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Eight-and-a-half syndrome: a rare potentially life-threatening disease.

Mesina BVQ, Sosuan GMN, Reyes KB.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2018 Mar 8;8:Doc04. doi: 10.3205/oc000086. eCollection 2018.


Treatment of choroidal neovascularization in a case of factor VIII deficiency: Ten-year follow-up.

Rishi P, Rishi E.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2018 Feb 22;8:Doc03. doi: 10.3205/oc000085. eCollection 2018.


Partial reversal of color vision impairment in type 2 diabetes associated with obstructive sleep apnea.

Raman R, Verma A, Srinivasan S, Bhojwani D.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2018 Mar 8;8:Doc05. doi: 10.3205/oc000087. eCollection 2018.


Intraocular inflammation in a case of bee sting injury.

Rishi E, Rishi P.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2018 Feb 22;8:Doc02. doi: 10.3205/oc000084. eCollection 2018.


Central serous chorioretinopathy with angioid streaks: a rare combination.

Sarmad A, Alfaqawi F, Chakrabarti M, Elsherbiny S.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2018 Feb 22;8:Doc01. doi: 10.3205/oc000083. eCollection 2018.


CMV endotheliitis: a cause for recurrent failed corneal transplant.

Shahrudin NA, Mohd Zahidin AZ, Md Noh UK, Wan Abdul Halim WH, Md Din N.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2017 Dec 22;7:Doc31. doi: 10.3205/oc000082. eCollection 2017.


Perfluoro-n-octane mimicking an intraocular foreign body.

Baskaran P, Ganne P, Krishnappa NC.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2017 Dec 15;7:Doc30. doi: 10.3205/oc000081. eCollection 2017.


Brentuximab vedotin related bilateral Purtscher-like retinopathy unresponsive to pulse steroid therapy and intravitreal aflibercept injection.

Ayhan Z, Kaya SY, Ozcan MA, Saatci AO.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2017 Dec 15;7:Doc29. doi: 10.3205/oc000080. eCollection 2017.


Ocular surface chemical injury treated by regenerating agent (RGTA, Cacicol20).

Ustaoglu M, Solmaz N, Onder F.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2017 Oct 25;7:Doc28. doi: 10.3205/oc000079. eCollection 2017.


Optical coherence tomography and fundus autofluorescence findings in presumed congenital simple retinal pigment epithelium hamartoma.

Baskaran P, Shukla D, Shah P.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2017 Oct 25;7:Doc27. doi: 10.3205/oc000078. eCollection 2017.


Bilateral posterior crystalline lens dislocations in an otherwise healthy child.

AlShehri OA, Almarzouki H, Alharbi BA, Alqahtani M, Allam K.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2017 Oct 20;7:Doc26. doi: 10.3205/oc000077. eCollection 2017.


Peripheral ischaemic retinopathy and neovascularisation in a patient with subacute streptococcus mitis-induced bacterial endocarditis.

Leysen LS, Kreps EO, De Schryver I, Hoornaert KP, Smith V, De Zaeytijd J.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2017 Sep 12;7:Doc25. doi: 10.3205/oc000076. eCollection 2017.


Choroidal neovascular membrane in intraocular tuberculosis.

Tripathy K.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2017 Sep 1;7:Doc24. doi: 10.3205/oc000075. eCollection 2017.


Custard apple seed induced keratitis: a harmful traditional practice in South India.

Devi Nivean P, Malarkodi S, Nishanth M, Nivean M.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2017 Sep 1;7:Doc23. doi: 10.3205/oc000074. eCollection 2017.


Sequential development of non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy in a patient on hemodialysis.

Jain M, Srinivasan R, Babu KR, Parchand MS.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2017 Sep 1;7:Doc22. doi: 10.3205/oc000073. eCollection 2017.


Bilateral corneal perforation due to MRSA keratitis in a crosslinking patient.

Oakey Z, Thai K, Garg S.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2017 Aug 15;7:Doc21. doi: 10.3205/oc000072. eCollection 2017.


Carotid cavernous fistula masquerading as delayed suprachoroidal hemorrhage after trabeculectomy.

Jain M, Alam MS, Mukherjee B, Raman R.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2017 Aug 25;7:Doc20. doi: 10.3205/oc000071. eCollection 2017.


Monomorphic xanthomatous type of xanthogranuloma: a rare entity.

Devi Nivean P, Nivean M.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2017 Jul 17;7:Doc19. doi: 10.3205/oc000070. eCollection 2017.


An unusual case of bilateral anterior uveitis related to moxifloxacin: the first report in Latin America.

Rangel CM, Parra MM, Frederick G, Tello A, VarĂ³n CL.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2017 Jul 7;7:Doc18. doi: 10.3205/oc000069. eCollection 2017.


Open globe injury with an interesting intra-ocular foreign body.

Gill E, Shulman M, Schechet S, Grumbine L.

GMS Ophthalmol Cases. 2017 Jul 7;7:Doc17. doi: 10.3205/oc000068. eCollection 2017.

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