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Hepatitis B virus X protein increases expression of p21(Cip-1/WAF1/MDA6) and p27(Kip-1) in primary mouse hepatocytes, leading to reduced cell cycle progression.

Qiao L, Leach K, McKinstry R, Gilfor D, Yacoub A, Park JS, Grant S, Hylemon PB, Fisher PB, Dent P.

Hepatology. 2001 Nov;34(5):906-17.


Hepatitis B virus X protein differentially regulates cell cycle progression in X-transforming versus nontransforming hepatocyte (AML12) cell lines.

Lee S, Tarn C, Wang WH, Chen S, Hullinger RL, Andrisani OM.

J Biol Chem. 2002 Mar 8;277(10):8730-40. Epub 2001 Dec 26.


Expression of human papilloma virus E7 protein causes apoptosis and inhibits DNA synthesis in primary hepatocytes via increased expression of p21(Cip-1/WAF1/MDA6).

Park JS, Boyer S, Mitchell K, Gilfor D, Birrer M, Darlington G, El Deiry W, Firestone GL, Munger K, Band V, Fisher PB, Dent P.

J Biol Chem. 2000 Jan 7;275(1):18-28.


Regulation of p21 and p27 expression by the hepatitis B virus X protein and the alternate initiation site X proteins, AUG2 and AUG3.

Leach JK, Qiao L, Fang Y, Han SL, Gilfor D, Fisher PB, Grant S, Hylemon PB, Peterson D, Dent P.

J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2003 Apr;18(4):376-85.


Regulation and role of p21 and p27 cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors during hepatocyte differentiation and growth.

Ilyin GP, Glaise D, Gilot D, Baffet G, Guguen-Guillouzo C.

Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2003 Jul;285(1):G115-27. Epub 2003 Mar 19.


Cyclin kinase inhibitor p21 potentiates bile acid-induced apoptosis in hepatocytes that is dependent on p53.

Qiao L, McKinstry R, Gupta S, Gilfor D, Windle JJ, Hylemon PB, Grant S, Fisher PB, Dent P.

Hepatology. 2002 Jul;36(1):39-48.


Differential effects of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors p27(Kip1), p21(Cip1), and p16(Ink4) on vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation.

Tanner FC, Boehm M, Aky├╝rek LM, San H, Yang ZY, Tashiro J, Nabel GJ, Nabel EG.

Circulation. 2000 May 2;101(17):2022-5.


A role for both Ets and C/EBP transcription factors and mRNA stabilization in the MAPK-dependent increase in p21 (Cip-1/WAF1/mda6) protein levels in primary hepatocytes.

Park JS, Qiao L, Gilfor D, Yang MY, Hylemon PB, Benz C, Darlington G, Firestone G, Fisher PB, Dent P.

Mol Biol Cell. 2000 Sep;11(9):2915-32.


GATA-2/estrogen receptor chimera regulates cytokine-dependent growth of hematopoietic cells through accumulation of p21(WAF1) and p27(Kip1) proteins.

Ezoe S, Matsumura I, Nakata S, Gale K, Ishihara K, Minegishi N, Machii T, Kitamura T, Yamamoto M, Enver T, Kanakura Y.

Blood. 2002 Nov 15;100(10):3512-20. Epub 2002 Jul 12.


Prolonged activation of the mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway promotes DNA synthesis in primary hepatocytes from p21Cip-1/WAF1-null mice, but not in hepatocytes from p16INK4a-null mice.

Auer KL, Park JS, Seth P, Coffey RJ, Darlington G, Abo A, McMahon M, Depinho RA, Fisher PB, Dent P.

Biochem J. 1998 Dec 15;336 ( Pt 3):551-60.


p18(INK4c) collaborates with other CDK-inhibitory proteins in the regenerating liver.

Luedde T, Rodriguez ME, Tacke F, Xiong Y, Brenner DA, Trautwein C.

Hepatology. 2003 Apr;37(4):833-41.


Anti-sense oligonucleotide of p21(waf1/cip1) prevents interleukin 4-mediated elevation of p27(kip1) in low grade astrocytoma cells.

Liu J, Estes ML, Drazba JA, Liu H, Prayson R, Kondo S, Jacobs BS, Barnett GH, Barna BP.

Oncogene. 2000 Feb 3;19(5):661-9.


Thrombopoietin-induced differentiation of a human megakaryoblastic leukemia cell line, CMK, involves transcriptional activation of p21(WAF1/Cip1) by STAT5.

Matsumura I, Ishikawa J, Nakajima K, Oritani K, Tomiyama Y, Miyagawa J, Kato T, Miyazaki H, Matsuzawa Y, Kanakura Y.

Mol Cell Biol. 1997 May;17(5):2933-43.


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