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TI  - Conjunctival myxoid stromal tumour: a distinctive clinicopathological and
      immunohistochemical study.
LID - bjophthalmol-2018-312747 [pii]
LID - 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2018-312747 [doi]
AB  - BACKGROUND/AIMS: To describe the clinicopathological and immunohistochemical
      characteristics of 10 patients representing a new entity of benign conjunctival
      myxoid stromal tumours. METHODS: Retrospective review of clinical findings,
      histopathological and immunohistochemical studies identified 10 cases of
      low-grade conjunctival myxoid stromal tumours. Specimens were routinely processed
      and stained with H&E. Immunohistochemical stains for CD34, CD68, vimentin, S100, 
      smooth muscle actin (SMA), myosin, desmin, actin, Bcl-2 and Ki-67 were performed.
      Specific stains for Alcian-blue periodic acid-Schiff (AB-PAS) and aldehyde
      fuchsin stains were also performed. RESULTS: Ten patients with an average age of 
      45.6+/-11.1 years had a tender white or faint yellow to red mass on the bulbar
      conjunctiva. All the lesions were completely removed, and none of the patients
      relapsed. Histologically, all neoplasms consisted of spindle-shaped cells that
      showed signs of pseudonuclear inclusions, multinuclear cells and had no atypia.
      The stroma consisted of a large amount of mucus and was infiltrated with delicate
      to ropey collagens, a few mast cells and new vessels. Immunohistochemical stains 
      were positive for CD34, vimentin and Bcl-2; partial positive for CD68; very low
      for Ki-67; and negative for S100, SMA, myosin, desmin and actin. AB-PAS suggested
      that the stroma was mucinous. CONCLUSIONS: These rare benign mesenchymal
      conjunctival tumours are mostly unilateral and occur in the bulbar conjunctiva.
      Complete resection is the radical treatment. These lesions are characterised by
      multiple spindle cells, a large amount of mucus, and sharing similar basic
      histopathological features with conjunctival myxoma and conjunctival stromal
      tumour. We suggest naming these lesions 'conjunctival myxoid stromal tumours'.
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OT  - myxoid stromal tumor
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