PMID- 29284353
DCOM- 20181126
LR  - 20181126
IS  - 1554-6063 (Electronic)
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VI  - 44
IP  - 1
DP  - 2018 Feb
TI  - "Going to the Gym Is Not Congolese's Culture": Examining Attitudes Toward
      Physical Activity and Risk for Type 2 Diabetes Among Congolese Immigrants.
PG  - 94-102
LID - 10.1177/0145721717749578 [doi]
AB  - Purpose The purpose of this study was to explore perceptions and attitudes around
      physical activity among immigrants from the Democratic Republic of Congo and
      examine the influence of Congolese cultural beliefs on physical activity
      practice. Methods In-depth interviews were conducted and augmented by
      photo-elicitation among 20 Congolese immigrants, distributed equally by gender,
      aged 35 years or older. The PEN-3 model was used as the cultural conceptual
      framework. Results Using both the Relationships and Expectations dimension
      (Perceptions, Enablers, and Nurturers) and Cultural Empowerment dimension
      (Positive, Existential, and Negative) of the PEN-3 model, emergent themes were
      categorized around knowing the benefits of being physically active (perceptions),
      doctor encouragement to be more physically active (enablers), and the habit and
      local tradition of consuming beer after a soccer match (nurturers). Other
      emergent themes included Congolese loves to dance (positive), going to the gym is
      not Congolese culture (existential), and the challenge of increased physical
      activity (negative). Conclusions Congolese have their intrinsic cultural
      perceptions and attitudes around types of physical activity. The study disclosed 
      a much more pronounced willingness to dance (as a potential source of increased
      physical activity) than to go to a gym. As such, if one wants to advocate a
      regimen of increased physical activity to offset the risk for type 2 diabetes,
      dance is an alternative to consider among some immigrants.
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