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Seronegative cat scratch disease in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus.

Aguiar F, Martins-Rocha T, Rodrigues M, Brito I.

Acta Reumatol Port. 2018 Jul-Sep;43(3):241-242. No abstract available.


Presence of anti-Porphyromonas gingivalis-peptidylarginine deiminase antibodies in serum from juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus patients

Figueredo CM, Sete MR, Carlos JC, Lira R Jr, Boström E, Sztajnbok F.

Acta Reumatol Port. 2018 Jul-Sep;43(3):239-240.


Neonatal Lupus Erythematosus in a newborn with Citrullinemia.

Pimenta R, Urbano F, Soares-de-Almeida L, Fernandes S.

Acta Reumatol Port. 2018 Jul-Sep;43(3):235-236.


Pulmonary involvement in neonatal lupus: a challenging diagnosis - case report and literature review.

Pereira S, Flor-de-Lima F, Soares H, Vilan A, Ferraz C, Rodrigues M, Moura C, Rocha G, Guimarães H, Brito I.

Acta Reumatol Port. 2018 Jul-Sep;43(3):230-234.


Immunoglobulin G4-related disease with recurrent uveitis and kidney tumor mimicking childhood polyarteritis nodosa: a rare case report.

Nastri MMF, Novak GV, Sallum AEM, Campos LMA, Teixeira RAP, Silva CA.

Acta Reumatol Port. 2018 Jul-Sep;43(3):226-229.


Whole peripheral blood miR-146a and miR-155 expression levels in Systemic lupus erythematosus patients.

Shumnalieva R, Kachakova D, Shoumnalieva-Ivanova V, Miteva P, Kaneva R, Monov S.

Acta Reumatol Port. 2018 Jul-Sep;43(3):217-225.


Non-invasive Oxygen-Ozone therapy in treating digital ulcers of patients with systemic sclerosis.

Hassanien M, Rashad S, Mohamed N, Elawamy A, Ghaly MS.

Acta Reumatol Port. 2018 Jul-Sep;43(3):210-216.


Bone biopsy: an ally in the management of fragility fractures in chronic kidney disease.

Aguiar F, Meng C, Pereira L, Brito I, Frazão JM.

Acta Reumatol Port. 2018 Jul-Sep;43(3):201-209.


Non-pharmacological and non-surgical interventions to manage patients with knee osteoarthritis: An umbrella review.

Ferreira RM, Duarte JA, Gonçalves RS.

Acta Reumatol Port. 2018 Jul-Sep;43(3):182-200.


Ozone therapy for low back pain. A systematic review.

Costa T, Linhares D, Ribeiro da Silva M, Neves N.

Acta Reumatol Port. 2018 Jul-Sep;43(3):172-181.


Rheumatology in Portugal: 70 years improving the future for rheumatic patients.

Canhão H, Cunha Miranda L.

Acta Reumatol Port. 2018 Jul-Sep;43(3):170-171. No abstract available.


Safety of Etanercept in the treatment of rheumatic disease patients with Hepatitis C virus infection.

Teixeira L, Fonseca C, Sousa S, Vinagre F, Cordeiro A, Gonçalves P, Santos MJ, Canas da Silva J.

Acta Reumatol Port. 2018 Apr-Jun;43(2):159-160.


My Phenotype speaks: please do not harm me with biopsy needle.

Saini I, Bagri N, Gupta N.

Acta Reumatol Port. 2018 Apr-Jun;43(2):156-158.


Intra-articular epithelioid sarcoma of the knee: a diagnostic challenge.

Martins Rocha T, Costa R, Barroso J, Bernardo A, Rodrigues M, Meireles C, Duarte F, Vieira A, Afonso M.

Acta Reumatol Port. 2018 Apr-Jun;43(2):151-153.


Devic's syndrome and mixed connective tissue disease: an unusual association.

Silva SA, Cunha PS, Brito AS, Souza RB, Ribeiro SLE.

Acta Reumatol Port. 2018 Apr-Jun;43(2):146-150.


Validation of Oral Health Impact Profile-14 and its association with Hypossialia in a Sjögren Syndrome Portuguese Population.

Amaral J, Sanches C, Marques D, Vaz Patto J, Barcelos F, Mata A.

Acta Reumatol Port. 2018 Apr-Jun;43(2):137-145.


​ Cultural adaptation of the Rheumatoid Arthritis Quality of Life (RAQoL) for Portugal.

Duarte C, Barcelos A, Lagoas Gomes J, Stepanous J, Wilburn J, Heaney A, McKenna SP.

Acta Reumatol Port. 2018 Apr-Jun;43(2):132-136.


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