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DP  - 2018 Feb
TI  - Abnormal fixational eye movements in strabismus.
PG  - 253-259
LID - 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2017-310346 [doi]
AB  - INTRODUCTION: Fixational saccades are miniature eye movements that constantly
      change the gaze during attempted visual fixation. Visually guided saccades and
      fixational saccades represent an oculomotor continuum and are produced by common 
      neural machinery. Patients with strabismus have disconjugate binocular horizontal
      saccades. We examined the stability and variability of eye position during
      fixation in patients with strabismus and correlated the severity of fixational
      instability with strabismus angle and binocular vision. METHODS: Eye movements
      were measured in 13 patients with strabismus and 16 controls during fixation and 
      visually guided saccades under monocular viewing conditions. Fixational saccades 
      and intersaccadic drifts were analysed in the viewing and non-viewing eye of
      patients with strabismus and controls. RESULTS: We found an increase in
      fixational instability in patients with strabismus compared with controls. We
      also found an increase in the disconjugacy of fixational saccades and
      intrasaccadic ocular drift in patients with strabismus compared with controls.
      The disconjugacy was worse in patients with large-angle strabismus and absent
      stereopsis. There was an increase in eye position variance during drifts in
      patients with strabismus. Our findings suggest that both fixational saccades and 
      intersaccadic drifts are abnormal and likely contribute to the fixational
      instability in patients with strabismus. DISCUSSION: Fixational instability could
      be a useful tool for mass screenings of children to diagnose strabismus in the
      absence of amblyopia and latent nystagmus. The increased disconjugacy of
      fixational eye movements and visually guided saccades in patients with strabismus
      reflects the disruption of the fine-tuning of the motor and visual systems
      responsible for achieving binocular fusion in these patients.
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      Epub 2017 Jul 11.