PMID- 29337769
DCOM- 20180508
LR  - 20181202
IS  - 1530-0358 (Electronic)
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VI  - 61
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DP  - 2018 Feb
TI  - Morbidity Following Coloanal Anastomosis: A Comparison of Colonic J-Pouch vs
      Straight Anastomosis.
PG  - 156-161
LID - 10.1097/DCR.0000000000000960 [doi]
AB  - BACKGROUND: Low rectal tumors are often treated with sphincter-preserving
      resection followed by coloanal anastomosis. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study 
      was to compare the short-term complications following straight coloanal
      anastomosis vs colonic J-pouch anal anastomosis. DESIGN: Patients were identified
      who underwent proctectomy for rectal neoplasia followed by coloanal anastomosis
      in the 2008 to 2013 American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality
      Improvement Program database. Demographic characteristics and 30-day
      postoperative complications were compared between groups. SETTINGS: A national
      sample was extracted from the American College of Surgeons National Surgical
      Quality Improvement Project database. PATIENTS: Inpatients following proctectomy 
      and coloanal anastomosis for rectal cancer were selected. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: 
      Demographic characteristics and 30-day postoperative complications were compared 
      between the 2 groups. RESULTS: One thousand three hundred seventy patients were
      included, 624 in the straight anastomosis group and 746 in the colonic J-pouch
      group. Preoperative characteristics were similar between groups, with the
      exception of preoperative radiation therapy (straight anastomosis 35% vs colonic 
      J-pouch 48%, p = 0.0004). Univariate analysis demonstrated that deep surgical
      site infection (3.7% vs 1.4%, p = 0.01), septic shock (2.25% vs 0.8%, p = 0.04), 
      and return to the operating room (8.8% vs 5.0%, p = 0.0006) were more frequent in
      the straight anastomosis group vs the colonic J-pouch group. Major complications 
      were also higher (23% vs 14%, p = 0.0001) and length of stay was longer in the
      straight anastomosis group vs the colonic J-pouch group (8.9 days vs 8.1 days, p 
      = 0.02). After adjusting for covariates, major complications were less following 
      colonic J-pouch vs straight anastomosis (OR, 0.57; CI, 0.38-0.84; p = 0.005).
      Subgroup analysis of patients who received preoperative radiation therapy
      demonstrated no difference in major complications between groups. LIMITATIONS:
      This study had those limitations inherent to a retrospective study using an
      inpatient database. CONCLUSION: Postoperative complications were less following
      colonic J-pouch anastomosis vs straight anastomosis. Patients who received
      preoperative radiation had similar rates of complications, regardless of the
      reconstructive technique used following low anterior resection. See Video
      Abstract at
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SO  - Dis Colon Rectum. 2018 Feb;61(2):156-161. doi: 10.1097/DCR.0000000000000960.