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CD94/NKG2-A inhibitory complex blocks CD16-triggered Syk and extracellular regulated kinase activation, leading to cytotoxic function of human NK cells.

Palmieri G, Tullio V, Zingoni A, Piccoli M, Frati L, Lopez-Botet M, Santoni A.

J Immunol. 1999 Jun 15;162(12):7181-8.


Mitogen-activated protein kinase activity is involved in effector functions triggered by the CD94/NKG2-C NK receptor specific for HLA-E.

Carretero M, Llano M, Navarro F, Bellón T, López-Botet M.

Eur J Immunol. 2000 Oct;30(10):2842-8.


CD69-triggered ERK activation and functions are negatively regulated by CD94 / NKG2-A inhibitory receptor.

Zingoni A, Palmieri G, Morrone S, Carretero M, Lopez-Botel M, Piccoli M, Frati L, Santoni A.

Eur J Immunol. 2000 Feb;30(2):644-51.


Clonotypic differences in signaling from CD94 (kp43) on NK cells lead to divergent cellular responses.

Brumbaugh KM, Pérez-Villar JJ, Dick CJ, Schoon RA, López-Botet M, Leibson PJ.

J Immunol. 1996 Oct 1;157(7):2804-12.


Interleukin-15-induced maturation of human natural killer cells from early thymic precursors: selective expression of CD94/NKG2-A as the only HLA class I-specific inhibitory receptor.

Mingari MC, Vitale C, Cantoni C, Bellomo R, Ponte M, Schiavetti F, Bertone S, Moretta A, Moretta L.

Eur J Immunol. 1997 Jun;27(6):1374-80.


Src-dependent Syk activation controls CD69-mediated signaling and function on human NK cells.

Pisegna S, Zingoni A, Pirozzi G, Cinque B, Cifone MG, Morrone S, Piccoli M, Frati L, Palmieri G, Santoni A.

J Immunol. 2002 Jul 1;169(1):68-74.


Expression of Ly49E and CD94/NKG2 on fetal and adult NK cells.

Van Beneden K, Stevenaert F, De Creus A, Debacker V, De Boever J, Plum J, Leclercq G.

J Immunol. 2001 Apr 1;166(7):4302-11.


The activating form of CD94 receptor complex: CD94 covalently associates with the Kp39 protein that represents the product of the NKG2-C gene.

Cantoni C, Biassoni R, Pende D, Sivori S, Accame L, Pareti L, Semenzato G, Moretta L, Moretta A, Bottino C.

Eur J Immunol. 1998 Jan;28(1):327-38.


CD94/NKG2 expression does not inhibit cytotoxic function of lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus-specific CD8+ T cells.

Miller JD, Peters M, Oran AE, Beresford GW, Harrington L, Boss JM, Altman JD.

J Immunol. 2002 Jul 15;169(2):693-701.


Kinetics and peptide dependency of the binding of the inhibitory NK receptor CD94/NKG2-A and the activating receptor CD94/NKG2-C to HLA-E.

Valés-Gómez M, Reyburn HT, Erskine RA, López-Botet M, Strominger JL.

EMBO J. 1999 Aug 2;18(15):4250-60.


Orderly and nonstochastic acquisition of CD94/NKG2 receptors by developing NK cells derived from embryonic stem cells in vitro.

Lian RH, Maeda M, Lohwasser S, Delcommenne M, Nakano T, Vance RE, Raulet DH, Takei F.

J Immunol. 2002 May 15;168(10):4980-7.


The CD94/NKG2 C-type lectin receptor complex: involvement in NK cell-mediated recognition of HLA class I molecules.

López-Botet M, Carretero M, Pérez-Villar J, Bellón T, Llano M, Navarro F.

Immunol Res. 1997;16(2):175-85. Review.


Inhibition of antigen-induced T cell response and antibody-induced NK cell cytotoxicity by NKG2A: association of NKG2A with SHP-1 and SHP-2 protein-tyrosine phosphatases.

Le Dréan E, Vély F, Olcese L, Cambiaggi A, Guia S, Krystal G, Gervois N, Moretta A, Jotereau F, Vivier E.

Eur J Immunol. 1998 Jan;28(1):264-76. Erratum in: Eur J Immunol 1998 Mar;28(3):1122.


The CD94/NKG2-A inhibitory receptor complex is involved in natural killer cell-mediated recognition of cells expressing HLA-G1.

Pérez-Villar JJ, Melero I, Navarro F, Carretero M, Bellón T, Llano M, Colonna M, Geraghty DE, López-Botet M.

J Immunol. 1997 Jun 15;158(12):5736-43.


HLA-E-bound peptides influence recognition by inhibitory and triggering CD94/NKG2 receptors: preferential response to an HLA-G-derived nonamer.

Llano M, Lee N, Navarro F, García P, Albar JP, Geraghty DE, López-Botet M.

Eur J Immunol. 1998 Sep;28(9):2854-63.


Syk regulation of phosphoinositide 3-kinase-dependent NK cell function.

Jiang K, Zhong B, Gilvary DL, Corliss BC, Vivier E, Hong-Geller E, Wei S, Djeu JY.

J Immunol. 2002 Apr 1;168(7):3155-64.


Mouse CD94 participates in Qa-1-mediated self recognition by NK cells and delivers inhibitory signals independent of Ly-49.

Toyama-Sorimachi N, Taguchi Y, Yagita H, Kitamura F, Kawasaki A, Koyasu S, Karasuyama H.

J Immunol. 2001 Mar 15;166(6):3771-9.

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