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DP  - 2018 Jul
TI  - Retinal hemangioblastoma: prevalence, incidence and frequency of underlying von
      Hippel-Lindau disease.
PG  - 942-947
LID - 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2017-310884 [doi]
AB  - BACKGROUND AND AIMS: We aimed to determine the frequency of von Hippel-Lindau
      disease (vHL) as the underlying cause of retinal hemangioblastoma and to estimate
      retinal hemangioblastoma incidence and prevalence in a national cohort study.
      METHODS: Through the national patient register and vHL research database, we
      identified 81 patients diagnosed with a retinal hemangioblastoma in Denmark
      between 1977 and 2014. Consent was obtained for 54 living and 10 deceased
      patients with retinal hemangioblastoma. For each participant, we collected
      medical records and family information. Almost all (63 of 64) participants were
      or had previously been tested for mutations in the VHL gene. RESULTS: Overall,
      84% of the participants (54 of the 64) had vHL. Compared with the non-vHL
      patients, the vHL patients had their first retinal hemangioblastoma at a younger 
      age (22.5 vs 40 years), and were more likely to have an asymptomatic first
      hemangioblastoma (80% vs 20%). Overall, 76% (41 of 54) of the vHL patients had a 
      family history of vHL, while none of the patients without vHL did. Despite the
      rarity of the disease, on average more than eight new tumours are diagnosed each 
      year due to multiple tumour development in vHL patients. The estimated prevalence
      of patients with retinal hemangioblastoma was up to 1 in 73 080 individuals.
      CONCLUSION: In the first national study in which almost all participants were
      genetically tested, vHL was the underlying cause of retinal hemangioblastoma in
      84% of cases; more often than previously reported. We recommend that genetic and 
      clinical vHL screening should be performed in all patients with retinal
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