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Am J Hum Genet. 1976 Jul;28(4):357-62.

The human gene for beta glucuronidase is on chromosome 7.


Inconsistent assignments of the human gene for beta glucuronidase (GUS) to chromosomes 7 and 9 have previously been reported. In this study, we have correlated the expression of human GUS in 22 primary Chinese hamster/human hybrid lines with quantitative cytogenetic analysis. Eight hybrids were positive for human GUS as manifested by a five-band pattern on electrophoresis. All of them contained a human chromosome 7 in 34% or more of cells, and seven of them had not retained chromosome 9. One hybrid with only 6% of metaphases possessing a chromosome 7 had no detectable human GUS activity. Human GUS expression was absent in 10 hybrid clones containing chromosome 9 but not 7 and in control fibroblasts from a patient with GUS deficiency. These results support the assignment of presumably the structural gene for beta glucuronidase to chromosome 7.

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