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The TIMI risk score for unstable angina/non-ST elevation MI: A method for prognostication and therapeutic decision making.

Antman EM, Cohen M, Bernink PJ, McCabe CH, Horacek T, Papuchis G, Mautner B, Corbalan R, Radley D, Braunwald E.

JAMA. 2000 Aug 16;284(7):835-42.


Prior aspirin users with acute non-ST-elevation coronary syndromes are at increased risk of cardiac events and benefit from enoxaparin.

Santopinto J, Gurfinkel EP, Torres V, Marcos E, Bozovich GE, Mautner B, McCabe CH, Antman EM.

Am Heart J. 2001 Apr;141(4):566-72.


Enoxaparin in unstable angina patients who would have been excluded from randomized pivotal trials.

Collet JP, Montalescot G, Fine E, Golmard JL, Dalby M, Choussat R, Ankri A, Dumaine R, Lesty C, Vignolles N, Thomas D.

J Am Coll Cardiol. 2003 Jan 1;41(1):8-14.


Identification of patients at high risk for death and cardiac ischemic events after hospital discharge.

Sabatine MS, McCabe CH, Morrow DA, Giugliano RP, de Lemos JA, Cohen M, Antman EM, Braunwald E.

Am Heart J. 2002 Jun;143(6):966-70.


Improved in-hospital outcomes in acute coronary syndromes (unstable angina/non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction) despite similar TIMI risk scores.

Almeda FQ, Hendel RC, Nathan S, Meyer PM, Calvin JE, Klein LW.

J Invasive Cardiol. 2003 Sep;15(9):502-6.


Assessment of the treatment effect of enoxaparin for unstable angina/non-Q-wave myocardial infarction. TIMI 11B-ESSENCE meta-analysis.

Antman EM, Cohen M, Radley D, McCabe C, Rush J, Premmereur J, Braunwald E.

Circulation. 1999 Oct 12;100(15):1602-8.


Enoxaparin prevents death and cardiac ischemic events in unstable angina/non-Q-wave myocardial infarction. Results of the thrombolysis in myocardial infarction (TIMI) 11B trial.

Antman EM, McCabe CH, Gurfinkel EP, Turpie AG, Bernink PJ, Salein D, Bayes De Luna A, Fox K, Lablanche JM, Radley D, Premmereur J, Braunwald E.

Circulation. 1999 Oct 12;100(15):1593-601.


The thrombolysis in myocardial infarction risk score in unstable angina/non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction.

Sabatine MS, Antman EM.

J Am Coll Cardiol. 2003 Feb 19;41(4 Suppl S):89S-95S. Review.


Randomized trial of low molecular weight heparin (enoxaparin) versus unfractionated heparin for unstable coronary artery disease: one-year results of the ESSENCE Study. Efficacy and Safety of Subcutaneous Enoxaparin in Non-Q Wave Coronary Events.

Goodman SG, Cohen M, Bigonzi F, Gurfinkel EP, Radley DR, Le Iouer V, Fromell GJ, Demers C, Turpie AG, Califf RM, Fox KA, Langer A.

J Am Coll Cardiol. 2000 Sep;36(3):693-8.


Enoxaparin in unstable angina/non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: treatment benefits in prespecified subgroups.

Cohen M, Antman EM, Gurfinkel EP, Radley D; ESSENCE (Efficacy and Safety of Subcutaneous Enoxaparin in Non-Q-wave Coronary Events) and TIMI (Thrombolysis in Myocardial Infarction) 11B Investigators.

J Thromb Thrombolysis. 2001 Dec;12(3):199-206.


A comparison of low-molecular-weight heparin with unfractionated heparin for unstable coronary artery disease. Efficacy and Safety of Subcutaneous Enoxaparin in Non-Q-Wave Coronary Events Study Group.

Cohen M, Demers C, Gurfinkel EP, Turpie AG, Fromell GJ, Goodman S, Langer A, Califf RM, Fox KA, Premmereur J, Bigonzi F.

N Engl J Med. 1997 Aug 14;337(7):447-52.


Efficacy and bleeding complications among patients randomized to enoxaparin or unfractionated heparin for antithrombin therapy in non-ST-Segment elevation acute coronary syndromes: a systematic overview.

Petersen JL, Mahaffey KW, Hasselblad V, Antman EM, Cohen M, Goodman SG, Langer A, Blazing MA, Le-Moigne-Amrani A, de Lemos JA, Nessel CC, Harrington RA, Ferguson JJ, Braunwald E, Califf RM.

JAMA. 2004 Jul 7;292(1):89-96. Review.


Enoxaparin vs unfractionated heparin in high-risk patients with non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndromes managed with an intended early invasive strategy: primary results of the SYNERGY randomized trial.

Ferguson JJ, Califf RM, Antman EM, Cohen M, Grines CL, Goodman S, Kereiakes DJ, Langer A, Mahaffey KW, Nessel CC, Armstrong PW, Avezum A, Aylward P, Becker RC, Biasucci L, Borzak S, Col J, Frey MJ, Fry E, Gulba DC, Guneri S, Gurfinkel E, Harrington R, Hochman JS, Kleiman NS, Leon MB, Lopez-Sendon JL, Pepine CJ, Ruzyllo W, Steinhubl SR, Teirstein PS, Toro-Figueroa L, White H; SYNERGY Trial Investigators.

JAMA. 2004 Jul 7;292(1):45-54.


Randomized double-blind safety study of enoxaparin versus unfractionated heparin in patients with non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndromes treated with tirofiban and aspirin: the ACUTE II study. The Antithrombotic Combination Using Tirofiban and Enoxaparin.

Cohen M, Théroux P, Borzak S, Frey MJ, White HD, Van Mieghem W, Senatore F, Lis J, Mukherjee R, Harris K, Bigonzi F; ACUTE II Investigators.

Am Heart J. 2002 Sep;144(3):470-7.


Enoxaparin is superior to unfractionated heparin for preventing clinical events at 1-year follow-up of TIMI 11B and ESSENCE.

Antman EM, Cohen M, McCabe C, Goodman SG, Murphy SA, Braunwald E; TIMI 11B and ESSENCE Investigators.

Eur Heart J. 2002 Feb;23(4):308-14.


Safety and efficacy of unfractionated heparin versus enoxaparin in patients who are obese and patients with severe renal impairment: analysis from the ESSENCE and TIMI 11B studies.

Spinler SA, Inverso SM, Cohen M, Goodman SG, Stringer KA, Antman EM; ESSENCE and TIMI 11B Investigators.

Am Heart J. 2003 Jul;146(1):33-41.


Safety and efficacy of enoxaparin vs unfractionated heparin in patients with non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndromes who receive tirofiban and aspirin: a randomized controlled trial.

Blazing MA, de Lemos JA, White HD, Fox KA, Verheugt FW, Ardissino D, DiBattiste PM, Palmisano J, Bilheimer DW, Snapinn SM, Ramsey KE, Gardner LH, Hasselblad V, Pfeffer MA, Lewis EF, Braunwald E, Califf RM; 'A to Z' Investigators.

JAMA. 2004 Jul 7;292(1):55-64. Erratum in: JAMA. 2004 Sep 8;292(10):1178. Dosage error in article text.


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