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Pioneer cells established by the [SWI+] prion can promote dispersal and out-crossing in yeast.

Newby GA, Lindquist S.

PLoS Biol. 2017 Nov 14;15(11):e2003476. doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.2003476. eCollection 2017 Nov.


A Genetic Tool to Track Protein Aggregates and Control Prion Inheritance.

Newby GA, Kiriakov S, Hallacli E, Kayatekin C, Tsvetkov P, Mancuso CP, Bonner JM, Hesse WR, Chakrabortee S, Manogaran AL, Liebman SW, Lindquist S, Khalil AS.

Cell. 2017 Nov 2;171(4):966-979.e18. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2017.09.041. Epub 2017 Oct 19.


Loss of native α-synuclein multimerization by strategically mutating its amphipathic helix causes abnormal vesicle interactions in neuronal cells.

Dettmer U, Ramalingam N, von Saucken VE, Kim TE, Newman AJ, Terry-Kantor E, Nuber S, Ericsson M, Fanning S, Bartels T, Lindquist S, Levy OA, Selkoe D.

Hum Mol Genet. 2017 Sep 15;26(18):3466-3481. doi: 10.1093/hmg/ddx227.


Acute Flaccid Myelitis Among Children - Washington, September-November 2016.

Bonwitt J, Poel A, DeBolt C, Gonzales E, Lopez A, Routh J, Rietberg K, Linton N, Reggin J, Sejvar J, Lindquist S, Otten C.

MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2017 Aug 11;66(31):826-829. doi: 10.15585/mmwr.mm6631a2.


Aggregation and Fibril Structure of AβM01-42 and Aβ1-42.

Silvers R, Colvin MT, Frederick KK, Jacavone AC, Lindquist S, Linse S, Griffin RG.

Biochemistry. 2017 Sep 12;56(36):4850-4859. doi: 10.1021/acs.biochem.7b00729. Epub 2017 Aug 30.


Dihydropyrimidine-Thiones and Clioquinol Synergize To Target β-Amyloid Cellular Pathologies through a Metal-Dependent Mechanism.

Tardiff DF, Brown LE, Yan X, Trilles R, Jui NT, Barrasa MI, Caldwell KA, Caldwell GA, Schaus SE, Lindquist S.

ACS Chem Neurosci. 2017 Sep 20;8(9):2039-2055. doi: 10.1021/acschemneuro.7b00187. Epub 2017 Jul 12.


Combining DNP NMR with segmental and specific labeling to study a yeast prion protein strain that is not parallel in-register.

Frederick KK, Michaelis VK, Caporini MA, Andreas LB, Debelouchina GT, Griffin RG, Lindquist S.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 Apr 4;114(14):3642-3647. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1619051114. Epub 2017 Mar 22.


HSP90 Shapes the Consequences of Human Genetic Variation.

Karras GI, Yi S, Sahni N, Fischer M, Xie J, Vidal M, D'Andrea AD, Whitesell L, Lindquist S.

Cell. 2017 Feb 23;168(5):856-866.e12. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2017.01.023. Epub 2017 Feb 16.


In Situ Peroxidase Labeling and Mass-Spectrometry Connects Alpha-Synuclein Directly to Endocytic Trafficking and mRNA Metabolism in Neurons.

Chung CY, Khurana V, Yi S, Sahni N, Loh KH, Auluck PK, Baru V, Udeshi ND, Freyzon Y, Carr SA, Hill DE, Vidal M, Ting AY, Lindquist S.

Cell Syst. 2017 Feb 22;4(2):242-250.e4. doi: 10.1016/j.cels.2017.01.002. Epub 2017 Jan 25.


Genome-Scale Networks Link Neurodegenerative Disease Genes to α-Synuclein through Specific Molecular Pathways.

Khurana V, Peng J, Chung CY, Auluck PK, Fanning S, Tardiff DF, Bartels T, Koeva M, Eichhorn SW, Benyamini H, Lou Y, Nutter-Upham A, Baru V, Freyzon Y, Tuncbag N, Costanzo M, San Luis BJ, Schöndorf DC, Barrasa MI, Ehsani S, Sanjana N, Zhong Q, Gasser T, Bartel DP, Vidal M, Deleidi M, Boone C, Fraenkel E, Berger B, Lindquist S.

Cell Syst. 2017 Feb 22;4(2):157-170.e14. doi: 10.1016/j.cels.2016.12.011. Epub 2017 Jan 25.


Suppression of 19S proteasome subunits marks emergence of an altered cell state in diverse cancers.

Tsvetkov P, Sokol E, Jin D, Brune Z, Thiru P, Ghandi M, Garraway LA, Gupta PB, Santagata S, Whitesell L, Lindquist S.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 Jan 10;114(2):382-387. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1619067114. Epub 2016 Dec 27.


Susan Lindquist 1949-2016.

Morimoto RI.

Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2016 Dec 6;23(12):1072-1073. doi: 10.1038/nsmb.3339. No abstract available.


Susan Lee Lindquist (1949-2016).

Shorter J, Gitler AD.

Nature. 2016 Nov 30;540(7631):40. doi: 10.1038/540040a. No abstract available.


Susan Lindquist (1949-2016).

Whitesell L, Santagata S.

Science. 2016 Nov 25;354(6315):974. No abstract available.


Long-term functional outcomes after radical cystectomy with ileal bladder substitute: does the definition of continence matter?

Liedberg F, Ahlgren G, Baseckas G, Gudjonsson S, Håkansson U, Lindquist S, Löfgren A, Patschan O, Siller C, Sjödahl G.

Scand J Urol. 2017 Feb;51(1):44-49. doi: 10.1080/21681805.2016.1249943. Epub 2016 Nov 11.


Scarless Gene Tagging with One-Step Transformation and Two-Step Selection in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Schizosaccharomyces pombe.

Landgraf D, Huh D, Hallacli E, Lindquist S.

PLoS One. 2016 Oct 13;11(10):e0163950. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0163950. eCollection 2016.


Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Drive Emergence and Inheritance of Biological Traits.

Chakrabortee S, Byers JS, Jones S, Garcia DM, Bhullar B, Chang A, She R, Lee L, Fremin B, Lindquist S, Jarosz DF.

Cell. 2016 Oct 6;167(2):369-381.e12. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2016.09.017. Epub 2016 Sep 29.


A Fungal-Selective Cytochrome bc1 Inhibitor Impairs Virulence and Prevents the Evolution of Drug Resistance.

Vincent BM, Langlois JB, Srinivas R, Lancaster AK, Scherz-Shouval R, Whitesell L, Tidor B, Buchwald SL, Lindquist S.

Cell Chem Biol. 2016 Aug 18;23(8):978-991. doi: 10.1016/j.chembiol.2016.06.016. Epub 2016 Aug 11.


Clinical manifestations of intermediate allele carriers in Huntington disease.

Cubo E, Ramos-Arroyo MA, Martinez-Horta S, Martínez-Descalls A, Calvo S, Gil-Polo C; European HD Network.

Neurology. 2016 Aug 9;87(6):571-8. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000002944. Epub 2016 Jul 8.


Possible Zika Virus Infection Among Pregnant Women - United States and Territories, May 2016.

Simeone RM, Shapiro-Mendoza CK, Meaney-Delman D, Petersen EE, Galang RR, Oduyebo T, Rivera-Garcia B, Valencia-Prado M, Newsome KB, Pérez-Padilla J, Williams TR, Biggerstaff M, Jamieson DJ, Honein MA; Zika and Pregnancy Working Group.

MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2016 May 27;65(20):514-9. doi: 10.15585/mmwr.mm6520e1.

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