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Medication and finance management among HIV-infected adults: the impact of age and cognition.

Thames AD, Kim MS, Becker BW, Foley JM, Hines LJ, Singer EJ, Heaton RK, Castellon SA, Hinkin CH.

J Clin Exp Neuropsychol. 2011 Feb;33(2):200-9. doi: 10.1080/13803395.2010.499357. Epub 2010 Aug 6.


The impact of neuropsychological performance on everyday functioning between older and younger adults with and without HIV.

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The impact of HIV-associated neuropsychological impairment on everyday functioning.

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The relationship between age and cognitive function in HIV-infected men.

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Medication adherence in HIV-infected adults: effect of patient age, cognitive status, and substance abuse.

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AIDS. 2004 Jan 1;18 Suppl 1:S19-25.


Intra-individual neurocognitive variability confers risk of dependence in activities of daily living among HIV-seropositive individuals without HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders.

Morgan EE, Woods SP, Grant I; HIV Neurobehavioral Research Program (HNRP) Group.

Arch Clin Neuropsychol. 2012 May;27(3):293-303. doi: 10.1093/arclin/acs003. Epub 2012 Feb 15.


A comparison of performance-based measures of function in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders.

Gandhi NS, Skolasky RL, Peters KB, Moxley RT 4th, Creighton J, Roosa HV, Selnes OA, McArthur J, Sacktor N.

J Neurovirol. 2011 Apr;17(2):159-65. doi: 10.1007/s13365-011-0023-8. Epub 2011 Mar 25.


A comparison of medication management between older and younger adults living with HIV.

Frain J, Barton-Burke M, Bachman J, King MD, Klebert M, Hsueh KH, Frain M.

J Assoc Nurses AIDS Care. 2014 Sep-Oct;25(5):414-26. doi: 10.1016/j.jana.2013.11.006. Epub 2014 Feb 20.


Cognitive correlates of functional performance in older adults: comparison of self-report, direct observation, and performance-based measures.

Schmitter-Edgecombe M, Parsey C, Cook DJ.

J Int Neuropsychol Soc. 2011 Sep;17(5):853-64. doi: 10.1017/S1355617711000865. Epub 2011 Jun 27.


Neurocognitive consequences of HIV infection in older adults: an evaluation of the "cortical" hypothesis.

Scott JC, Woods SP, Carey CL, Weber E, Bondi MW, Grant I; HIV Neurobehavioral Research Center (HNRC) Group.

AIDS Behav. 2011 Aug;15(6):1187-96. doi: 10.1007/s10461-010-9815-8.


Successful cognitive aging in persons living with HIV infection.

Malaspina L, Woods SP, Moore DJ, Depp C, Letendre SL, Jeste D, Grant I; HIV Neurobehavioral Research Programs (HNRP) Group.

J Neurovirol. 2011 Feb;17(1):110-9. doi: 10.1007/s13365-010-0008-z. Epub 2010 Nov 30.


Aging, neurocognition, and medication adherence in HIV infection.

Ettenhofer ML, Hinkin CH, Castellon SA, Durvasula R, Ullman J, Lam M, Myers H, Wright MJ, Foley J.

Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2009 Apr;17(4):281-90. doi: 10.1097/JGP.0b013e31819431bd.


The neuropsychology of HIV/AIDS in older adults.

Hardy DJ, Vance DE.

Neuropsychol Rev. 2009 Jun;19(2):263-72. doi: 10.1007/s11065-009-9087-0. Epub 2009 Feb 27. Review.


Depression, cognition, and self-appraisal of functional abilities in HIV: an examination of subjective appraisal versus objective performance.

Thames AD, Becker BW, Marcotte TD, Hines LJ, Foley JM, Ramezani A, Singer EJ, Castellon SA, Heaton RK, Hinkin CH.

Clin Neuropsychol. 2011 Feb;25(2):224-43. doi: 10.1080/13854046.2010.539577.


The Effects of Age and HIV on Neuropsychological Performance.

Valcour V, Paul R, Neuhaus J, Shikuma C.

J Int Neuropsychol Soc. 2011 Jan;17(1):190-5. doi: 10.1017/S1355617710001438. Epub 2010 Dec 10.


Anthropometric measures and cognition in middle-aged HIV-infected and uninfected women. The Women's Interagency HIV Study.

Gustafson DR, Mielke MM, Tien PC, Valcour V, Cohen M, Anastos K, Liu C, Pearce L, Golub ET, Minkoff H, Crystal HA.

J Neurovirol. 2013 Dec;19(6):574-85. doi: 10.1007/s13365-013-0219-1. Epub 2013 Dec 12.


A neuropsychological investigation of multitasking in HIV infection: implications for everyday functioning.

Scott JC, Woods SP, Vigil O, Heaton RK, Schweinsburg BC, Ellis RJ, Grant I, Marcotte TD; San Diego HIV Neurobehavioral Research Center (HNRC) Group.

Neuropsychology. 2011 Jul;25(4):511-9. doi: 10.1037/a0022491.


Older individuals with HIV infection have greater memory deficits than younger individuals.

Tan IL, Smith BR, Hammond E, Vornbrock-Roosa H, Creighton J, Selnes O, McArthur JC, Sacktor N.

J Neurovirol. 2013 Dec;19(6):531-6.


Risky decision-making in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND).

Iudicello JE, Woods SP, Cattie JE, Doyle K, Grant I; HIV Neurobehavioral Research Program Group.

Clin Neuropsychol. 2013;27(2):256-75. doi: 10.1080/13854046.2012.740077. Epub 2012 Nov 26.


Cognitive functioning and driving simulator performance in middle-aged and older adults with HIV.

Vance DE, Fazeli PL, Ball DA, Slater LZ, Ross LA.

J Assoc Nurses AIDS Care. 2014 Mar-Apr;25(2):e11-26. doi: 10.1016/j.jana.2013.12.001.

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