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Management of breast cancer by vaccine: fact or fiction.

Das S, Paul R, De U, Mukherjee M.

J IMA. 2013 Apr 22;44(1). pii: 44-1-9055. doi: 10.5915/44-1-9055. Print 2012.


A Pilot Trial of Jawarish Amla as Adjuvant to Anti-Tubercular Treatment Drugs for Control of Adverse Reactions in DOTS Regime in Pulmonary TB.

Sherwani AM, Zulkifle M, Rehmatulla.

J IMA. 2013 Feb 12;44(1). pii: 44-1-9988. doi: 10.5915/44-1-9988. Print 2012.


Achalasia cardia in infants: report of two cases.

Chatterjee S, Gajbhiye V, De A, Nath S, Ghosh D, Das SK.

J IMA. 2013 Apr 10;44(1). pii: 44-1-9260. doi: 10.5915/44-1-9260. Print 2012.


Ethics of surrogacy: a comparative study of Western secular and islamic bioethics.

Islam S, Nordin RB, Bin Shamsuddin AR, Mohd Nor HB, Al-Mahmood AK.

J IMA. 2013 Apr 13;44(1). pii: 44-1-5920. doi: 10.5915/44-1-5920. Print 2012.


Neglected Basal cell carcinoma in axilla.

Wani GM, Ahmad SM, Qayoom S, Khursheed B.

J IMA. 2012 Aug 15;44(1). pii: 44-1-9224. doi: 10.5915/44-1-9224. Print 2012.


Islamic medicine and evolutionary medicine: a comparative analysis.

Saniotis A.

J IMA. 2012 Jun 29;44(1). pii: 44-1-8780. doi: 10.5915/44-1-8780. Print 2012.


Pilot study of congenital anomaly rates at birth in fallujah, iraq, 2010.

Alaani S, Al-Fallouji MA, Busby C, Hamdan M.

J IMA. 2012 Aug 30;44(1). pii: 44-1-10463. doi: 10.5915/44-1-10463. Print 2012.


Report of three cases of unusual anterior abdominal wall defects in fallujah general hospital during the year 2010.

Alaani S.

J IMA. 2012 Dec 27;44(1). pii: 44-1-10354. doi: 10.5915/44-1-10354. Print 2012.


Corticosteroid Induced, HHV-8 Positive Kaposi's Sarcoma in a Non-HIV Elderly Patient.

Wani GM, Ahmad SM, Qayoom S, Khursheed B, Khan AR.

J IMA. 2012 Aug 15;44(1). pii: 44-1-9317. doi: 10.5915/44-1-9317. Print 2012.


Bodily integrity and male circumcision: an islamic perspective.

Alahmad G, Dekkers W.

J IMA. 2012 Mar 20;44(1). pii: 44-1-7903. doi: 10.5915/44-1-7903. Print 2012.


IMANA-Hofstra Ethics Symposium: Closing Remarks.

Khan FA.

J IMA. 2011 Dec;43(3):223-4. doi: 10.5915/43-3-9580. No abstract available.


The spectrum of neurological recovery.

Mir TP.

J IMA. 2011 Dec;43(3):219-22. doi: 10.5915/43-3-8735.


Informed consent with a focus on islamic views.

Packer S.

J IMA. 2011 Dec;43(3):215-8. doi: 10.5915/43-3-9040.


Pain management for the terminally ill: the role of race and religion.

Mwaria C.

J IMA. 2011 Dec;43(3):208-14. doi: 10.5915/43-3-9039. No abstract available.


The end of life, the ends of life: an anthropological view.

Varisco DM.

J IMA. 2011 Dec;43(3):203-7. doi: 10.5915/43-7037.


Discussion: End-of-Life Issues at the Beginning of Life.

Mir T, Fadel HE, Nadroo AM, Haque M.

J IMA. 2011 Dec;43(3):199-202. doi: 10.5915/43-3-8438. No abstract available.


End of life issues in pediatric patients.

Haque M.

J IMA. 2011 Dec;43(3):192-4. doi: 10.5915/43-8973.


Ethical dilemmas in decision making at limits of neonatal viability.

Nadroo AM.

J IMA. 2011 Dec;43(3):188-92. doi: 10.5915/43-3-8972.


Ethical aspects of prenatal diagnosis of fetal malformations.

Fadel HE.

J IMA. 2011 Dec;43(3):182-8. doi: 10.5915/43-9560.

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