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Short-term effects of particulate air pollution on cardiovascular diseases in eight European cities.

Le Tertre A, Medina S, Samoli E, Forsberg B, Michelozzi P, Boumghar A, Vonk JM, Bellini A, Atkinson R, Ayres JG, Sunyer J, Schwartz J, Katsouyanni K.

J Epidemiol Community Health. 2002 Oct;56(10):773-9.


The association of daily sulfur dioxide air pollution levels with hospital admissions for cardiovascular diseases in Europe (The Aphea-II study).

Sunyer J, Ballester F, Tertre AL, Atkinson R, Ayres JG, Forastiere F, Forsberg B, Vonk JM, Bisanti L, Tenías JM, Medina S, Schwartz J, Katsouyanni K.

Eur Heart J. 2003 Apr;24(8):752-60.


Effects of long-term exposure to traffic-related air pollution on respiratory and cardiovascular mortality in the Netherlands: the NLCS-AIR study.

Brunekreef B, Beelen R, Hoek G, Schouten L, Bausch-Goldbohm S, Fischer P, Armstrong B, Hughes E, Jerrett M, van den Brandt P.

Res Rep Health Eff Inst. 2009 Mar;(139):5-71; discussion 73-89.


Urban air pollution and emergency admissions for asthma in four European cities: the APHEA Project.

Sunyer J, Spix C, Quénel P, Ponce-de-León A, Pönka A, Barumandzadeh T, Touloumi G, Bacharova L, Wojtyniak B, Vonk J, Bisanti L, Schwartz J, Katsouyanni K.

Thorax. 1997 Sep;52(9):760-5.


Short-term associations between fine and coarse particles and hospital admissions for cardiorespiratory diseases in six French cities.

Host S, Larrieu S, Pascal L, Blanchard M, Declercq C, Fabre P, Jusot JF, Chardon B, Le Tertre A, Wagner V, Prouvost H, Lefranc A.

Occup Environ Med. 2008 Aug;65(8):544-51. Epub 2007 Dec 4.


Air pollution and emergency hospital admissions for cardiovascular diseases in Valencia, Spain.

Ballester F, Tenías JM, Pérez-Hoyos S.

J Epidemiol Community Health. 2001 Jan;55(1):57-65.


A tale of two cities: effects of air pollution on hospital admissions in Hong Kong and London compared.

Wong CM, Atkinson RW, Anderson HR, Hedley AJ, Ma S, Chau PY, Lam TH.

Environ Health Perspect. 2002 Jan;110(1):67-77.


Short term effects of air pollution on hospitalizations for cardiovascular diseases in eight French cities: the PSAS program.

Larrieu S, Jusot JF, Blanchard M, Prouvost H, Declercq C, Fabre P, Pascal L, Tertre AL, Wagner V, Rivière S, Chardon B, Borrelli D, Cassadou S, Eilstein D, Lefranc A.

Sci Total Environ. 2007 Nov 15;387(1-3):105-12. Epub 2007 Aug 28.


Effects of air pollution on daily hospital admissions for respiratory disease in London between 1987-88 and 1991-92.

Ponce de Leon A, Anderson HR, Bland JM, Strachan DP, Bower J.

J Epidemiol Community Health. 1996 Apr;50 Suppl 1:s63-70.


Respiratory effects of sulphur dioxide: a hierarchical multicity analysis in the APHEA 2 study.

Sunyer J, Atkinson R, Ballester F, Le Tertre A, Ayres JG, Forastiere F, Forsberg B, Vonk JM, Bisanti L, Anderson RH, Schwartz J, Katsouyanni K; APHEA 2 study.

Occup Environ Med. 2003 Aug;60(8):e2.


Short-term associations between outdoor air pollution and mortality in London 1992-4.

Bremner SA, Anderson HR, Atkinson RW, McMichael AJ, Strachan DP, Bland JM, Bower JS.

Occup Environ Med. 1999 Apr;56(4):237-44.


Ambient air pollution is associated with increased risk of hospital cardiac readmissions of myocardial infarction survivors in five European cities.

von Klot S, Peters A, Aalto P, Bellander T, Berglind N, D'Ippoliti D, Elosua R, Hörmann A, Kulmala M, Lanki T, Löwel H, Pekkanen J, Picciotto S, Sunyer J, Forastiere F; Health Effects of Particles on Susceptible Subpopulations (HEAPSS) Study Group.

Circulation. 2005 Nov 15;112(20):3073-9. Erratum in: Circulation. 2006 Feb 7;113(5):e71.


Air pollution, pollens, and daily admissions for asthma in London 1987-92.

Anderson HR, Ponce de Leon A, Bland JM, Bower JS, Emberlin J, Strachan DP.

Thorax. 1998 Oct;53(10):842-8.


Confounding and effect modification in the short-term effects of ambient particles on total mortality: results from 29 European cities within the APHEA2 project.

Katsouyanni K, Touloumi G, Samoli E, Gryparis A, Le Tertre A, Monopolis Y, Rossi G, Zmirou D, Ballester F, Boumghar A, Anderson HR, Wojtyniak B, Paldy A, Braunstein R, Pekkanen J, Schindler C, Schwartz J.

Epidemiology. 2001 Sep;12(5):521-31.


Extended follow-up and spatial analysis of the American Cancer Society study linking particulate air pollution and mortality.

Krewski D, Jerrett M, Burnett RT, Ma R, Hughes E, Shi Y, Turner MC, Pope CA 3rd, Thurston G, Calle EE, Thun MJ, Beckerman B, DeLuca P, Finkelstein N, Ito K, Moore DK, Newbold KB, Ramsay T, Ross Z, Shin H, Tempalski B.

Res Rep Health Eff Inst. 2009 May;(140):5-114; discussion 115-36.


Short-term effects of ambient oxidant exposure on mortality: a combined analysis within the APHEA project. Air Pollution and Health: a European Approach.

Touloumi G, Katsouyanni K, Zmirou D, Schwartz J, Spix C, de Leon AP, Tobias A, Quennel P, Rabczenko D, Bacharova L, Bisanti L, Vonk JM, Ponka A.

Am J Epidemiol. 1997 Jul 15;146(2):177-85.


The effect of sandstorms and air pollution on cause-specific hospital admissions in Taipei, Taiwan.

Bell ML, Levy JK, Lin Z.

Occup Environ Med. 2008 Feb;65(2):104-11. Epub 2007 Jul 11.


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