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Specification of astrocytes by bHLH protein SCL in a restricted region of the neural tube.

Muroyama Y, Fujiwara Y, Orkin SH, Rowitch DH.

Nature. 2005 Nov 17;438(7066):360-3.


Induced expression of Olig2 is sufficient for oligodendrocyte specification but not for motoneuron specification and astrocyte repression.

Du ZW, Li XJ, Nguyen GD, Zhang SC.

Mol Cell Neurosci. 2006 Dec;33(4):371-80. Epub 2006 Oct 10.


Olig2-positive progenitors in the embryonic spinal cord give rise not only to motoneurons and oligodendrocytes, but also to a subset of astrocytes and ependymal cells.

Masahira N, Takebayashi H, Ono K, Watanabe K, Ding L, Furusho M, Ogawa Y, Nabeshima Y, Alvarez-Buylla A, Shimizu K, Ikenaka K.

Dev Biol. 2006 May 15;293(2):358-69. Epub 2006 Apr 3.


Oligodendrocyte and astrocyte development in rodents: an in situ and immunohistological analysis during embryonic development.

Liu Y, Wu Y, Lee JC, Xue H, Pevny LH, Kaprielian Z, Rao MS.

Glia. 2002 Oct;40(1):25-43.


Common developmental requirement for Olig function indicates a motor neuron/oligodendrocyte connection.

Lu QR, Sun T, Zhu Z, Ma N, Garcia M, Stiles CD, Rowitch DH.

Cell. 2002 Apr 5;109(1):75-86.


Olig bHLH proteins interact with homeodomain proteins to regulate cell fate acquisition in progenitors of the ventral neural tube.

Sun T, Echelard Y, Lu R, Yuk DI, Kaing S, Stiles CD, Rowitch DH.

Curr Biol. 2001 Sep 18;11(18):1413-20.


Evidence for motoneuron lineage-specific regulation of Olig2 in the vertebrate neural tube.

Sun T, Hafler BP, Kaing S, Kitada M, Ligon KL, Widlund HR, Yuk DI, Stiles CD, Rowitch DH.

Dev Biol. 2006 Apr 1;292(1):152-64. Epub 2006 Feb 8.


Ascl1 defines sequentially generated lineage-restricted neuronal and oligodendrocyte precursor cells in the spinal cord.

Battiste J, Helms AW, Kim EJ, Savage TK, Lagace DC, Mandyam CD, Eisch AJ, Miyoshi G, Johnson JE.

Development. 2007 Jan;134(2):285-93. Epub 2006 Dec 13.


Sox group E gene expression distinguishes different types and maturational stages of glial cells in developing chick and mouse.

Kordes U, Cheng YC, Scotting PJ.

Brain Res Dev Brain Res. 2005 Jun 30;157(2):209-13.


A regulatory network involving Foxn4, Mash1 and delta-like 4/Notch1 generates V2a and V2b spinal interneurons from a common progenitor pool.

Del Barrio MG, Taveira-Marques R, Muroyama Y, Yuk DI, Li S, Wines-Samuelson M, Shen J, Smith HK, Xiang M, Rowitch D, Richardson WD.

Development. 2007 Oct;134(19):3427-36. Epub 2007 Aug 29.


Sox9 and Sox10 influence survival and migration of oligodendrocyte precursors in the spinal cord by regulating PDGF receptor alpha expression.

Finzsch M, Stolt CC, Lommes P, Wegner M.

Development. 2008 Feb;135(4):637-46. doi: 10.1242/dev.010454. Epub 2008 Jan 9.


Progenitors of dorsal commissural interneurons are defined by MATH1 expression.

Helms AW, Johnson JE.

Development. 1998 Mar;125(5):919-28.


Olig gene function in CNS development and disease.

Ligon KL, Fancy SP, Franklin RJ, Rowitch DH.

Glia. 2006 Jul;54(1):1-10. Review.


A crucial role for Olig2 in white matter astrocyte development.

Cai J, Chen Y, Cai WH, Hurlock EC, Wu H, Kernie SG, Parada LF, Lu QR.

Development. 2007 May;134(10):1887-99. Epub 2007 Apr 11.


NG2 and Olig2 expression provides evidence for phenotypic deregulation of cultured central nervous system and peripheral nervous system neural precursor cells.

Dromard C, Bartolami S, Deleyrolle L, Takebayashi H, Ripoll C, Simonneau L, Prome S, Puech S, Tran VB, Duperray C, Valmier J, Privat A, Hugnot JP.

Stem Cells. 2007 Feb;25(2):340-53. Epub 2006 Oct 19.

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