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Nicastrin modulates presenilin-mediated notch/glp-1 signal transduction and betaAPP processing.

Yu G, Nishimura M, Arawaka S, Levitan D, Zhang L, Tandon A, Song YQ, Rogaeva E, Chen F, Kawarai T, Supala A, Levesque L, Yu H, Yang DS, Holmes E, Milman P, Liang Y, Zhang DM, Xu DH, Sato C, Rogaev E, Smith M, Janus C, Zhang Y, Aebersold R, Farrer LS, Sorbi S, Bruni A, Fraser P, St George-Hyslop P.

Nature. 2000 Sep 7;407(6800):48-54.


Nicastrin binds to membrane-tethered Notch.

Chen F, Yu G, Arawaka S, Nishimura M, Kawarai T, Yu H, Tandon A, Supala A, Song YQ, Rogaeva E, Milman P, Sato C, Yu C, Janus C, Lee J, Song L, Zhang L, Fraser PE, St George-Hyslop PH.

Nat Cell Biol. 2001 Aug;3(8):751-4.


The levels of mature glycosylated nicastrin are regulated and correlate with gamma-secretase processing of amyloid beta-precursor protein.

Arawaka S, Hasegawa H, Tandon A, Janus C, Chen F, Yu G, Kikuchi K, Koyama S, Kato T, Fraser PE, St George-Hyslop P.

J Neurochem. 2002 Dec;83(5):1065-71.


Nicastrin is required for Presenilin-mediated transmembrane cleavage in Drosophila.

Chung HM, Struhl G.

Nat Cell Biol. 2001 Dec;3(12):1129-32.


Beta-amyloid secretases and beta-amloid degrading enzyme expression in lens.

Li G, Percontino L, Sun Q, Qazi AS, Frederikse PH.

Mol Vis. 2003 May 1;9:179-83.


Mutation of the conserved N-terminal cysteine (Cys92) of human presenilin 1 causes increased A beta42 secretion in mammalian cells but impaired Notch/lin-12 signalling in C. elegans.

Zhang DM, Levitan D, Yu G, Nishimura M, Chen F, Tandon A, Kawarai T, Arawaka S, Supala A, Song YQ, Rogaeva E, Liang Y, Holmes E, Milman P, Sato C, Zhang L, St George-Hyslop P.

Neuroreport. 2000 Sep 28;11(14):3227-30.


A conserved GXXXG motif in APH-1 is critical for assembly and activity of the gamma-secretase complex.

Lee SF, Shah S, Yu C, Wigley WC, Li H, Lim M, Pedersen K, Han W, Thomas P, Lundkvist J, Hao YH, Yu G.

J Biol Chem. 2004 Feb 6;279(6):4144-52. Epub 2003 Nov 19.


Gamma-secretase--intramembrane protease with a complex.

Wolfe MS.

Sci Aging Knowledge Environ. 2003 Mar 19;2003(11):PE7.


aph-1 and pen-2 are required for Notch pathway signaling, gamma-secretase cleavage of betaAPP, and presenilin protein accumulation.

Francis R, McGrath G, Zhang J, Ruddy DA, Sym M, Apfeld J, Nicoll M, Maxwell M, Hai B, Ellis MC, Parks AL, Xu W, Li J, Gurney M, Myers RL, Himes CS, Hiebsch R, Ruble C, Nye JS, Curtis D.

Dev Cell. 2002 Jul;3(1):85-97.


Positive and negative regulation of the gamma-secretase activity by nicastrin in a murine model.

Li J, Fici GJ, Mao CA, Myers RL, Shuang R, Donoho GP, Pauley AM, Himes CS, Qin W, Kola I, Merchant KM, Nye JS.

J Biol Chem. 2003 Aug 29;278(35):33445-9. Epub 2003 Jun 18.


Presenilin-1 affects trafficking and processing of betaAPP and is targeted in a complex with nicastrin to the plasma membrane.

Kaether C, Lammich S, Edbauer D, Ertl M, Rietdorf J, Capell A, Steiner H, Haass C.

J Cell Biol. 2002 Aug 5;158(3):551-61. Epub 2002 Jul 29.


Presenilin-dependent gamma-secretase processing of beta-amyloid precursor protein at a site corresponding to the S3 cleavage of Notch.

Sastre M, Steiner H, Fuchs K, Capell A, Multhaup G, Condron MM, Teplow DB, Haass C.

EMBO Rep. 2001 Sep;2(9):835-41. Epub 2001 Aug 23.


The mechanism of gamma-secretase activities through high molecular weight complex formation of presenilins is conserved in Drosophila melanogaster and mammals.

Takasugi N, Takahashi Y, Morohashi Y, Tomita T, Iwatsubo T.

J Biol Chem. 2002 Dec 20;277(51):50198-205. Epub 2002 Oct 17.


Presenilin 1 mutations activate gamma 42-secretase but reciprocally inhibit epsilon-secretase cleavage of amyloid precursor protein (APP) and S3-cleavage of notch.

Chen F, Gu Y, Hasegawa H, Ruan X, Arawaka S, Fraser P, Westaway D, Mount H, St George-Hyslop P.

J Biol Chem. 2002 Sep 27;277(39):36521-6. Epub 2002 Jul 15.


PS1 N- and C-terminal fragments form a complex that functions in APP processing and Notch signaling.

Levitan D, Lee J, Song L, Manning R, Wong G, Parker E, Zhang L.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2001 Oct 9;98(21):12186-90. Epub 2001 Oct 2.


APH-2/nicastrin functions in LIN-12/Notch signaling in the Caenorhabditis elegans somatic gonad.

Levitan D, Yu G, St George Hyslop P, Goutte C.

Dev Biol. 2001 Dec 15;240(2):654-61.

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