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DCOM- 20180129
LR  - 20180129
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VI  - 44
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DP  - 2017 Dec
TI  - A new scenario in the immunohistochemical diagnosis of cutaneous leishmaniasis.
PG  - 1051-1052
LID - 10.1111/cup.13040 [doi]
AB  - Cutaneous lesions of leishmaniasis are easy to diagnose when clinically obvious
      or when amastigotes are numerous in the biopsy. However, this is not always the
      case. In difficult cases, the diagnosis of leishmaniasis requires a reliable tool
      to identify the microorganisms. The identification of the parasite via microscope
      has a superior sensitivity to that of culture, and molecular techniques, such as 
      polymerase chain reaction (PCR), highly improve the sensitivity of the diagnosis.
      Alternatively, immunohistochemistry has emerged as an affordable alternative to
      PCR. Several laboratories have produced their own antibodies against Leishmania
      and seem satisfied with the results. Nevertheless, most of these antibodies are
      not commercialized or standardized. Pathology also welcomed the unexpected
      positivity of amastigotes with certain clones of anti-CD1a. The latter does not
      universally stain all species of Leishmania, with a low sensitivity for New World
      species. In conclusion, although anti-CD1a is a reliable complementary tool in
      the diagnosis of leishmaniasis, pathologists should familiarize themselves with
      one of the specific antibodies against Leishmania and globalize its use,
      standardizing and adapting the technique.
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FAU - Fernandez-Flores, Angel
AU  - Fernandez-Flores A
AD  - Department of Cellular Pathology, Hospital El Bierzo, Ponferrada, Spain.
AD  - Department of Cellular Pathology, Hospital de la Reina, Ponferrada, Spain.
AD  - CellCOM-SB Group, Institute for Biomedical Research of A Coruna (INIBIC),
      University of A Coruna (UDC), A Coruna, Spain.
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TA  - J Cutan Pathol
JT  - Journal of cutaneous pathology
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SO  - J Cutan Pathol. 2017 Dec;44(12):1051-1052. doi: 10.1111/cup.13040. Epub 2017 Oct