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Life Sci. 1998;62(24):2231-40.

Intralymphocyte free magnesium and plasma triglycerides.

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Institute of Internal Medicine, University of Verona, Policlinico Borgo Roma, Italy.


To evaluate the relative effect of hypertension and plasma triglycerides on intralymphocyte magnesium we measured ionized intralymphocyte magnesium (Mg(i)) concentration by means of a fluorimetric method based on the dye Furaptra in 4 groups of subjects: 18 normotensive normotriglyceridemic controls (NTNC), 9 hypertriglyceridemic normotensive patients (HTN), 8 hypertriglyceridemic essential hypertensive patients (HTEH), 17 normotriglyceridemic essential hypertensive patients (NTEH). Hypercholesterolemic, diabetic patients and alcoholics were excluded from the study. Mg(i) was found to be statistically reduced (ANOVA test F=10.41, P=0.0001) in both HTN and HTEH (M+/- SD, HTN: 0.235 +/- 0.01, HTEH: 0.236 +/- 0.01 mmol/l) as compared to both NTNC and NTEH (M +/- SD, NTNC: 0.294 +/- 0.008, NTEH: 0.297 +/- 0.009 mmol/l). A statistically significant negative correlation was found in the population as a whole between Mg(i) and plasma triglycerides (n=52, R= -541, P=0.00004). Our data suggest that hypertriglyceridemia per se and possibly the so-called plurimetabolic syndrome is characterized by low intralymphocyte free magnesium.

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