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Selection of similar naive T cell repertoires but induction of distinct T cell responses by native and modified antigen.

Ria F, Gallard A, Gabaglia CR, Guéry JC, Sercarz EE, Adorini L.

J Immunol. 2004 Mar 15;172(6):3447-53.


Chronic soluble antigen sensitization primes a unique memory/effector T cell repertoire associated with th2 phenotype acquisition in vivo.

Foucras G, Gallard A, Coureau C, Kanellopoulos JM, Guéry JC.

J Immunol. 2002 Jan 1;168(1):179-87.


Following immunization antigen becomes concentrated in a limited number of APCs including B cells.

Byersdorfer CA, Dipaolo RJ, Petzold SJ, Unanue ER.

J Immunol. 2004 Dec 1;173(11):6627-34.


Antigen presentation by dendritic cells focuses T cell responses against immunodominant peptides: studies in the hen egg-white lysozyme (HEL) model.

Gapin L, Bravo de Alba Y, Casrouge A, Cabaniols JP, Kourilsky P, Kanellopoulos J.

J Immunol. 1998 Feb 15;160(4):1555-64.


GIF inhibits Th effector generation by acting on antigen-presenting B cells.

Sugie K, Huang J.

J Immunol. 2001 Apr 1;166(7):4473-80.


B cells capturing antigen conjugated with CpG oligodeoxynucleotides induce Th1 cells by elaborating IL-12.

Shirota H, Sano K, Hirasawa N, Terui T, Ohuchi K, Hattori T, Tamura G.

J Immunol. 2002 Jul 15;169(2):787-94.


Breakdown of tolerance to a neo-self antigen in double transgenic mice in which B cells present the antigen.

de Vos AF, Fukushima A, Lobanoff MC, Vistica BP, Lai JC, Grivel JC, Wawrousek EF, Whitcup SM, Gery I.

J Immunol. 2000 May 1;164(9):4594-600.


Processing and reactivity of T cell epitopes containing two cysteine residues from hen egg-white lysozyme (HEL74-90).

Kang HK, Mikszta JA, Deng H, Sercarz EE, Jensen PE, Kim BS.

J Immunol. 2000 Feb 15;164(4):1775-82.


CD8alpha+ and CD11b+ dendritic cell-restricted MHC class II controls Th1 CD4+ T cell immunity.

Lemos MP, Fan L, Lo D, Laufer TM.

J Immunol. 2003 Nov 15;171(10):5077-84. Erratum in: J Immunol. 2004 Jan 1;172(1):717.


IgE enhances antibody and T cell responses in vivo via CD23+ B cells.

Getahun A, Hjelm F, Heyman B.

J Immunol. 2005 Aug 1;175(3):1473-82.


Plasmacytoma-refractory BALB/cAnPt mice have naive T cell and highly specific B cell responses to antigen.

McDonald AH, Byrd LG, Mainhart CR, Sopher J, Smith-Gill SJ.

Mol Immunol. 1996 Oct;33(15):1183-96.


Mutant mouse lysozyme carrying a minimal T cell epitope of hen egg lysozyme evokes high autoantibody response.

Tsujihata Y, So T, Chijiiwa Y, Hashimoto Y, Hirata M, Ueda T, Imoto T.

J Immunol. 2000 Oct 1;165(7):3606-11.


Resting B lymphocytes as APC for naive T lymphocytes: dependence on CD40 ligand/CD40.

Evans DE, Munks MW, Purkerson JM, Parker DC.

J Immunol. 2000 Jan 15;164(2):688-97.


Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells inhibit the response of naive and memory antigen-specific T cells to their cognate peptide.

Krampera M, Glennie S, Dyson J, Scott D, Laylor R, Simpson E, Dazzi F.

Blood. 2003 May 1;101(9):3722-9. Epub 2002 Dec 27.

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