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The impact of stuttering on quality of life of children and adolescents.

Chun RY, Mendes CD, Yaruss JS, Quesal RW.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):567-9.


Long latency auditory evoked potentials in children with phonological disorder.

Leite RA, Wertzner HF, Matas CG.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):561-6. English, Portuguese.


School-aged children's performance in the Brazilian adaptation of the reading processes assessment.

Oliveira AM, Capellini SA.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):555-60. English, Portuguese.


Phonological changes obtained in the treatment of subjects comparing different therapy models.

Ceron MI, Keske-Soares M, Freitas GP, Gubiani MB.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):549-54. English, Portuguese.


Acclimatization effect in speech recognition: evaluation without hearing aids.

Santos SN, Petry T, Costa MJ.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):543-8. English, Portuguese.


Temporal auditory processing: correlation with developmental dyslexia and cortical malformation.

Boscariol M, Guimarães CA, Hage SR, Cendes F, Guerreiro MM.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):537-42. English, Portuguese.


Contrast and covert contrast in the speech production of children.

Berti LC.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):531-6. English, Portuguese.


Expressive language and cognitive development: diversity and complexity of children's productions.

Flabiano FC, Bühler KE, Limongi SC.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):525-30. English, Portuguese.


(Central) auditory processing disorders in individuals with and without dyslexia.

Simões MB, Schochat E.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):521-4. English, Portuguese.


Spectral findings for vowels [a] and [ã] at different velopharyngeal openings.

Lima-Gregio AM, Dutka-Souza Jde C, Marino VC, Pegoraro-Krook MI, Barbosa PA.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):515-20. English, Portuguese.


Reading and writing assessment scales: preliminary reliability evidences.

Kida Ade S, Chiari BM, Avila CR.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):509-14. English, Portuguese.


Story organization and narrative by school-age children with typical language development.

Bento AC, Befi-Lopes DM.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):503-8. English, Portuguese.


Auditory processing and phonological awareness in children with normal and deviant speech development.

Quintas VG, Attoni TM, Keske-Soares M, Mezzomo CL.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):497-502. English, Portuguese.


Acoustical parameters of Brazilian Portuguese liquids in phonological disorder.

Pagan-Neves Lde O, Wertzner HF.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):491-6. English, Portuguese.


Correlation between tracheoesophageal voice and speech and intraluminal pharyngoesophageal transition pressure.

Takeshita TK, Zozolotto HC, Ricz H, Dantas RO, Aguiar-Ricz L.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):485-90. English, Portuguese.


Brainstem auditory evoked potential with speech stimulus.

Rocha CN, Filippini R, Moreira RR, Neves IF, Schochat E.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):479-84. English, Portuguese.


Cochlear implant: correlation of nerve function recovery, auditory deprivation and etiology.

Kutscher K, Goffi-Gomez MV, Befi-Lopes DM, Tsuji RK, Bento RF.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):473-8. English, Portuguese.


Factors associated to bruxism in children from 4-6 years.

Simões-Zenari M, Bitar ML.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):465-72. English, Portuguese.


Oral language disorders and enuresis in children.

Birenbaum TK, Cunha MC.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):459-64. English, Portuguese.


Perceptual analysis of adolescents' vocal stability during different phonation tasks.

Guimarães MF, Behlau MS, Panhoca I.

Pro Fono. 2010 Oct-Dec;22(4):455-8. English, Portuguese.

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