PMID- 29084004
DCOM- 20171226
LR  - 20171226
IS  - 1531-7021 (Electronic)
IS  - 1040-8738 (Linking)
VI  - 29
IP  - 1
DP  - 2018 Jan
TI  - Astigmatism evaluation prior to cataract surgery.
PG  - 9-13
LID - 10.1097/ICU.0000000000000446 [doi]
AB  - PURPOSE OF REVIEW: To evaluate and summarize literature from the past 18 months
      reporting advancements and issues in astigmatism assessment prior to cataract
      surgery. RECENT FINDINGS: New and updated toric calculators and regression
      formulas offer the opportunity for more accurate lens selection for our patients.
      Concurrently, improvements in topographic evaluation of corneal keratometry have 
      allowed for a decrease in unplanned residual corneal astigmatism. Measuring
      posterior corneal astigmatism is especially valuable in eyes with keratoconus
      when planning to implant toric intraocular lens (IOL) and now allows access to
      this patient population. SUMMARY: Improved accuracy of astigmatism evaluation now
      occurs with point reflections on the corneal surface along with the latest
      generation toric lens formulas which integrated posterior corneal astigmatism,
      predicted lens position, and intended spherical power of the IOL. These
      improvements can allow for incorporation of toric lenses in keratoconus patients.
FAU - Gupta, Pankaj C
AU  - Gupta PC
AD  - University Hospitals Eye Institute, Case Western Reserve University School of
      Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
FAU - Caty, Jane T
AU  - Caty JT
LA  - eng
PT  - Journal Article
PT  - Review
PL  - United States
TA  - Curr Opin Ophthalmol
JT  - Current opinion in ophthalmology
JID - 9011108
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MH  - Astigmatism/complications/*diagnosis/physiopathology
MH  - Cataract/*complications
MH  - *Cataract Extraction
MH  - Cornea/*diagnostic imaging
MH  - Humans
MH  - Preoperative Period
MH  - *Visual Acuity
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AID - 10.1097/ICU.0000000000000446 [doi]
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SO  - Curr Opin Ophthalmol. 2018 Jan;29(1):9-13. doi: 10.1097/ICU.0000000000000446.