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Turk Pediatri Ars. 2019 Dec 25;54(4):220-224. doi: 10.14744/TurkPediatriArs.2019.69376. eCollection 2019.

Clinical characteristics of pediatric patients with first-attack acute rheumatic fever following the updated guideline.

Author information

Division of Pediatric Cardiology, Department of Pediatrics, Atatürk University Faculty of Medicine, Training and Research Hospital, Erzurum, Turkey.


in English, Turkish


To evaluate the clinical features of children diagnosed as having acute rheumatic fever between June 2015 and November 2018, and the changes observed in patient groups in comparison with data obtained in previous years. The diagnosis of acute rheumatic fever was made using the updated Jones criteria.

Material and Methods:

The medical records of pediatric patients who were diagnosed as having acute rheumatic fever between June 2015 and November 2018 using the updated criteria, were examined retrospectively. The data of a previous study that used the old criteria were reorganized and the two groups were compared.


A total of consecutive 50 patients [22 males (44%)] who presented in the study period and were diagnosed as having first-attack acute rheumatic fever, were included in our study. Carditis was found in 42 (84%) patients. Manifest carditis was found in 24 patients and silent carditis was found in 18 patients. Joint involvement was present in 34 (68%) patients. Accompanying carditis was present in all 14 patients (28%) who were found to have chorea. Erythema marginatum and subcutaneous nodules were not found in our patients. When evaluated in terms of the updated criteria, a diagnosis of rheumatic fever was made with silent carditis+polyarthralgia in two patients, with silent carditis+monoarthritis in two patients, with polyarthralgia in four patients, and with monoarhtritis in one patient in our study. A diagnosis could be made by means of the updated criteria in a total of 9 (18%) patients. When compared with the previous study, an increase in the rate of silent carditis (from 21.8% to 36%) and a reduction in the rate of total carditis (from 92% to 84%) were found.


Our results show that the updated Jones criteria prevent under diagnosis of acute rheumatic fever in an important number of patients.


Acute rheumatic fever; children; updated Jones criteria

Conflict of interest statement

Conflict of Interest: The authors have no conflicts of interest to declare.

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