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Virus Res. 1999 Oct;64(1):23-32.

Murine leukemia virus pseudotypes of La Crosse and Hantaan Bunyaviruses: a system for analysis of cell tropism.

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Department of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Clinical Research Building, 415 Curie Boulevard, Pennsylvania, PA 19104-6146, USA.


We have developed a system for the preparation of La Crosse virus (LAC) and Hantaan virus (HTN) pseudotypes using a murine leukemia virus vector. After concentration, the pseudotypes were present in quantities sufficient to analyze cell tropism and neutralization. Cells resistant to LAC could not be infected with the MLV (LAC) pseudotypes, and the pseudotypes were sensitive to neutralizing monoclonal antibodies prepared against LAC glycoproteins, as well as to inhibition by a soluble form of the virus cell-attachment protein, G1. Perhaps because of lower expression of the HTN glycoproteins at the cell surface, MLV (HTN) pseudotypes were present at lower titers. However, they were also sensitive to appropriate neutralizing antibodies. This pseudotype system will be useful for analysis of the entry process of the Bunyaviridae, and for neutralization studies with some Bunyaviruses whose high virulence normally requires specialized containment facilities.

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