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Accessing the Orbital Roof via an Eyelid Incision: The Transpalpebral Approach.

Ohjimi H, Taniguchi Y, Tanahashi S, Era K, Fukushima T.

Skull Base Surg. 2000;10(4):211-6.


Epidural abscess masquerading as lateral sinus thrombosis.

Brodner DC, Cutler J, Gianoli GJ, Amedee RG.

Skull Base Surg. 2000;10(4):201-5.


Postoperative hydrocephalus in cranial base surgery.

Duong DH, O'malley S, Sekhar LN, Wright DG.

Skull Base Surg. 2000;10(4):197-200.


Intraoperative monitoring for hearing preservation and restoration in acoustic neuroma surgery.

Colletti V, Fiorino FG, Carner M, Cumer G, Giarbini N, Sacchetto L.

Skull Base Surg. 2000;10(4):187-95.


A study of perioperative lumbar cerebrospinal fluid pressure in patients undergoing acoustic neuroma surgery.

Laing RJ, Smielewski P, Czosnyka M, Quaranta N, Moffat DA.

Skull Base Surg. 2000;10(4):179-85.


Surgical treatment for epidural abscess in the posterior cranial fossa using trapezius muscle or musculocutaneous flap.

Kiyokawa K, Tai Y, Inoue Y, Yanaga H, Rikimaru H, Shigemori M.

Skull Base Surg. 2000;10(4):173-7.


Advantages of the retrosigmoid approach in auditory brain stem implantation.

Colletti V, Fiorino FG, Carner M, Giarbini N, Sacchetto L, Cumer G.

Skull Base Surg. 2000;10(4):165-70.


Giant cell tumor of the infratemporal fossa.

Gibbons K, Singh A, Kuriakose MA, Loree TR, Harris K, Rubenfeld A, Goodloe S, Hicks WL.

Skull Base Surg. 2000;10(3):155-7.


Life threatening epistaxis complicating extended maxillotomy for chordoma.

Walsh DC, Casey AT, Crockard HA.

Skull Base Surg. 2000;10(3):153-4.


Complete resolution of hypertension after decompression of Chiari I malformation.

Parker EC, Teo C, Rahman S, Brodsky MC.

Skull Base Surg. 2000;10(3):149-52.


Hearing preservation after acoustic neuroma surgery.

Jaisinghani VJ, Levine SC, Nussbaum E, Haines S, Lindgren B.

Skull Base Surg. 2000;10(3):141-7.


Presentation and patterns of late recurrence of olfactory groove meningiomas.

Snyder WE, Shah MV, Weisberger EC, Campbell RL.

Skull Base Surg. 2000;10(3):131-9.


Frameless stereotactic localization in cranial base surgery.

Petruzzelli GJ, Origitano TC, Stankiewicz JA, Anderson DE.

Skull Base Surg. 2000;10(3):125-30.


Functional outcomes of the retromaxillary-infratemporal fossa dissection for advanced head and neck/skull base lesions.

Shibuya TY, Doerr TD, Mathog RH, Burgio DL, Meleca RJ, Yoo GH, Guthikonda M.

Skull Base Surg. 2000;10(3):109-17.


Giant cell tumor (osteoclastoma) of the petrous bone: case report.

Spallone A, Flores GL, Zaldivar LO, Estupinan B.

Skull Base Surg. 1999;9(2):155-9.


Neurosarcoidosis presenting in the pituitary gland with normal endocrine studies.

Arle JE, Judkins AR, Kotapka MJ.

Skull Base Surg. 1999;9(2):149-53.

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