulates Wnt-BMP signaling and the establishment of cellular junctions during the bell stage of tooth development.

Ibarretxe G, Aurrekoetxea M, Crende O, Badiola I, Jimenez-Rojo L, Nakamura T, Yamada Y, Unda F.

Cell Tissue Res. 2012 Oct;350(1):95-107. doi: 10.1007/s00441-012-1459-8. Epub 2012 Aug 7.


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