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Phase I/IIa trial of autologous formalin-fixed tumor vaccine concomitant with fractionated radiotherapy for newly diagnosed glioblastoma. Clinical article.

Muragaki Y, Maruyama T, Iseki H, Tanaka M, Shinohara C, Takakura K, Tsuboi K, Yamamoto T, Matsumura A, Matsutani M, Karasawa K, Shimada K, Yamaguchi N, Nakazato Y, Sato K, Uemae Y, Ohno T, Okada Y, Hori T.

J Neurosurg. 2011 Aug;115(2):248-55. doi: 10.3171/2011.4.JNS10377. Erratum in: J Neurosurg. 2013 Mar;118(3):709.


Phase I/IIa trial of fractionated radiotherapy, temozolomide, and autologous formalin-fixed tumor vaccine for newly diagnosed glioblastoma.

Ishikawa E, Muragaki Y, Yamamoto T, Maruyama T, Tsuboi K, Ikuta S, Hashimoto K, Uemae Y, Ishihara T, Matsuda M, Matsutani M, Karasawa K, Nakazato Y, Abe T, Ohno T, Matsumura A.

J Neurosurg. 2014 Sep;121(3):543-53. doi: 10.3171/2014.5.JNS132392.


Clinical trial of autologous formalin-fixed tumor vaccine for glioblastoma multiforme patients.

Ishikawa E, Tsuboi K, Yamamoto T, Muroi A, Takano S, Enomoto T, Matsumura A, Ohno T.

Cancer Sci. 2007 Aug;98(8):1226-33.


Integration of autologous dendritic cell-based immunotherapy in the standard of care treatment for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma: results of the HGG-2006 phase I/II trial.

Ardon H, Van Gool SW, Verschuere T, Maes W, Fieuws S, Sciot R, Wilms G, Demaerel P, Goffin J, Van Calenbergh F, Menten J, Clement P, Debiec-Rychter M, De Vleeschouwer S.

Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2012 Nov;61(11):2033-44. doi: 10.1007/s00262-012-1261-1.


Adjuvant immunotherapy with whole-cell lysate dendritic cells vaccine for glioblastoma multiforme: a phase II clinical trial.

Cho DY, Yang WK, Lee HC, Hsu DM, Lin HL, Lin SZ, Chen CC, Harn HJ, Liu CL, Lee WY, Ho LH.

World Neurosurg. 2012 May-Jun;77(5-6):736-44. doi: 10.1016/j.wneu.2011.08.020.


Prospective trial of gross-total resection with Gliadel wafers followed by early postoperative Gamma Knife radiosurgery and conformal fractionated radiotherapy as the initial treatment for patients with radiographically suspected, newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme.

Smith KA, Ashby LS, Gonzalez LF, Brachman DG, Thomas T, Coons SW, Battaglia M, Scheck A.

J Neurosurg. 2008 Dec;109 Suppl:106-17. doi: 10.3171/JNS/2008/109/12/S17. Erratum in: J Neurosurg. 2009 Jun;110(6):1323-4. J Neurosurg. 2009 Sep;111(3):639. Gonzalez, Fernando [corrected to Gonzales, L Fernando].


Prognostic factors in glioblastoma multiforme patients receiving high-dose particle radiotherapy or conventional radiotherapy.

Matsuda M, Yamamoto T, Ishikawa E, Nakai K, Zaboronok A, Takano S, Matsumura A.

Br J Radiol. 2011 Dec;84 Spec No 1:S54-60. doi: 10.1259/bjr/29022270.


Phase II clinical trial of Wilms tumor 1 peptide vaccination for patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme.

Izumoto S, Tsuboi A, Oka Y, Suzuki T, Hashiba T, Kagawa N, Hashimoto N, Maruno M, Elisseeva OA, Shirakata T, Kawakami M, Oji Y, Nishida S, Ohno S, Kawase I, Hatazawa J, Nakatsuka S, Aozasa K, Morita S, Sakamoto J, Sugiyama H, Yoshimine T.

J Neurosurg. 2008 May;108(5):963-71. doi: 10.3171/JNS/2008/108/5/0963.


Integration of autologous dendritic cell-based immunotherapy in the primary treatment for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme: a pilot study.

Ardon H, Van Gool S, Lopes IS, Maes W, Sciot R, Wilms G, Demaerel P, Bijttebier P, Claes L, Goffin J, Van Calenbergh F, De Vleeschouwer S.

J Neurooncol. 2010 Sep;99(2):261-72. doi: 10.1007/s11060-010-0131-y.


Phase III trial of accelerated hyperfractionation with or without difluromethylornithine (DFMO) versus standard fractionated radiotherapy with or without DFMO for newly diagnosed patients with glioblastoma multiforme.

Prados MD, Wara WM, Sneed PK, McDermott M, Chang SM, Rabbitt J, Page M, Malec M, Davis RL, Gutin PH, Lamborn K, Wilson CB, Phillips TL, Larson DA.

Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2001 Jan 1;49(1):71-7.


Pathological changes after autologous formalin-fixed tumor vaccine therapy combined with temozolomide for glioblastoma - three case reports - .

Sakamoto N, Ishikawa E, Yamamoto T, Satomi K, Nakai K, Sato M, Enomoto T, Morishita Y, Takano S, Ohno T, Tsuboi K, Matsumura A.

Neurol Med Chir (Tokyo). 2011;51(4):319-25.


Can irradiation of potential cancer stem-cell niche in the subventricular zone influence survival in patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma?

Gupta T, Nair V, Paul SN, Kannan S, Moiyadi A, Epari S, Jalali R.

J Neurooncol. 2012 Aug;109(1):195-203. doi: 10.1007/s11060-012-0887-3.


Phase II randomized trial of autologous formalin-fixed tumor vaccine for postsurgical recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma.

Kuang M, Peng BG, Lu MD, Liang LJ, Huang JF, He Q, Hua YP, Totsuka S, Liu SQ, Leong KW, Ohno T.

Clin Cancer Res. 2004 Mar 1;10(5):1574-9.


Contribution of low-molecular weight heparin addition to concomitant chemoradiotherapy in the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme.

Zincircioglu SB, Kaplan MA, Isikdogan A, Cil T, Karadayi B, Dirier A, Kucukoner M, Inal A, Yildiz I, Aggil F, Donmez O, Urakci Z, Pekkolay Z, Firat U.

J BUON. 2012 Jan-Mar;17(1):124-7.


Preoperative hyperfractionated chemoradiation for locally recurrent rectal cancer in patients previously irradiated to the pelvis: A multicentric phase II study.

Valentini V, Morganti AG, Gambacorta MA, Mohiuddin M, Doglietto GB, Coco C, De Paoli A, Rossi C, Di Russo A, Valvo F, Bolzicco G, Dalla Palma M; Study Group for Therapies of Rectal Malignancies (STORM)..

Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2006 Mar 15;64(4):1129-39.


Human umbilical vein endothelial cell vaccine therapy in patients with recurrent glioblastoma.

Tanaka M, Tsuno NH, Fujii T, Todo T, Saito N, Takahashi K.

Cancer Sci. 2013 Feb;104(2):200-5. doi: 10.1111/cas.12055.


Long-term outcome of patients with WHO Grade III and IV gliomas treated by fractionated intracavitary radioimmunotherapy.

Reulen HJ, Poepperl G, Goetz C, Gildehaus FJ, Schmidt M, Tatsch K, Pietsch T, Kraus T, Rachinger W.

J Neurosurg. 2015 Sep;123(3):760-70. doi: 10.3171/2014.12.JNS142168.


Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS): treatment option for recurrent glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

Combs SE, Widmer V, Thilmann C, Hof H, Debus J, Schulz-Ertner D.

Cancer. 2005 Nov 15;104(10):2168-73.

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