PMID- 29181850
DCOM- 20180815
LR  - 20181113
IS  - 1476-5381 (Electronic)
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VI  - 175
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DP  - 2018 Feb
TI  - Can non-clinical repolarization assays predict the results of clinical thorough
      QT studies? Results from a research consortium.
PG  - 606-617
LID - 10.1111/bph.14101 [doi]
AB  - BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Translation of non-clinical markers of delayed
      ventricular repolarization to clinical prolongation of the QT interval corrected 
      for heart rate (QTc) (a biomarker for torsades de pointes proarrhythmia) remains 
      an issue in drug discovery and regulatory evaluations. We retrospectively
      analysed 150 drug applications in a US Food and Drug Administration database to
      determine the utility of established non-clinical in vitro IKr current human
      ether-a-go-go-related gene (hERG), action potential duration (APD) and in vivo
      (QTc) repolarization assays to detect and predict clinical QTc prolongation.
      EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH: The predictive performance of three non-clinical assays
      was compared with clinical thorough QT study outcomes based on free clinical
      plasma drug concentrations using sensitivity and specificity, receiver operating 
      characteristic (ROC) curves, positive (PPVs) and negative predictive values
      (NPVs) and likelihood ratios (LRs). KEY RESULTS: Non-clinical assays demonstrated
      robust specificity (high true negative rate) but poor sensitivity (low true
      positive rate) for clinical QTc prolongation at low-intermediate (1x-30x)
      clinical exposure multiples. The QTc assay provided the most robust PPVs and NPVs
      (ability to predict clinical QTc prolongation). ROC curves (overall test
      accuracy) and LRs (ability to influence post-test probabilities) demonstrated
      overall marginal performance for hERG and QTc assays (best at 30x exposures),
      while the APD assay demonstrated minimal value. CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS: The
      predictive value of hERG, APD and QTc assays varies, with drug concentrations
      strongly affecting translational performance. While useful in guiding preclinical
      candidates without clinical QT prolongation, hERG and QTc repolarization assays
      provide greater value compared with the APD assay.
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