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Neurochem Res. 1980 Dec;5(12):1251-64.

Deprivation of paradoxical sleep. Effect on weight and nucleic acid content of liver and brain.


Male Wistar rats weighing between 200 and 350 g were deprived of paradoxical sleep (PS-D) by placing them on small platforms surrounded by water. In comparison with rats kept in similar cages but without water, PS-D animals manifested a marked decrease in body and liver weight, which depended on animal size and o time of exposure to the condition of PS-D. A comparable weight loss occurred in the spleen, while more limited effects were present in brain and cerebellum. Exposure to the condition of PS-D induced a pronounced increase in the concentration of liver DNA and RNA. The latter effect occurred considerably earlier. On the other hand, only limited and uncertain variations were noted in the DNA concentration of brain and cerebellum. Body and liver changes were readily reversed after a period of recovery lasting two days.

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