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DP  - 2017 Aug
TI  - Decisional regret following ventilation tube insertion.
PG  - 36-39
LID - S0165-5876(17)30218-5 [pii]
LID - 10.1016/j.ijporl.2017.05.014 [doi]
AB  - OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to see if parental regret following
      ventilation tube (VT) insertion was related to non-resolution of ear infections
      and thus ongoing need for otolaryngological care and VT reinsertion. MATERIALS
      AND METHODS: All consecutive parents presenting with children who had VT in place
      were given a validated regret survey and asked the reason for their visit. Chart 
      review was used for medical history. RESULTS: Two hundred and ten respondents
      were included. The children involved had a mean age of 5.2 years, 63.3% were
      male, and mean number of years since first VT insertion was 1.12 with a range of 
      0.04-9.28 years. 70.5% had a regret score of 0, with mean score 6.98 (95%CI
      5.11-8.85). Scores were significantly higher for parents who presented their
      child with an ear complaint such as otorrhea (15.52, 95%CI 7.67-23.37, p =
      0.004). Parents whose children had a history of reflux had significantly lower
      regret scores than parents whose children did not have a history of reflux (3.33 
      versus 7.89, p = 0.007). Parental regret was unrelated to patient age, other
      comorbidities, indication for initial tube insertion, hearing status on the day
      of inquiry, number of sets of tubes, visits for otorrhea, prescriptions given for
      eardrops, clinic visits, or length of follow-up. CONCLUSION: Transient factors
      may influence decisional regret at any given time. For parents whose children
      receive VT, regret is not related to prolonged specialized ear care and need for 
      VT reinsertion.
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SO  - Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol. 2017 Aug;99:36-39. doi:
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