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J Bacteriol. 1985 Jun;162(3):1221-6.

Mapping of transfer regions within incompatibility group HI plasmid R27.


Plasmids of incompatibility group HI are large (greater than 150 kilobases [kb]) and possess an unusual thermosensitive mode of conjugative transfer. R27, the prototype IncHi1 plasmid, encodes resistance to tetracycline via a determinant which is related to transposon Tn10. A restriction endonuclease map of R27 (size, 182 kb) was recently constructed with ApaI, PstI, and XbaI. Transfer genes within R27 were mapped by insertion of Tn5 and Tn7. At least two different regions of the plasmid were concerned with transfer functions. Insertions into either region completely abolished transfer. None of the insertions had any effect on entry exclusion (Eex) of other IncH plasmids. However, a deletion mutant which lacked the Eex function was obtained, allowing us to map the probable site of the gene encoding Eex to one of the two transfer regions. The tetracycline resistance determinant in R27 was located within an 8-kb region between the two main transfer regions. The transfer genes, therefore, are not located together in R27 but are situated in at least two major widely separated transfer regions.

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